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Past Life Memories - married to Billy the Kid

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 05:08 PM

I have seperated these posts from the past lives memories thread to make the thread a bit easier to follow. Please keep all discussions relating to Billy the Kid in here and leave the other thread for the discussion of general past lives.

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 10:00 PM

You have more patience than I do, Mrs. Bryan. I've been trying to put together some sort of a time line, and I get more and more confused with ever reference I read. The last thing I read had the McCarty family living in Coffeyville, KS in 1872, arriving in NM in 1873.

Also, I was curious about something you might be able to sense. Supposedly, Billy's grave was unmarked for over 20 years, and then in 1904 the Pecos River overflowed its banks and washed out many of the graves in Fort Sumner's old military cemetery. Some people speculate that the grave there may not be his. Any hits on that?
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#18 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 01 November 2006 - 02:29 AM

Yes. He is still there, and it is DEFINITELY His!
Even though it remained unmarked, you can tell where the Original Graves were.
I have Copies of Photos in my Collection that show this to be definitively True.
Now, as for that Grave, Billy IS at Rest.
It is Charlie Bowdrie that is Not.
Tom O'Folliard IS also at Rest.
I would hope to post my Photo Collection of Photos from NM and my Experiences with Billy through there.
Unfortunately, I have NO Clue how to work Photo Bucket.
What also happened while I was there, is that the Tension surrounding that Resting Place relaxed as soon as I set foot on the place.
It was like they were all 3 Relieved to see that I had safely returned Home to see that Justice is Finally done for All 3 of them.

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 10:52 AM

I was told by my grandma that we are related to Billy the Kid in some way. I'm tempted to believe only half since she's notorious for saying stuff then when asked later about it, she denies ever have saying it. Why she does this, I don't know. I've been trying to trace my history, not an easy task, and was also told my the same grandma that her aunt married a Native American. Now, having been previously told that The Kid never had kids, having a lineage is not possible. After reading this, I'm wondering if there's any truth to what she said. Do the names 'Schmidt' or 'Van Camp' come up at all? How and where did you find all this stuff? She also claims that we're also related to Daniel Boone and Jesse James.
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#20 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 01 November 2006 - 11:32 AM

As a Genealogist aside from a Spirit Communicator, I would say start with what you know.
Go from yourself to your Parents, Grandparents, Etc.
Ask LOTS of Questions.
Billy DID Indeed have Descendants (Family Names Bonney, Garcia and Brassell/Brazel/Brazzell/Braswell)!
He had 4 Children with his Wife Abrana (I am she, New Lifetime).
I am not sure that your Grandmother would be correct, although those two Names DO come up Repeatedly as Regulators that Knew and Fought with Billy and I or may have otherwise known the People that we knew, however (and I have Not Researched that far), may possibly be Bonney Family Cousins.
I found Everything by Trial and Error the same way that Any Good Genealogist or Researcher does.
When you Hit on something of this Magnitude, then you go with it and Trust that your Ancestors will Guide you to the Truth and the Records.
Now Boone and James you MAY be Related to.
There is a Slim Chance (Will know more when I can find additional Records and Proofs) that Jesse May be my Great Great Paternal Grandfather.
Boone is Related to my Husband's Family, although a Specific Link has Not been Established.
One thing that I do Before I start a Records Search for an Ancestor, I ask Specifically for this: "Whomever wishes to be found today, Please come Forward, and Guide me to that which the Records will Bear out as Truth."
And sure enough, someone will step forward and will guide me to the Specific Records that I need to do my work.
And by the time that I am done, I have a Genealogy of that Individual and thier Family.
The Records bear the Truth out as Strong.
Other Outlaws and Lawmen in the Tree are Pat. F. Garrett (Yes, He and Billy were Cousins by marriage), Wyatt and Bros. Earp, Doc Holliday, Big Nose Kate, Johnny Ringo, The Clantons, The McLaurys, Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, The Daltons, the Belle Starr, Bat Masterson, and Butch Cassidy.
As for Native American Blood, it is Entirely Possible and I would say check with All Family Members that know Anything of the Family and its History.
Scour Message Boards, Family Ancestry Sites, Consult Genealogists, and others Including NARA.gov for your Family Name. They could be on the Dawes Rolls or thoer such Native American Records Lists.
Consult Tribes, and do your Homework! Before you know it, you will have an Ancestry that you can be proud of!
I hope that this answers your Questions.

