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Past Life Memories - married to Billy the Kid

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#1 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 23 October 2006 - 12:21 PM

Just as a point of Example, I recall Everything from my most recent Past Life. I was Navajo raised Spanish in the 1800's.
I recall where and when I was born to that life, but not who my Parents were nor what they looked like.
I remember who my Eldest Sister was, and she raised me back then. Our Mother was taken and died at Ft. Sumner, but we also Never saw her again.
Our Father was Killed during the ensuing Raid on our Tribal Homeland.
I recall well when I was taken by Kit Carson and the Ute Indians and placed with different people, my Cousins the Apache, and then sold to the Spanish and put into an Indian School (for lack of better Definition), at a Convent and Boarding School for Girls at Santa Fe, NM.
I was then placed with the Maxwell/Jaramillo Family, who was mostly Affluent back then and taken to thier Ft. Sumner Compound.
That is where I spent my Late Teen years and Early and Later Adulthood.
I was also traded to different Families for work that needed doing.
I changed my Surname Frequently depending on circumstance, to fit in with the Families to whom I was Indentured.
I recall well being married to William H. Bonney, bearing him 4 Children.
I recall fighting alongside him at various Gunfights he was involved in.
I recall well most if not All of the Regulators' Names.
I also recall well my Passing from that life into this one.
I died Peacefully, and came into a life far harder than what I went through then.
So, this is just an example of a few things that are Past Life Recall.

#2 petunia4998


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Posted 24 October 2006 - 03:10 PM

Mrs. R, I read your account with great interest. I am from New Mexico and some of your statements raised my eyebrows. I am not disputing your beliefs, however, I know that history was not good at that time in the territory.

So you were Billy the Kid's wife, were you? Since he was 21 when he died, and he had been in jail several times, 4 children seem quite a lot. It is interesting that no one has come forward to proclaim their kinship with the Kid, especially since there is an on-going dispute that the body in his grave is not really his. Our governor headed that inquiry. And I was not aware that Kit Karson and the Kid were contemporaries, or even knew each other.

I know the difficulties in recalling past lives. My last life was a historical person, but was of another culture and all the things I have read about her were fictional novels. Just as you, sometimes I could tell what I was reading wasn't the truth, or that it was, but there is no way of really knowing.

Have you ever come to New Mexico to see where you might have lived? A lot of places haven't changed. It might even stir up more memories.

#3 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 24 October 2006 - 10:39 PM

Yes, I have made several visits to New Mexico and each visit stirs up another memory.
I AM Kinship with the Kid and have a Family Tree AND Documentation that is Irrefutable to Prove this to this and Past Lifetimes.
There are days I wake up and All I do is write because I recall something else.
The Kid and Kit Carson are Cousins. I was at Taos, NM (Where I will reside next year), and I found this out quite by accident.
I am just beginning the Genealogical Research on this.
There are many other Outlaws and Lawmen that are also Related to eachother and to me that I have duly Recorded for Posterity.
Also being "Sensitive" gives me a greater Insight and Clarity to what I am and have been experiencing.
When I go back to NM next year to live Permanently, I will be finalizing my Research on that Lifetime.
I am currently taking Notes to Write a Book about my Memories and Experiences.
It will help me to put All of what I know and Document into Perspective and to FINALLY Release the Truth.
As well, I know All about John Miller.
He is NOT Billy, and neither is the guy in Hico, TX.
They ARE Cousins to Billy, in the same Family Tree.
The Millers are off of my Dodson Line and my Cousin Sunny in Kingman, AZ., tells me of the stories her Family told her about John.
He is buried right in the same cemetery with the rest of my Miller Cousins.
Brushy is off of my Dodson/Roberts Line, who are Distant Cousins in Texas.
Sorry to burst NM's Bubble, but Billy is Billy and I also have a Photo that Proves Billy is in Ft. Sumner Graveyard, right where I had him laid to Rest.
It also shows Tom and Charlie in thier Graves.
As for our Children, There were many times Billy was Not in Jail that we were able to produce Offspring.
Some being while he was on the run.
The Final child was born after he passed, but was in Eutero at Billy's Passing.

