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A snapping sound

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 10:30 AM

This might be some help to you all. The snapping and tapping noices that you all here is just a way for them to communicate with us. Also,tapping is the oldest way of communication to man kind. Once we were using a talking board and we got this young female spirit named Emily. She wanted to stay at Julies house and be with us cuz she was lonely. I asked her how would I know if you are present with us. Her reply was " I'll tap". Of course I told her that she cannot stay. But anyways, that is one of the reasons why they like to snap and tap things. They want your attention!!! Dave

I have never heard you mention a tapping spirit before Damckie. Did you ever hear this spirit tap? I have been waiting for someone on this board to say they have experienced a tapping spirit.

When I had a ton of activity in my home --before a cleansing was done... I would hear tapping above my head as I would lay in bed at night. It would always be just one to three taps, once I tapped back and rec'd two taps back. I didn't pursue it after that though.

My bedroom is on the second floor, the head of the bed has an outside wall. I had people go outside and tap on the house to see of that was the same noise (but that was done on the first floor.) The tapping noise I heard was as if it was coming from inside the house not through the walls.

I always felt I knew who it was and it was their way of saying they were here.
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