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What are the differences?

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Posted 17 September 2006 - 04:14 AM

As far as the "visits in a dream" story, my mom told me once about a visit my father had in a dream from his own father. My grandpa died at the age of 45, a few years before my parents met. My dad, the second oldest in his family, was only 18 and was over fighting the war in Korea at the time. He didn't even get to come home and attend his father's funeral. Anyway, after my dad came home he moved to Michigan (from Kentucky) and that's where he met my mom. After a few dates with my mom. dad had a dream where he saw his father. Dad asked grandpa if he should marry this new girl he had met. Grandpa smiled and nodded. Shortly after, my mom and dad were maried, a total of two months after they had met. They've been married for almost 51 years now. All because of a visit in a dream.

i was told several years before meeting my wife that i would marry a woman who had an oil well and would have ytwo kids with her, ablond and a dark haired child. i had known her two weeks and asked her to marry me. i did have ywo kids with her, a blond boy and a dark haired girl. and she did have some ownership in an oil well. the oil well paid nothing and cost 36 cents a uear for property taxes. the kids were from her first marriage. we have been happily married for twenty nine years, have three grandchildren, one of which just turned twenty and still lives with us. he and his mother moved in when he was seven and she divorced her husband because he wound up being gay. his father has almost no contact, never calls and only gives him money because he feels guilty for not being a real father to him. my granddaughter will be twenty in march, has lost her other grandmother, hergrandfather moved to florida, her mother is a tramp and has nothing to give her and she rarely calls us but we love her anyway because she is still our grandaughter. she has been living in squalor with some "friends" who are also on drugs, as is she, but we don't deny her as the rest of her other family does. her father divorced her mother just after she was born, fought like hell to get visitation and now won't even talk to her since his second wife doesn't want to have anything to do with her and dotes on our third grandson who we also love and who loves to be with us, but because his mom wanted to move farther away and keep him from us and to herself, we rarely get him for more than a day or two. i didn't know what all this was doing to me until recently when i realized how much i cared for all of them, regardless of what they were. they are all the family i've really known, though i had two parents and three brothers and a sister when i was youngert. my family was dysfunctional, parents abusive, and sibling disregard for each other. looking back, i wish it had been better for my family , but when i married, trhe famiuly i got was so much more than i knew. i was also told that were it not for me, my grandsons wouldn't be as they are, and had my grandaughter been closer to us and around us, though she only lived a short distance, maybe she would be better off than she is. we have told her that if she needed us we were there for her, but she hasn't seemed to want us yet. hopefully she will, and she will turn from the not very good future she is heading for and let us help as best we can. she doesn't need money as much as she needs stability and a better outlook on life, and a new sewt of friends than she is currently around. i didn't mean to go on, but i figured you would perhaps learn something from my experiences. or maybe help me understand my own. :D :( :(

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