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#4 earth_spirit


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Posted 27 October 2006 - 12:13 PM

And wouldn't you know it? Billy The Kid was back in the news again just a few days ago:


I'd be interested in hearing if there's any truth to this latest search for the illusive William Bonney. But the topic was about opening past life memories, wasn't it? Here's some information from a previous post that might be helpful for someone wanting to stimulate past life memories but doesn't know where to start:

You might think that doing a PLR is a complicated affair requiring years of intensive training, but the fact is, almost anyone can do it. Most social workers, counselors and therapists are trained in hypnosis and can easily do a PLR. The two sessions I did under hypnosis were with my ex-wife's therapist (she billed it to my medical insurance.)

What's that? You live in Podunk and don't have accessed to a trained hypnotist? No problem. Go to http://www.astralware.com and snag a copy of their PLR software :Spaz: I haven't had a chance to do a session with it, but from what I sampled, it does a very good job of reproducing what a hypnotist would do in a PLR session.

Send me a PM if you have any questions about it . . .

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#5 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 27 October 2006 - 10:38 PM

No, I'm sorry, No truth to this. Just more Ugly Exhumations when it is Really Unnecessary.
JOhn Miller is NOT nor Ever will be Billy the Kid.
He is a Distant Relation to Jesse Dodson, Jr. Off the Miller/Dodson Line, and his Relations (my Cousins), live in and around Kingman, AZ.

#6 traveller


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Posted 31 October 2006 - 08:10 AM

I started to look into this because i have had some problems in life that dont seem to have cause. a friend told me about reincarnation and getting hypnotised to see if i coud find out my problems cause. its starting to look like my choice of friends before is part of my problem now. if i can learn from those mistakes now i wont have to repeat them the next time.

Crone i am not sure if this kid is The Kid like you asked. we are in the stage of checking and researching so that theres more to this than maybe wishful thinking or having seen lots of westerns that are in my subconsious. Mary Phillipa Casey did exist and was a teacher in the time i say when under. Names i mention are in the books too. I had a big memory where this boy came to see me and we kissed with passion and i think he was about 19 or20. i felt guilt becaus i am married and cant help what i feel either. very confusing but i think i'm getting someplace as i feel a little freer now. its like im on the right track and will get past my mistakes.

#7 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 31 October 2006 - 12:13 PM

It is Not Possible that this young Lady could have Kissed My Billy, he was already Married to Me, by the Name of Abrana Garcia - Bonney.
She/I would Not have allowed that to happen unless she (Ms. Mary Casey) Seduced Billy, but he would have told her No, and he would have Broken that off, telling her he is Married, and had Kids at home (there were 3 at the time).
In fact, I read her Book and she denied Vehemently Any knowledge of Billy other than Casual friendship.
She Did however Love (from a distance), Bob Ollinger.
I am Sorry, but Billy Did Not Love nor even Like Ms. Casey.
She Likely tried to Seduce him.

#8 earth_spirit


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Posted 31 October 2006 - 03:08 PM

Doing historical research on past life experiences definitely lends credibility to any links someone might have to the past. For those who aren't familiar with the life of Henry McCarty aka Kid Antrim aka William Bonney aka "Billy The Kid," here's an interesting link that adds life to the story of one of the Old West's most colorful outlaws:

The Ladies In Billy The Kid's Life
The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit -- Nelson Henderson

Not A Ghost Of A Chance -- The Story Of My Three Years At The Imperial Casino Hotel <-- Click Here For My Personal Website

#9 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 31 October 2006 - 03:31 PM

