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Searching For Good Haunts In Western PA

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Posted 04 September 2006 - 06:59 PM

Hi everyone..

I have a small group of Paranormal Investigators in Western PA.. Specifically Located in Lawrence/Beaver Counties.

We are desperately seeking haunted places to investigate in or around the area.

Locations: Lawrence County, Beaver County, possibly Allegheny County in PA

Types: Abandoned buildings, land, cemeteries, other.

Please.. we do NOT damage anything anywhere we go, and ask that everyone that considers doing this type of thing respect the properties as well.

I hope to become a big part of this forum, and I know you guys will help us out!!

Thanks in advance..

Please, if you know the exact locations and don't wish to share that information with everyone, feel free to email me or pm me. I assure you we keep this information confidential as needed.

Look forward to your responses... :ghost:

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Posted 06 September 2006 - 06:33 AM

These are the sites that I know about in Pennsylvania;

Allentown -
Cedar Crest College
Since 1956, a female ghost has haunted Butz Hall.
Muhlenberg College
Bernheim House is haunted by its former owner.
Schubert Farmhouse
A phantom horse outside and a red-eyed ghost inside haunting the children's room.
Barclay Mountain (Bradford County)-
Barclay Cemetery
The cemetery is haunted by the ghosts of miners. Mining axes can be heard
striking the ground in spots throughout the graveyard, tiny piles of
coal are found throughout the grounds, voices can be heard yelling
at each other and footsteps and running tend to run throughout the
grounds. It is also said that there is at least one family, maybe
more, that was buried here who died from the Black Plague.
Bethlehem -
Lehigh University
Linderman Library is visited by an annoying male ghost.
Seven Steps Railway Tunnel
An old railroad tunnel with seven large steps leading up to the top. It is said that a boy was riding
through on his bike and was hit by the train, and now still haunts the tunnel.
Some nights he will appear, but there are always sounds of train
whistles, footsteps and a child's laugh.
Doylestown -
Bucks County Community College
Tyler Hall may be haunted by Stella Tyler, for whom the building
was named.
Sayman Road
Witnesses who have traveled this road have
reported seeing hanging bodies on the side of the road. When lights
are flashed at them, they disappear. There was said to be sacrifices
in these woods, and unexplained noises can be heard.
Easton -
Churchman's Business College
She hasn't been seen for many years, but a woman haunted the old
First Presbyterian Church, which is now part of the college.
Easton Public Library
During construction of this building in 1903, workers
uncovered the graves of 514 people. Most of the bodies were moved to other
cemeteries, but at least thirty were left unclaimed. Two prominent former
citizens, Elizabeth Bell "Mammy" Morgan and William Parsons, were reburied in
graves with markers on the library grounds. Mammy Morgan is buried on the west
lawn and Parsons is buried on the front lawn. The other corpses, and any
unidentified pieces of bodies, were unceremoniously dumped into an underground
concrete vault on the property. Today, the library is haunted by the misplaced
East Stroudsburg -
University of Pennsylvania
Several hauntings occur here: at the Fine Arts Center, at
Hawthorne Residence Hall, at Phi Sigma Kappa, and at Sigma Pi.
Gettysburg -
The Farnsworth House Inn
When the inn is quiet and no one is in the attic, the living are
treated to a Jew's harp concert, played by an entity soldier still on
duty in the attic. In the hallway which runs between the tavern and the kitchen, A
lifelike apparition of an older woman dressed in 1800's attire has been
Gettysburg College
This college is so haunted, the ghosts are too numerous to list
here. Many are from the Civil War era, as you would expect in this
famous town.
Gettysburg National Military Park
A headless horseman, probably an officer is still holding forth and Phantom soldiers and
apparitions are still seen marching in formation and riding horses in
many of the battle areas.
The Jenny Wade House Museum
An apparition of a young woman has been seen around the house. On the second floor, children
like to swing on the chains which are there rope off areas with antique furniture. A male entity is
known to haunt the upstairs area.
Malta Home
It is said that back in the 1880s a maintenance worker killed
all of the residents on the fourth floor and hid the bodies in the
Kutztown -
Kutztown State College
A 19th-century student haunts Old Main, the administration
building. A woman who once lived in Whiteoak Street has haunted
that building, too.
General Wayne Inn
At least 17 different ghosts are supposed to haunt this inn.
Mt. Pleasant-
R&R Station Bed and Breakfast
A top-hat man and a Victorian lady are among the ghosts here.
Betsy Ross Home
Credited with sewing the first American flag, Ross
continues to lurk within her old home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Ross, who is buried on the property, has often been seen crying,
while sitting at the foot of the bed in her former home.
The Philosophical Society
Benjamin Franklin is said to haunt the Philosophical
Society’s library in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some people have
even reported that the Philosophical Society's statue of Franklin
has been seen dancing along the streets.
Pittsburgh Playhouse
There is a troupe of paranormal performers that stay in the building after the lights go
out. This band includes, but is not limited to, John Johns, The Lady in White,
Weeping Eleanor, Gorgeous George, and The Bouncing Red Meanie (Bouncing Loony).
The Stottsville Inn
According to the folktale, many years ago a
beautiful 19-year-old woman, Josephine, was murdered in her room by her
husband, Horace. He is said to have killed her, then himself. Josephine's spirit has reportedly
Pelachik House
The ghost of a murdered constable still
patrols the Pelachik house. This was a house of ill repute in the
early 1900s.
University Park -
PA State University
A ghost of a mule, once a sort-of mascot for the school, haunts
Watts Hall. Runkle Hall experienced poltergeist phenomena in the

Hope this helps you out!

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#3 Wickedclown01



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Posted 06 September 2006 - 07:25 AM

Thanks for the info..

I can see it is going to require a GREAT DEAL of research to actually find alot of these places..

... time time time.. see what's become of me ...

lol :weeee:

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