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pets not crossing over

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#16 Noelle1966


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Posted 20 July 2004 - 10:42 AM

Pets do know.  They are smart enough to know of change.
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Posted 24 July 2004 - 06:58 PM

I'm new here...looking around for an explanation.  My chocolate lab died on July 13, 04...she was only 11mo old.  We feel she had been ill (in hindsight talking to our vet).  Strange things have been happening ever since.  My washer flooded my basement a week to the day after she passed, and while we were in the garage cleaning that up my garage door opener started going and going...it has been detached from the door for over a year.  Later the same day I found a puddle (like a dog accident-it was urine as I discovered when I blotted it up with TP) in a room where there had been NO animal...it was on top of the berber carpet (water repellant).  My DH found a similar puddle on a  pair of shorts he left in our closet (again-NO animal).  Now there is a strange smell.  Our dog (not the same one) sees things and starts barking-growling with hair raised...but we can't see anything.  I'm spooked.  Could this be our lab?  

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Posted 17 August 2004 - 08:13 PM

I know that any of our beloved animals will be waiting for us when it is our time to leave this earthly place.

In 1988 we adopted a little pup from the Ojai California SPCA.  She was the only BAD_WORD in a litter of seven and she was the eldest.  I swear her brothers celebrated when we took her away, she was so mean to them.  Half Cocker and half long hair Chihuahua, she was aptly named Tribble by our youngest daughter who was in Jr Hi at the time.

Tribble moved with us and our elder cat Sandi from California to Oklahoma later that year and we then acquired Satin, a Bearded Collie.  Tribble and Satin were as close as sisters/litter mates and rarely were out of each others site for the 14+ years dear Tribble was with us.

Though my daughters dog, Tribble and I had bonded when she was a pup as she would go to sleep in my lap with her ear pressed against my chest.  My heart beat was her security, and she was my little babe.

She died at home in her sleep, and was found the next morning by my husband, just outside our bedroom door.  In her elder years she was blind, but navigated everywhere with little assistance.  

About two days after she had died I was up late, as usual, woring on the computer.  I heard the chink of a dog collar and thought it was Satin who had not slept well since Tribble's death.  I checked and found the door to my other daughters room closed and I heard Satin snoring on the other side of the door.

As soon as I went back to the computer I heard the chink again.  In the next several minutes I heard the sound again and again from different parts of the kitchen, utility room and finally the frontroom.

I looked at the floor lamp where we had hung Tribble's collar and tags and heard the chink again, only by our bedroom dorr which is right next to the computer desk.  I realized that Tribble was still doing her security rounds before bedding down for the night, and was pleased to her "huff" sound and the sound of her lying down by my chair.

That was 4 years ago.  This last February our Satin also died at home.  She awoke, barked once at her beloved Ruth (aka Roof), laid down and was gone.

I was still asleep in bed when my youngest girl Liz came in and told me Satin was gone.  Seconds before, while I was still asleep, I had seen Satin running up a brilliant lit ramp, she looked as she had when she was 3 years old and just ahead of her, just out of my full view was Tribble, both were barking as happy as they had been when pups together.

I have never had such a "dream" and do not consider it one.  Just two very dear family members letting me know that they were OK and would be waiting for us, just over the Rainbow Bridge.


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