I have already done my own Research on the Subject and have Concretely Disproven All except for Abrana S. Garcia.
I also own a Copy of the Book by one of the Grandsons Elbert E. Garcia "Billy the Kid's Kid - The Hispanic Connection" which backs up this claim to 100%.
I also own a Copy of the Marriage Record with him Listed under Alias as Martin Garcia.
The Record is Dated February 11, 1871, and can be obtained through the Santa Fe, NM State Historical Society Records Bureau.
I also own my own Fledgling Historical Organization (which is an MSN Group at current), but will go to Website next year and Full Organizational Status, based solely on my Research.
I am also working with a Major Family History Professional on Billy's Bonney Lineage (of which I am an Ascendant - Descendant).
my Organization Name is "Society for the Preservation of Truth in Billy the Kid History and Research."
Our Short Name is: S.P.T.B.T.K.H.R.
Our Motto is: "Spot Billy the Kid Here!"
And yes, I get Communications from him on a daily Basis.
I was his Wife in my Last Lifetime.
I also have listed on this site, my Experiences with this.
Go see those, to see that I tell the Whole and Complete Truth.

These are my Experiences with Billy's Spirit and his Love for me.

my fourth experience was where my Past Life experiences began. Even then, I really didn't think much of it, until a year or two ago.
I was 14 at this time.
I was going on a trip to Arizona and New Mexico.
When we got to Tucson, AZ., I knew Exactly where we were at.
I could tell my way around, and knew Exactly where everything was, where we needed to go.
Then, it only heightened through New Mexico.
I can navigate my way around without maps.
Here is where it gets interesting!
a.) We went first through Taos, NM. We went to the Spring Green Corn Festival and Powwow at the Taos Pueblo.
The Elders immediately took a liking to me.
Word seemed to spread through the Pueblo that I had arrived.
It was as if I had returned home from a long time away. I felt warmly welcomed.
This place, this board, it gives me the same feeling.
The Elders and Medicine Men had pulled me aside and asked me if I knew anything about my Heritage or my Family's History, which at the time, I really did not.
I had the year previous, found a Family Tree, but really didn't think too much of it.
The Elders, with Tears in thier Eyes, told me this message: "You are she who has returned to us. You are our Elder returned for a very special purpose. You will find your Native Heritage. Your Heart is right for this."
"You have come home. You are always welcomed here, we will be waiting with Open Arms. Return as often as you can."
I told them that I knew nothing of that, but that I would look into it.
Sure enough. I DO have Native American Heritage. I am Lineally Native American and as well as on other collateral Lines.
Not only this, but their Tourist Trinkets, they would only sell to me at the Tribal Prices, and the Fried Bread Cooking Recipe went to me. I was told that I would be the one to learn this, but that they would not teach my family. That I would be the one to teach them this, and pass it to them when the time was right.
Then, at Santa Fe, NM., it gets even more interesting!
b.) We had then gone to Old Town Santa Fe, NM.
I was reading a Book that I am still in posession of today, and read of a reference to Inn of the Governors.
As well, we decided to take a look around Old Town.
Sure enough, I knew every street, restaraunt, and shop, as if I were a Native New Mexican.
Then, I saw what looked to be a place familiar to me, as if I had graced its door before, but I had never previously known of it nor been there that I could recall in my collective mind at that time.
It was bitterly cold outside, as the spring thaw was just beginning.
It drew me to it like a moth to a flame.
I touched lightly, its Cafe Doors, and its gentle Columns.
Something took me to a time I could not recall. It felt really totally familiar to me.
To my left, on its Interior, was a Long, Mahogany Bar, with Mirrored Back Bar.
To my right, was a Bandstand (not there originally, but in the right place), and a well - worn dance floor.
Down the center, tables and chairs.
To the left rear of the room, by the bar,was where I remember Billy the Kid would sit. These were well marked with small, brass plaquards.
As I looked around and about the room, our of curiosity, there sat Billy, in his full form, as solid as if I were seeing a Human Person.
The Dialogue went something like this:
Billy: "Abrana, where have you been? What took you so long? I was waiting for you. It is very cold outside.
Come sit with me."
Me: "Alright, surely snuggling to conserve Body Heat could not possibly hurt anything."
Billy then put his hand on mine, and a surge of heated Electricity went through me, taking me back to a time familiar to me, and then back to my own time again.
Billy: "Abrana, it is so good to have you back with me."
Me: "It is good to be back. This is very comfortable and natural."
Billy: "Abrana, do you remember our lives together? I love you so much. I want you to be with me again as my wife, as we were before."
Me: "Yes Billy, I will do this. I would like this very much."
Billy: "Are these your Familia? They seem nice. Do you mind if I stay for your Meal?"
Me: "Yes, Billy. These are mi Familia. I do not mind if you stay."
Billy: "Good. It will give me a chance to catch up and talk and joke some with you and with them."
Me: "Yes, it will."
Billy: (at time to leave the establishment), "Abrana, please don't leave me, do not go. I just found you again." (he put his hand on mine again, and looked pleadingly into my eyes).
Me: "I am sorry, but I must go. I will be back as soon as I am able to return. Remember, I love you, Always. Wait for me."