Edited by Mrs. Bryan, 01 November 2006 - 11:36 AM.

#21 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 01 November 2006 - 12:04 PM

I also have other Credentials to back my Claims too.

Certificate in Astrology/Parapsychology from Stratford Career Institute

Experiences also at the Following Locations:

First Lutheran Church and School, Northridge, CA.
Olvera Street, Los Angeles, CA.
Mission Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.
Mision San Fernando, San Fernando, CA.
Los Encinos State Park, Encino, CA.
Minersville Cemetery, Minersville, UT.
Old Tucson Studios, Tucson, AZ. (Photos Included)
Pinnacle Peak Steak House, Tucson, AZ.
Westgate Park Apts., Tucson, AZ.
Casa Grande Trailer Park #36, Casa Grande, AZ. (Photos Included)
Courtyard Apts., Casa Grande, AZ. (Photos Included)
The Colony Apts., Casa Grande, AZ. (Photos Included)
Birdcage Theater and Allen St., Tombstone, AZ.
Cleansing at La Dona Luz Inn Bed and Breakfast, Taos, NM. (Photos Included)
Gov. Bent House Museum, Taos, NM. (Photos Included)
Carson - Jaramillo House Museum, Taos, NM. (Photos Included)
Garcia Residence, Santa Rosa, NM. (Photos Included)
Town of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, NM. (Photos Included)
Grzelachowski House Museum, Puerto De Luna, NM. (Photos Included)
Ft. Sumner Military Cemetery/Historic Site and Museum, Ft. Sumner, NM. (Photos Included)
Courthouse and Town of Lincoln, Lincoln, NM. (Photos Included)
National Forest Campground, Ruidoso, NM. (Photos Included)

I am now currently working on a Book about my Experiences and own my own Historical Organization (S.P.T.B.T.K.H.R.) Based Solely on my Research.

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 01:47 PM

It sounds like you have some great pictures, Mrs. Bryan. I'd recommend trying http://imageshack.us for hosting your photos if you'd like to post them. It's a lot more "user friendly" than some of the other photo servers--IMHO, of course.

If all else fails, and you really want to post some pictures, I can do it for you. We can make arrangements for you to e-mail the pictures, and I'll upload them to the server for you.
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#23 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 01 November 2006 - 02:06 PM

Sure! That would be Great! There are a LOT of them! :)

Here are my Experiences at Most of the Listed other Locations:

To Chronicle the Experiences that I had at these Locations:

Some are with my Original Experiences Listings

Olvera Street - I felt like I was being watched, but Real Life was going on as Residual Energy

Mission Santa Barbara - Felt like I was being watched; Residual Energy

Mission San Fernando - Felt like I was being watched; Residual Energy

Los Encinos State Park - Felt like I was being watched; Residual Energy

Calabasas State Historic Site - Very Heavy, Threatening Male Entity, Original Property Owner, Very Negative and Controlling. He would Not allow me to view the Property and made me go to the Kitchen.
I had to go to the Museum Docent Center. I was Very Frightened by this.

Minersville Cemetery - My Ancestors Welcomed me Home and put what I can only explain as a Quilt around me and spoke to me, and were Celebrating my coming there to visit them.

Old Tucson Studios - Have experienced a Ghost in the Book Store (A Soldier type Entity), in Red Garter Saloon, on the Main Street (Heavy, Negative Entity), and at Mission de Santa Maria.

Pinnacle Peak Steak House - Was a Waitress there one time, and while working there, saw what looked like one Ghost killed another and succeeded (Residual Energy from an Antique), and a Hispanic Lady (Very attractive), and also Sam, the Sheriff Ghost who watched over me and kept me company during those nights.

Westgate Park Apts. - In an Upstairs Apt. that we moved into, found twin Girls, a Little Boy, a Nun, and also what sounded like a Saloon. We would hear noises in te middle of the night and see what we were hearing, and find Nothing.
It was quite Frightening at times.
During one Halloween there (the details are in my Original Experiences Listings)

Casa Grande Trailer Ranch - In Original Listings

Courtyard Apts - Billy was a Frequent Visitor there to us, and then we had many other Visitors during our stay there.
I often felt like I ws being watched; Residual Energy

Colony Apts. - Had many strange and often unexplainable things happen there.
Often happened at Christmas time.

