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Does Anyone Live in a Haunted House?

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#1 7th


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Posted 21 October 2003 - 06:48 PM

I live in a family homestead that was built in 1887.  ;) Its my husband's family home and has not left the family since it was built.  Family members have died here, had a veiwing here, and so on.  When we fist lived here while looking for a home to purchase, I noticed I had a helpful ghost.  I have a son with learning disabilities and she would let me know by calling me anytime he was getting into trouble.  One time I heard him say "who's doing that, stop your scaring me."  :o The hair on my arms stood up.  He claimed his teddybear was going up and down, up and down.  I have often heard footsteps going down the hall and the one time I chased them (in the dark mind you) I tried turning on the hall light and it blew.  We moved out and things were fairly quiet except for the occasional shadow I would catch a glimpse of.  Recently we inherited the home. I could hear my mother-in-law fairly clearly right after her death but as the next few days passed, her voice has grown softer to me.  Things here have been relatively quiet. Only occasionaly do I catch a movement or when looking for a lost item find it where I had previously looked.  I'm not so worried about any spirits I might have here or who may visit here from time to time since I figure they must all be family.  Does anyone else share similar experiences?

#2 CajunKnight


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Posted 21 October 2003 - 08:23 PM

Welcome to gv 7th, I hope you enjoy your stay and keep posting. I moved this topic here so it could get the attention it deserved.
Welcome to ghostvillage, home of 24,000+ smiling faces and a few old grouches."Some things have to be believed to be seen"Ralph Hodgson

#3 OwlGoddess


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Posted 27 October 2003 - 12:07 PM

7th, that is amazing that you live in a house with such rich family history!  

i grew up in a very haunted house - my parents still live there, so i get to check it out on holidays when i'm there for a visit.  none of the ghosts in my childhood home are family, but there are two ghosts in another family-owned home about a block and a half away.  

my parents, my mother's parents, and my great uncle and their cabinet shop are situated within about a square block of each other.  my great uncle passed away in his house adjoining the woodshop in 1993.  he's been sighted in the house, in the shop, and has been attributed to preventing mechanical accidents in the wood shop.  his wife, who passed away in 1984, is sometimes seen in the bedroom or the mirror of the master bath.

my best friend from grade school also lived in a haunted house with an equally haunted garage.  her family still lives there, and we still hear stories about the cold spot in the living room and the old man that goes up the stairs in the garage.

we'll have to swap stories, here!
thanks for the new thread!

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#4 NocturnalCantaloupe


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Posted 29 October 2003 - 08:27 AM

I was afraid of my grand parents garage, they had bats in the rafters.  ;D

I must admit, their old house had certain parts of it that were very vivid and scarey to me as a kid.  
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#5 softy-girl


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Posted 29 October 2003 - 10:44 AM

My grandmother used to live in a haunted house. I used to spend the night there every Saturday (granny night) and I remember hearing and seeing lots of strange things. My mom has tons of stories of things that happened while they grew up. Whatever it was it scared me. It seemed dark. I was fifteen when she moved and my sister and I would not sleep in our room unless the other was there.
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#6 lynnmichael1



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Posted 29 October 2003 - 06:50 PM

I'm not sure if it's the houses I have lived in or if it's just my family.  Either most of us have lived or do live in a haunted house, or something follows us.  The house I was raised in is haunted, the house I have spent the last 10 or eleven years in is haunted.  The place where we all grew up working in is haunted.  Infact, I was making my way down there tonight.  When I got a few steps from the back door I got that certin "feeling" like I shouldn't go in there.  Not uncommon mind you.  I'm 31 years old, and it's been with me for as long as I can remember.  I know there are atleast two spirits or ghost in the shop.  One is very friendly, and the other one....well not so much.  The other one is what greeted me tonight.   Many people outside of my family have felt it, but it is stronger with us.  At some point, myself and two of my brothers have all been chased out of that place.  Other times, we have all stayed in there all night.  I gave up trying to explane it years ago.  It's just one of those things...at least to us anyways.
Off Topic: I'm a "newbie" and I'm really enjoying this place.  You guys are great. ;D

#7 MoonChild


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Posted 30 October 2003 - 01:02 AM

Off Topic: I'm a "newbie" and I'm really enjoying this place.  You guys are great. ;D

Thanks and Welcome! see ya around :) keep smiling

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#8 krcguns


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Posted 04 November 2003 - 04:57 AM

I have lived in several haunted houses.  It is very interesting and a lot of fun for me.  I love being able to investigate at my leisure I guess!  It sounds like others have a very rich history and connections with ghosts! ;D
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#9 ohhorror


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Posted 07 November 2003 - 06:45 AM

Hello 7th!

I grew up in a haunted house, although my parents kept saying it was the house settling. Footsteps up and down the hall, banging on doors and walls, shadows, were common.

I still have an EVP up in Encounters section that I recorded in March of this year when I went to visit. It is "We'll Never Get Out of Here" - EVP.