The very next experience, my 5th one is this:

I was in my Bed one night, asleep, and felt my Body and Soul Seperate.
I went across the room to the Full - Length Mirror, I looked back to see my Body laying peacefully in my Bed, Physically Dead.
I remember stepping through the mirror, and on the "Other Side," being tall, thin, with dark skin, long fingers with nice nails, and my long, straight, black hair tied in a bun behind my head.
I remember wearing a full - length, yellow, flowered Calico Dress, with a button - down front, a full skirt, and 1800's period shoes.
I remember standing on a dusty street, in a place I seem to easily remember. I knew it was my old home of Ft. Sumner, NM.
Around me, were all the greats of Old West History.
Billy was the first one to greet me.
I recall the dialogue being as this:
Billy: "Welcome home, Abrana."
Me: "What am I doing here? Where am I?"
Billy: "Do not worry Abrana, you are safe."
Me: "It is good to see you again. I never thought I would see you again after Nuevo Mexico."
Billy: "I will introduce you around. We will all be here whenever you need to call on us."
Me: "May I stay? I do not wish to go back there. It is cold and lonely there. People are hurtful and mean."
Billy: "Your time here is not yet. You need to return to your time. You are needed there until I return for you."
Me: "Si, Billito, mi Amor."
Billy: "Remember, I love you now and forever."
Me: "And I do you as well. I will always have you in my heart."

Experience number six:

This time, the conversation went as this:
Billy: "Abrana!"
Me: What is it, Billy?"
Billy: "Just wanted you to know I am here."
Me: "o.k."

Somewhere in here, my Spirit Guides and my Totem Animas came to me.
Although Billy continues to have a large part in watching over me.
Also, I lived in several Haunted Apartments during this time.

Experience number seven:

I was reading a book called "The Stone Garden" and I looked over at the T.V. Screen.
To my right, between the wall and the End Table/Lamp, stood Billy, as solid as a human person,
Grinning at me.
There was no verbal communication this time. He just wanted me to feel the love of his presence.

Experience 8:

Before we went to the Campout, we went to see my Grandson Elbert Garcia, that is the Descendant of Billy's and my eldest Son, Pat.
Everything felt very right.

Experience 9:

I was at a Campout for a group I once belonged to, and we were playing Beanbag Toss. I was going to throw my first bag, and Billy again appeared to me, telling me through Telepathy, to just concentrate on him and his love for me, reassuring me that all would be alright.
I was under severe emotional stress because I was being verbally abused by the other campers.
I also met another of my Grandsons and his wife and children.
Sadly, they are not very nice people, which shocked me.
I thought Billy and I had raised our children better than this.

Experience 10:

I was at the Lincoln Co, Courthouse Museum, at Lincoln, NM.
I felt a warm, loving, reassuring hand on my left, rear shoulderblade. It was Billy.
He gave me "El Grande Tourismo de Lincolntowne."
He protected me, kept me safe from the likes of the ghosts of Pat Garrett, Bob Ollinger and J.W. Bell.

Experience 11:

Hubby and I witnessed this.
I was at the Grave Site for Billy, and the air was charged with a thick, emotional grief and tension.
As soon as I set foot near the grave, the tension relaxed, as if knowing that all would be fine.
My former resting place is there too, in a distant corner of the cemetery, by a wall.

