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Help! I think my house is haunted

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 09:48 PM

Well, My faith deals directly with the supernatural. It's something we get chastised about by christians the world over.

Feel free to research it, its called "Palo Mayombe" aka "The Religion of the Ancestors" whos roots are from the Congo, and was then reintroduced into Cuban culture.

My personal observations:
1) These entities are following YOU, they're haunting YOU, not the house.
2) The female, while seeming "good" is most likely in fact what we call the disguised ghost.
3) Theres a billion and a half ways to remove them, none of which i'll discuss publicly. (You must private message me for that)
4) Even if you do remove them youd have to get to the source of the problem... How did you get them in the first place? (If you do not solve this, removing them means nothing.. you'll just get new tenants and those might not be as nice.)

** Note about #2: A disguised ghost is when a ghost(ghost = bad) is wanting to get close to a person, but it knows it can be seen/felt/heard so it disguises itself as a spirit(spirit = good) in order to get that close. Some times they even go as far as disguising themselves as deceased relatives and attempting to take on that personality to perfection.

Here's a test I want you to do: The next time something paranormal happens and you think it was the good one, just say out loud "If you are of good intentions leave me alone."

If it truly is a spirit, with all of the best intentions, it will recognize and RESPECT you enough to do as you wish and leave you alone. If it doesnt stop what its doing and immediately leave you alone, sorry to say it... But that thing doesnt have a single ounce of good intention.

Another thing from now on remember that I told you this, WHEN SOMEBODY CALLS YOUR NAME AND YOU KNOW NOBODY IS HOME DO NOT ANSWER(not even like saying "shutup jerk" thats still answering). When someone KNOCKS on a door and you dont see ANYBODY there, you DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!

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