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Smelling a ghost

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#16 Caesar


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Posted 14 August 2004 - 05:19 PM

yep,I read and encountered stuff like that. everything from flowers to odd,public place smells.

#17 Izzebella


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Posted 19 August 2004 - 04:17 PM

tell your fiance not to fear it is probably just her mother's way of saying hello :)i havent yet had the pleasure of " smelling the spirit " of one of my deceased loved ones .  during my cemetery transcriptions i have encountered phantom smells . once at a hebrew cemetery i have been working to restore  near an over grown section i was overcome by the overpowering smell of dirt and lavender . it was so strong i nearly vomited , i left the cemetery and returned later with the caretaker and we discovered some disturbed graves and broken headstones ( guess the people interred there wanted to be found )  the other occasion was at spestuia cemetery  in perryman , md . the church was built during colonial times .. the cemetery started reciving burials around the time of the revolution .   in the section with the majority of revolutionary war burials  no matter the season or weather is the over powering smell of lilacs and jasmine . i've taken many photos there and recordings hoping to "capture " something but no success .. only the fragrance

#18 Lilacgirl


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Posted 08 September 2004 - 10:12 AM

Speaking of lilacs, yes I have "smelled a ghost" so to speak on a number of
occasions. Probably the 2 most amazing times were...........

1. My Mum and I were taking a walk in our neighborhood one
Christmas Eve (my birthday!). We had walked over to a friend's
house. It was a cold, dry night up here in the Northeast. On our
way home, as we were passing the house where a person who
is very dear to me (this person had passed on) used to live,
we both smelled the overwhelming scent of lilacs! There is a
lilac tree across the street from his house, but of course at
that time of year it's dormant. FYI, lilacs played a major role
when we first met!!

2. One night a few years after he had passed away, Mum and I
got home after Christmas shopping (Christmas has always played
a big part in my life also, starting with my entrance into this world)
First time I ever saw "said person" I had just come home from Christmas
shopping!!!!! Anyway, Mum walked in the house before me, I was
getting stuff out of the car. When I walked in the house I smelled
carnations...so strong it almost made me sick. I asked Mum if she
had srayed perfume, and she said "NO, do YOU smell the carnations
is that why you're asking!" I said "YES, it's carnations". We both
noticed that the air in the house also had a peculiar quality to it,
actually....PERFECT. It was cool, not cold and seemed very, for
lack of a better word, pure. The most amazing part of this is that
my Mum had not been to my friends wake, so she didn't know this,
all the arrangements were done in red and white carnations. I had
never mentioned this to her, she didn't have a clue of this fact. So,
the whole placed smelled of carnations, of course. It was so sweet
and strong that I felt ill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#19 tkite


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Posted 13 September 2004 - 03:07 AM

The smell of human crap is a sign of demonic activity...... It is always associated with this kind of spirit.
A Witch I am..... Use the Force...

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