Experience 12:

Hubby and I were living with a Cousin of mine, that is close to Billy and I.
All three of us, Hubby, Cousin, and myself were witnesses to this experience.

This began in the hallway of my Cousins' trailer house.
My last lifetime name of "Abrana" was called about 6 times, with frequency, and an urgency that denoted great danger.
It followed Cousin from the hallway, to the kitchen to te living room.
I asked to have the lights turned on, as this startled me a bit at first.
I asked Billy: "Dime, mi Amor? What is it? You know you can tell me anything."
We were then beckoned outside by Billy, continuing to repeat my last lifetime name urgently and frequently, to the left, rear storage shed.

Billy: "Abrana, I need you, come closer." This was repeated several times, of which I obeyed.
Me: "Dime, mi Amor? I am here. Mi esta Aqui."
me: "Where are you? Cuesto cuesta es?"
Billy then soothed my fragile nerves with this tender message: "everything is alright, go back to sleep. Buenos Noches mi Amor, Hasta Manana, I love you very much."

We then had to go to the service station to use the restroom, as my cousin's trailer house had plumbing that was not functioning properly.
The vehicle started to then malfunction.
I asked Billy to release the vehicle, and told him that we will return shortly and will continue our conversation then.
The vehicle then released, and we were able to go to the Service Station.
Upon our return, the next message came.

Billy: "Avenge my Death, Abrana." This was repeated twice.

We then followed Billy around to the right rear of the trailer, near some trees.
We tried to determine what the messages meant.
We concluded that it meant that there was something vital in New Mexico that Billy wants me to retrieve as soon as I am able to do this, that was hidden before his death, that only I know its exact location."
Billy confirmed this, by knocking once for "yes."
We then went inside, figuring the messages were over.

The conversation continued.

My Eldest Son by Billy stopped by to assure me that all that had occurred, was true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and to say "Buenos Noches, Mama."

Me: "Billito, come get some of the cake that I had baked, as I know that you love it so."
Billy: "knocked once for "yes.""

By this time, Hubby went to bed. This had worn on him more than on Chris and I, who were energized by this.

The conversation now continued some more.

This time, we were guided non - verbally to the right rear of the trailer house.

Billy had appeared to Chris and I as he had appearred in life.
Chris was now kept at a distance, as Billy's spirit beckoned me forward.

I felt Billy's arms surround me, as to hold me. I felt safe, warm, loved, protected, reassured.
Billy: "Abrana, I love you."
Me: "I love you as well mi Amor."

Chris and I walked away, as we watched Billy fade back into the Spirit World.

The next morning, the conversation continued.

Experience 13:

I wa talking to one of my Cousins at the home of another of my Cousins on the phone.
I happened to comment on how Billy and I had both not heard from Billy's Brother Joseph in a long time, and I was a bit concerned as to this fact.
I then heard these words: "Do not worry Abrana, Joe is doing fine." This was repeated twice.

We also ran an experiment with a piece of Chocolate Cake.

We had noticed that when we left the house, the cake slice was still there, and was out of reach of the Cats that were staying with us (my Cat Jukebox and my Cousin Erin's Cat Butterscotch), and that none of us had touched it.
When we returned, it was gone!

The conversation continued at a local cafe that we had gone to for lunch that day.

Chris told me that Billy was trying to get my attention.
I could not have possibly heard him over the din of the noise of the Cafe.
I told Billy this: "No, mi Amor, wrong tiempo. Wrong placita. We do no wish anyone else to get wind de our Fondest Posession."

As soon as we returned home, the Tape Player on the Boom Box that we had left in the "Off" Position, had somehow turned itself into the "On" position Without our help!
The room that this was in was locked up tight, so the Cats could not possibly tamper with that particular room.

The EVP that was recorded was this: "Do not worry Abrana, the Trunk is Safe, I have sent the Regulators to guard it."

We were shocked.

Experience Number 14: Chris had come by to show us something for a costume he was gathering pieces for.
Billy made another appearance on the wall of my Cousin Erin's A/C Unit, from the lower Torso, up.
This time it was non - verbal communication.