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#10 Acacia


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Posted 08 November 2003 - 09:53 PM

I always thought it was weird that, growing up, every house I ever lived in was haunted.  Then, as an adult, the same thing happened.  Now I realize that it's due to me "attracting" the attention of spirits due to my sensitivity :)  Of course, some of them are "permanents", but I tend to move those on.  The "roamers" typically only pop in to check things out, or to have a conversation.  Many spirits value the ability to find someone to "talk" to, and I have no problem with it :)

Now, there are some spirit-like "things" I tend to put in the "other" category.  They aren't human spirits, but typically pose as them (they seem to prefer posing as children...I don't know if that's due to my being unnerved by children spirits or if it's maybe to portray innocense or what).  I don't know what to call them, really, but they are the more nasty sorts.  Actual spirits seem to typically follow a "code of conduct", so to speak (excepting those that are suffering emotional trauma, who tend to act out).  Actual spirits seem to try to be respectful, and while they might pull benign pranks, they tend to have limits (like they tend to quit when you tell them to).  These "others" seem to like to pull nasty pranks (I've...erm..been in an "intimate situation" with my hubby, for instance, only to have the ceiling burst into a sea of roaches, spreading from one corner to about halfway across the ceiling before disappearing, and I've had one particular one appear within an inch of my face, disappear, then reappear about three feet away, scaring the heck out of me since I can sense "real" spirits).  They tend to play off of fears more than anything.  I'm not sure what exactly they are, but they would be what I would consider a real haunting for me, since "ghosts" are a normal, daily encounter for me...if anyone knows what these "other" things are, or if you've had experiences similar, please share info!  :)  Thanks :)

Many BLessings,

#11 7th


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Posted 17 November 2003 - 09:03 AM

Thank you for your posts....after moving around this Ghostvilliage, I realize I'm not alone and there are sooo many folks out there with experiences, houses, and tons of helpful information.

Thank you all so much.  For years and years I was told I was inviting in the devil (by churches) and that any type of "gifts" (I like to call them that) were not of God.  So I've spent years trying to block.  Which I have found is very unhealthy. Thank you for your help, understanding, posts, and just being here.  I'm a fan of ghostvilliage and working in retail I come across others who need help so I send them this way..... :)


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Posted 21 November 2003 - 09:30 AM

i live in a "haunted apartment". at least i think i do. sometimes i feel really really uncomfortable when i'm alone. sometimes i hear sounds but i cant follow them. they arent coming from anywhere. it just freaks me out. but maybe its just my imagination because my cats dont react to anything. i dunno.:o maybe i'm just crazy! :o

#13 WhyteWatcher


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Posted 21 November 2003 - 10:09 AM

I'll add my name to the growing list.
Yes, I too grew up in a haunted house, I just didn't realize at the time that it was haunted...my siblings and I passed it off as individual imagination/coincidences (because we, too, were brought up "in the church" and taught that we shouldn't "seek the dead" and that it was all "of the devil", so we were scared of it before we even encountered it). It wasn't until after we each moved out of the family home that we began comparing notes.  Even had some encounters when I moved back in for a while to take care of mom before she passed.  DEFINITELY had encounters after Dad (the most intense ones) and Mom passed!  I've been trying to research what the land was used for before being developed and have recently learned that a large part of my old childhood neighborhood was dairy farm and pastures back in the 1930's (that would explain the apparition of a black man that came round occasionally.  Usually only his hand or arm could be seen resting on a doorjamb or wall).

I had an interesting encounter on Thanksgiving Eve last year that I will write about in a separate thread.

#14 Guest_Ghostbuter20_*

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Posted 22 June 2004 - 07:59 AM

My house is haunted as well. And I know why. We live by a few markers that say the Ft. Scott/ Ft. Leavenworth trails have crossed here. There are maybe three to four of them. They're all over the place in Overland Park, if you drive down the right streets. We've lived in it for about ten years and we've had strenge things happen lately. My boyfriend said he heard footsteps and kids playing, I saw an image of a soldier standing next to my bed on Halloween about two years ago or so and strangely enough, it was the very day that Mix 93.3 had a special about Stull Cemetery..what else.....When I was ready to leave the bathroom after a shower, I heard footsteps coming toward me in the hall, and when I opened the door, nobody was there. It was about 9am and everyone was at school and work, and my others sister was asleep, we've taken pictures and found numerous orbs everywhere. As well as a few vortex's in the hall, stairs leading from the basement and at least three in my youngest sister's bedroom. They have an advantage, however, because they're upstairs and get the lights from the apartments behind us, while I'm in the dark since I sleep in the basement. I had a nightlight that was motion sensitive...I always wondered what I'd do if I saw the light flash when I was the only one down there..............  

#15 blackkwhind


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 08:22 AM

im not sure if my house is haunted, but my friends always complain that their houses are haunted. my friend gina says that there is someone in her room and that when she sleeps she can feel its presence. she complains of her blinds moving and her door opens and closes. she "claims" its haunted but than again, with 25 other cats and 3 dogs in the house, i find it hard to believe. than again, her house could be haunted and whenever theres a bumb in the night, they shake it off as a cat or a dog. who knows?

my other friend who moved last year complained that her house was haunted and even her mother agreed. she said that her tv goes on amd off without a timer, she hears pounding in the halls when no ones there, he brother hears strange sounds in his room and done know what they r, her mom and dad claim their bed dips at night as if someone is sitting on it. they even told their radio station that their house was haunted and i think it is because i went over there and there was deffiantly something there. i could sence it.

i wish my house was haunted...yeah its weird, but it would make things more interesting ;D
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