Birdcage Theater/Allen St. - See my Listing for my Tombstone Experiences.

Cleansing at La Dona Luz Inn Bed and Breakfast - One of my Brassell/Brazzell/Garcia/Jaramillo Cousins was Haunting the place and was Very upset that he didn't understand why he was not going to Heaven.
I simply told him to go to the Light, that our Family is there to take him over, and that he had permission to move on with Love, Thanks, and Respect.
And thet it was alright for him to go, that his time here is no more.
He later came back to give me a Hug to thank me for helping him move on.

Gov. Bent House Museum - Was greeted by Gov. Bent and his Family (Residual but Interactive) and they were very Gracious and showed me around thier Home which is now a Museum.

Carson - Jaramillo House Museum - All Energies interactive but Residual.
They are Very Kind and Gracious.
Senora Carson LOVES her Kitchen and Welcomed me to help her Work in the Kitchen.
She went on and on bragging about her Home and her Family.
Kit is still in his Office and welcomed me to thier Home and made me feel Very Welcome.
They are a Kind and Gracious People.

Garcia Residence - Was the Homeof my Grandsons (from my Past Lifetime), and Billy is still around there, Visits from time to time along with the rest of the Family.

Town of Santa Rosa - Billy still visits there on occassion. I hope to again soon.

Grzelachowski Residence Museum - I walked in and it was like being in a Crowd of people, but mostly all Residual Energy.
By the time I got back to my Hotel Room, I was Drained.

Ft. Sumner - There is Tension around Billy's Grave, but it Relaxed when I set foot there.

Courthouse and Town of Lincoln - All Residual Energy, but Ghosts of Bell and Ollinger still trapped there and are Very Heavy and Negative.

National Forest Campground - Billy vists there occassionally and is All Residual Energy.

This is my Tombstone Experience.
I was there when I was 14, and I saw and heard things that frightened me at the time but are now heartwarming anecdotes.
I went in after paying my Fee with my Parents and Sister.
They saw Nothing, but I DID!
They shut the door behind us, and I KNEW something was about to happen, but then, I am Sensitive/Intuitive and Clairaudient.
I examined the place visually, making sure to take in my surroundings.
There were Tables to my Right and a Big Bar to my left.
I leaned against the Bar, and heard someone I could not see come up to me.
I then heard Ike Clanton come up to me.
The Conversation went like this:
Ike: "Ma'am can I show you around Tombstone and show you a Good Time?"
Me: "No, Ike. You may Not. It is Cool, I have Perfect Control of my Visit to your town."
Ike: "Ma'am a Lady as yourself aught not be alone in a Town like this."
Me: "Ike, I told you, I am with my Family and I am NOT Alone! I've Got it, and I will thank you to let me be."
Curly Bill was also there, and I could smell the whiskey on his Breath. It was Very Strong.
It then turned and I heard a group of men come to my Right about 100 feet.
Wyatt: "Ma'am is Ike Bothering you?"
Me: "No, Wyatt, I've got it, it is Cool!"
Wyatt: "Alright, Ma'am. If you Need Anything, let me know. I am at your Service."
Me: "Thank You, Wyatt. I'll let you know."
The Conversation then turned again.
Ike: "Aw Wyatt, I was just trying to show the Lady a Good Time!"
I then heard the Click of Ike's Gun Hammer.
Wyatt: "Ike, Drop the Gun!"
Ike: "But, But I just wanted to have a Good Time with the Lady!"
Wyatt: "Ike! Drop the Gun!"
Me: "Alright, this is my Cue to RUN!"
I ran Hell for Leather as I heard Gunfire behind me.
Wyatt then asked me this:
"Ma'am, If I might ask, my Boys and I will be escorting you through town whenever you come to visit. We will protect you from the likes of those Ruffians."
Me: "Thank You, Wyatt. It would be most appreciated."
Wyatt: "Anytime, Ma'am."
Gunsmoke hung around in the air after the Gunfire. You could see and Smell it.

Take of this what you will, but this happened to me. It is MY Personal Birdcage Theater Experience.
Even Bat Masterson's Nephew, my Cousin in Tennessee, Confirms this as being verifyably Real.

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 02:07 PM

i am a firm believer that Billy the Kid did NOT die when he was 21. I do not think Pat killed him!