Billy continues his communications with me to this very day.
We continue to remain close.
Mostly non - verbal.
But the feeling is the same; Mutual Love, caring, and protectiveness.
When Hubby cannot be here to look after me, Billy does so on his behalf, as a means of helping.

This is the rest of it.

Isabella: You want the full reading?
Me: Yep. for the Old West Period of time.
Isabella: I don't do that.
Me: oh. o.k.
Isabella: alright
Isabella: I'm gonna start with a species scan, this will bring up which species you've been in a past life.
Isabella: and from there I'll tell you what your original creation was.
Me: o.k.
Isabella: I'm bad with mortal names and people in history, so I might be able to see you as a bandit, or someone, but get their name, not likely.
Me: o.k.
Isabella: I will however, be able to hone in on your original name.
Me: o.k.
Isabella: so, let's start this already.
Me: o.k. go for it!
Isabella: What is your Element?
Me: Water.
Me: I am Cancer the Crab, Birth Sign in this life.
Isabella: *nods*
Isabella: Ever feel like this was not your proper element?
Me: Yes.
Isabella: which one do you identify with more?
Me: Earth, and maybe Fire.
Isabella: You. You're a fire sign.
Isabella: The scan brings this up.
Me: o.k. I thought so.
Isabella: Human = 766 Western Lives = 168 and Salamander = 6
Salamanders are fire elementals, they are the essence of fire. that's what I see when I see you. You have a lot of fire in you. Your soul is the element of fire. An embodiment of such. Like fire with a mind of its own. There are many like that.
Me: Yep, that is a family Trademark. We are mostly fire folks.
Isabella: You've been only Human, no other kind species I can find.
Me: Interesting!
Isabella: but that's partly because those other species are blocked because you haven't awakened them yet.
and you only believe in lives that exist on this realm.
Me: Sometimes, I feel a bit of Horse in me. Free. Yep.
Isabella: Sylph = 11 Undine = 2- Drow = 32
Me: What is that?
Isabella: Original Creation = Salamander Sylphs are air creatures, Undines are water elementals, and Drows are like elves.
Me: oh. o.k. understood. Salamander. Interesting; it seems that is why I am able to adapt to my situation.
Isabella: Your first life you were a salamander. You lived in a volcano.
Me: hmmm. interesting.
Isabella: Salamanders generally live in fire. Very hot places.
Isabella: Tell me, where are you from?
Me: Casa Grande, AZ. (at the time, that is where I lived when I was read), Natively from Los Angeles, CA.
Isabella: Arizona and California, see? Hot places.
Me: Yep, Very Hot Places. I like the heat.
Isabella: *nods*
Isabella: In that life, you were very philosophical. You had no purpose. You were new. So the eternal questions "what is life?" "Why am I here?" "what am I?" "What is my purpose?" all stayed on your mind for that entire life.
Me: still is on my mind.
Isabella: *nods* You decided that mischief is what you were there for. You set a lot of things on fire.
Me: sounds like me.
Isabella: Let me guess, you've had more than one Kitchen Fire?
Me: I've had a blustery and fiery life this life too. No, just a lot of heated, rough times.
Isabella: *nods* The Gods decided that a body would be better for you. So they tried an air being to counteract you.
Me: o.k. That explains my blusteryness.
Isabella: The air beings you became all...turned out to set things on fire anyways.
Me: Yep!
Isabella: The water being you became afterwards... set the water on fire.
The elf you became was in a forest.
Me: Yep. I tend to do that. o.k.
Isabella: Forest fires. I don't know who thought of that one. I guess they thought you wouldn't awaken.
Me: I see, helping Mama Nature take care of Housekeeping I see.
Isabella: Then they tried Human Bodies, and less things blew up.
Me: o.k.
Isabella: You were in the west quite a bit in fact. A little hell raiser, setting buildings on fire, you basically created arson in the west.
Me: Yikes! I'm not that way now. Just went through a lot of rough times.
Isabella: Flaming Arrows, that was your specialty in the beginning of humanity and wars and all that.
Me: I see.
Isabella: Basically, when it came to war, any weapon that you could set on fire and throw, was your specialty. You weren't always women too. I can see you being a general of an army in Egypt, and once again in scotland later on. You sometimes dressed up as a man to run an army. You were basically in all the famous wars in history.
Me: I am a Gun Toter now, and LOVE Black Powder, or as we call it, "Holy Black!" Smoke and Fire! Wow! Cool! So that explains that!
Isabella: As a woman in the west, you always grew up but around your 9th or 10th birthday, you'd fall into mischief and become a pistol. Guys hurting you, after you, hating you, and you became a tom boy most of the time.
Me: Yep. That is me, now!
Isabella: Then, you would find a boy who could keep up withy you, and you'd be with him, his partner in crime, that sort of thing.
Me: Yep! That sounds like me!
Isabella: you knew all the greats.
Me: Yep. Still do!
Isabella: Billy, Jesse
Me: Ah! Thought so!
Isabella: You Married Billy.
Me: Billy and I are Very Close, same with Jesse and I! We are Cousins in this life!
I did? I was the famed Abrana Garcia, then! Yeehaw!
Isabella: In that life
Me: Yes!
( I will abbreviate the reading from here to give what is relevant to this).
Me: So, I run with the Outlaw Crowd even now! I'm a whole lot more tame in this life, though.
Isabella: Yeah. Seems you settled down eventually.
Me: Yep. So ALL of this explains why I am handy with a Firearm to this day.
Isabella: Yeah.
Me: I explore the Western Life exclusively, even Rodeo.
Isabella: It's in your blood, Along with the fire.
Me: It is that, I thought so!
Isabella: so, yeah.
Me: Definitely! It covered exactly what I needed to know! You hit Dead on!

