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Haunted Huber Heights Ohio

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Posted 08 September 2006 - 12:15 AM

I hope I can type all this and get it off my chest. Personally I want and hope someone will tell me what the heck all of it meant. Especially the Kennedy thing.
This is going to be quick. I can write more details is anyone wants to know.
I am 40. When I was 5 we moved into a house in a Dayton suburb. It was a one story, 3 bedroom "ranch" style brick house, built in the 50s. It was empty of course when we moved in but there was some wood in the family room. Dad being the handyman he was, kept it.
We moved out when I was about 8 or 9. Those few years were something else.
The family room was always cold. Dad and my brother Dink (nickname) insulated it even more but it was always cold. Mom would sleep in my room a lot. I think she was suspicious that one of my brothers was trying something with me, which did happen once that I recall. She always had him or herself sleep in my room, I never asked her why, she died in 1994, but I think she just didn't want me alone in that crazy place. Anyway, I remember waking up and she was standing in the door, trying to catch Dink making noise. Something was flipping the lights on and off and for the life of her she couldn't catch him and he was getting mad, denying it. Never knew what that noise was. You would hear dragging in the attic. Once the kitchen was full of ants, the counter was literally black. Mom told me that one night she woke up and a woman was sitting on my bed, but she couldn't see a head. Another time she woke up, usually about the same time at night, and my closet door lit up. She sat up and saw it glow and a picture started to form. It was her and JFK. Now this was maybe 7 years after he died. He was sitting there with his arm around her and they were smiling. She freaked out for years, thinking it was an omen meaning she would be killed. No one has been able to explain that to us. She lived until 1994, died from cancer.
We were all in the living room, and saw an old woman appear in the hallway. The dog even growled at it and then it was gone. Dink said sometimes he would watch TV and would see faces at the far end of the hall look at him. Once he woke up in the middle of the night and saw my half brother Frank pacing the room in his underwear. They had bunkbeds, Dink always being on top since Frank had very bad eyesight. Dink asked him what the hey he was doing, pacing around and puffing a cigarette. Frank said, "Look!" The bunkbeds were in the middle of the room. Frank said he was lying there when the whole thing slid out from the wall with them in it. The worst thing is hard for me to type, it creeps me out. One of the bathrooms was right directly in front of a hall closet, a linen closet if you will. If you sat on the toilet, you would be looking right at that hall closet door. I know, because as a kid, I rarely shut the door, you know how little kids can be. I also remember staring at the face on that door. I do understand pixeling, I know the mind wants to pick out a face. This was more than an illusion. It was like a horse, looking at it head on, with horns and a beard. You ever see that pentagram drawing with a face and beard and horns/wings? It looked very much like that but no pentagram that we remember. People would come over, "Hey can I use your bathroom?" and walk out white in the face. Sometimes they said nothing but often someone would say something like, "You know you've got the Devil on your wall?" Here's the kicker. All of us really acted weird in that place, mom and dad fought like maniacs. Dad got mad one day and either punched or ripped the hall closet door off. After he cooled off he had to replace it, and he used the wood he had found when we moved in, and saved. That door was made with that wood.
Here's one you won't believe and no one saw it but me. We all saw and heard these things, but this was me. Dink and some other guys were in the family room playing their guitars, drums, etc. A bad teenage band! Mom and dad were at work. I was standing in the dining room doing nothing, and heard a clunk. I saw the window screen in the living room window fall OUT and something fly IN. I wandered over and looked and the screen was lying in the hedge outside. On the living room floor was a plastic statue of a grim reaper. I know you think this is nuts but I will swear on anything. I had that statue for a long time, for some reason I wasn't scared, too young to be scared maybe, but it was in my toy box for years.
My brother's young teen friends told him that before we moved in there were "burglars" in our house. They said they would see shadows and hear voices sometimes when the house was empty, and called it burglars.
Every time I have driven by it, it's for sale. Once my mom and I went when they had an Open House. The devil door was gone, a metal door in it's place. We had a laugh fir when the real estate woman told us the current family "put extra insulation in the family room." Guess they were cold too.
Well, I know it wasn't sunspots, or dreaming. I do know I'm not nuts and I won't waste time at 1am lying to strangers. I took a friend over there once, and we parked across the street. It was nighttime. Something punched the front seat from the back of the car. Nothing was there and I'll never forget me fumbling for the keys and her screaming for me to drive off.
Thanks for any info.
Also, why does this place still haunt me? Every time I go home to Dayton I go by that house and am itching to speak to the people who live there. It couldn't be healthy. My dad died in January and I am a bit obsessed with death I guess. Maybe I want a guarantee that when we die it isn't final.

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