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#25 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 01 November 2006 - 02:43 PM

Sorry, Regardless of Beliefs, My Records stand alone and speak for themselves.
I also own a Copy of the Coroner's Inquest Report (Santa Fe,NM. Records Bureau) from his Passing. It is Unanimous, Billy is Passed Away Gone Physically, but very much Alive in Spirit.
I also recall well what happened that night.

That night, we were getting ready to Leave for Old Mexico.
Billy had just come in from helping the Maxwells herd Cattle. He was Exhausted.
We went to the Orchard to have "Marital Time" together.
Then, we went two different ways to throw off those that we both knew were hunting him.
I went to the Kitchen to Prepare Supper and to watch the Children that I had left with Relatives.
The Children Hugged Billy and he scooped them up in one arm and held me in the other.
We spoke in Hushed Tones so as to not let on that we were Leaving.
I told Billy that Senor Pete Maxwell had come to me earlier in the day saying he was not feeling well, and I had consented to let him use our Room to Rest in.
Billy told me that this was fine and that he would go get the Overnight Bag that I had left in our Closet and say Farewell to Pete.
I gave him the Knife to go get Meat which was the Final Ingredient for our meal.
Minutes later, I heard the Shots, which I had assumed was Normal,as Beaver Smith's Saloon was Always Filled with Rowdies that shot the place up.
Then a Local Boy came to the Kitchen saying "Senora Abrana, Senora Abrana, Billy has been Shot!"
By this time my Amusement had turned to Anger, as I had thought that this was another of Billy's Practical Jokes, and I was Furious!
But then when I saw All of Everyone we knew standing outside of our Room and Pat Garrett crowing that he had Killed Billy the Kid, my Heart Sank, and I was Terrified.
I Demanded Entrance to our Room, despite being told that I did Not want to be in there and see what had happened.
I simply stated that this is my Husband laying Dead in that Room and I wanted to be with him.
When I saw what I did, my Knees Buckled, and I was Inconsolable, Screaming and Crying over his Body, putting his Head in my Lap as he Breathed his Last.
There was Blood, Bone, Muscle, and Tissue Everywhere, but I didn't care, I Wanted to be with him when he Passed.
That night, we held the Wake, for which I paid for the Clothing the Clean up of the Scene (of which I also helped to clean up).
I was Inconsolable and was Never quite the same.
I did the best that I could with the Children, of which I had Male Relatives to help me.
We laid Billy beside Tom and Charlie.
Even now, I do All that I can to care for Billy's Spirit.
I see to his Grave Site being Clean and check in with te Museum to make certain of this and I watch All Articles pertaining to Billy and make sure he is being properly Honored.

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 03:49 PM

Sure! That would be Great! There are a LOT of them!

Sounds like you need an online album rather than the single image servers like imageshack.us. Checkout shutterfly.com and see if it's user-friendly enough for you. That way, you can host all the pictures in one location under one URL rather than having one URL for each picture.
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#27 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 01 November 2006 - 10:14 PM

Sounds Good to me! I'll take a look and see if I can successfully operate it.
Thank You SOOO Much!

#28 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 01 November 2006 - 10:25 PM

Also, to farther update my Paranormal Resume, I also was a one time Civil War Reenactor and Historical Interpreter at Ft. Tejon, CA. at which I had several (although Benign), Ghost Encounters.
That Place is HAUNTED!
As well, I worked for 2 Haunted Museums, one in California, at Chatsworth, CA and one at Casa Grande, AZ.

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Posted 02 November 2006 - 07:57 AM

you are one busy lady, mrsbryan. where do you find the time to do all that? Im looking forward to seeing your documents and proof when you post it here. am hoping it will help with my research. one thing tho how can you be related to so many people who were not related to each other? am not being snippy just dont know how that stuff works and want to know

#30 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 02 November 2006 - 11:54 AM

Well, a lot of this happened over a span of many years.
Sure, also I will PM you with additional Info as to where to find Complete Listings of my work.
Actually, I am Related to All of these Individuals because they come off of different Branches of my Family Tree.
They (Outlaws and Lawmen) ARE Related to Eachother!
Well, it is a matter of Genealogy and knowing that they led me straight to thier Records.
I Love Each and every one of them Equally as much as the others, and you will see how they are Related very soon.

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