d.) This one was at a Cousin's home.
(I will abbreviate to keep this to what I feel is relevant).

They had commented that "the book I am in fact writing (Notes Stage), should happen, but not for another 3 to 4 years."

"Tillie"is my Past - Life Daughter 0 In - Law's Sister, Eldest Daughter of Ygenio Salazar y Garcia. She is my Eldest Son Pat's (Past life with Billy the Kid), Wife, Tilie is my Spirit Guide now.

I was also told that my protector is Michael, the Archangel, who works closely with the Family's Patron Saint, Martin, for whom many Garcia Family Members are named.

I am told also that Tillie and I knew eachother then and know eachother well enough to this day. She knows about our Past Life Connection, and about my Past Life now and to this point.
She also knows that I was indeed Abrana Segura Garcia - Bonney, and that I was Wife of Billy the Kid. That I bore Billy 4 Children, Nabora, Patrocinio, Antonio, and Pedro.

They then as well, proceeded to tell me more about the book that I am to write and completew, that "it will be my salvation."
I was also informed that "my Ancestors and Loved Ones surround me and support me in my efforts with my Research, Education, and Genealogical Studies."

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 03:36 PM

But the question is, has your research been validated by respected historians of the American West? If there is an actual, authentic marriage licence, why then has it never before come to light? Is it because of the name unknown by respected historians?

Please understand that these are genuine questions, questions I'm sure most people would ask. You are, in essence, challenging long standing historical research on a popular Old West figure, and challenging it mostly with past life regression and spirit communication, which a lot of people would dismiss outright.

Krafted with luv

by monsters

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 03:43 PM

The Children of Billy and Abrana are as follows: Daughter Nabora, Son Patrocinio, Son Antonio, Son Pedro (In eutero at time of Billy's Death), Born shortly thereafter.
Nabora Born 1872, Patrocinio Born 1875, Antonio born 1880, Pedro born 1882.
Billy and Abrana Married at the Old Catholic Church at Santa Rosa, NM. (Now Crumbling that I have Photos of), in a Nighttime Candlelight Ceremony that was done on the quick.
This is the Record as I have it.
I am also working hard on the Family Tree of Abrana Garcia, no matter how Difficult.
I will also post my Information that I have already collected personally to further prove my story.

I am also a Genealogist that has Records that DO challenge Outright Old West Historians and History.
In fact, I say: Bring It On!
I have also been a Genealogist for 16 Years aside from just a Spirit Communicator.

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 03:45 PM

I'm only asking why these documents were never found by historians. Or why they were ignored by them.

Krafted with luv

by monsters

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 03:51 PM

Look at Santa Fe at thier Records Bureau - The Very Same Records as I have are available for the asking and will cost approximately $82.00.
I also have been to the same places as he Rode and Lived/Loved,etc. and have Photos that Prove what I know to be the Truth.
I have also been working with Respected Family Genealogists and Major Old West Historians that Support and Encourage my Research work to get this Job Done!

They were Ignored by them because No One wants to Accept that Billy had a REAL Life outside of Outlawry.
In fact, one must understand that Outlawry for a Boy of his age was Purely Economics, Not because he Wanted to.
In fact, Billy was Mostly Scapegoated by the other Outlaws (Dolan/Riley Faction), and the House, that Opposeed Tunstall and his Regulators.
There was Too much Law and Not enough Order, as both sides were Duly Deputized.
I also have a Reproduction Copy of Billy's Regulator Badge.

This is my Bonney Family Connection:
(From my Personal Records Collection)

Dods/Dodson/Dotson/Denney/Clark/Bryan Line and
Dods/Dodson/McConnico/Walker/Hunt/Bonney/McCarty/Antrim Line

Chief Eagle Plume = Chief Opencancanough
Sp.: Princess Cleopatra "Scent Flower"
VA. Iroquois Tribal Leader - Brother of Chief Powhatan
Cause of Death: Gunshot Wound

Jane Eagle Plume = Princess Nicketti
Sp. John Dods
(John Dods Jamestown, VA. Colonial Settler)
from Scotland to VA.

Jesse Dodson
Sp. Judith Hagger
(Judith Bride Ship Passenger to VA. Colony of Jamestown)

Charles Dodson, Sr.
Sp. Anne Elmore
(Note: Son Charles I. Dodson, Jr. is Legendary Author "Lewis Carrol" who Authored Alice in Wonderland Book)

Thomas Dodson, Sr.
Sp. Dorothy Mary Durham

Thomas Dodson, Jr.
Sp. Elizabeth Rose
(This Line Old West Lineages of the Earps, Clantons, McLaurys, Doc Holliday, Big Nose Kate, John Wesley Hardin, Belle Starr, the James Family and the Younger Family)

George Dodson
Sp. Margaret Dagord

Lazarus Dodson
Sp. Alice Dodson

Elisha Dodson
Sp. Rachel Henry
(Elisha Revolutionary War Patriot)
(This Line of the Lineages of Patrick Henry, Meriwether Lewis the Explorer, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, and the Madison Family)

Reuben Dodson
Sp. Nancy Hogan McConnico
(Nancy's Line that of the Famed Billy the Kid, Notorious Outlaw)
This will be Included near the Bottom of the Post to show Lineage

William Lazarus Hardiman Dotson
Sp. Henrietta Landrum
(Pre - CW Prominent Mississippi Plantation Owners and Co - Founders of Minersville, UT)
(William Southern CW Soldier)

Reuben William Dotson
Sp. Sarah Eliza Myers
(TX Myers/Murray Rodeo Family Dynasty Line, and Distant Cousins to Pat Garrett)

Viola Dotson
Sp. Kirby Delano Denney
2nd Marriage: Albert Hambrick

Katherine Viola Denney
Sp: Hugh Elgin Clark
2nd Marriage: Phillip Stone

Donald Hugh Clark
Sp. Pierina Basile

(Myself) Melissa Renee Clark
Sp. Daniel Lee Bryan

William Patrick Henry McCarty Bonney (Billy the Kid) Line

(Parents of Nancy H. McConnico)
Garner McConnico
Sp. Mary Walker
(Mary's Son by another Marriage Helped Revolutionize Colt Firearms)

Thomas Walker
Sp. Betty Ellis
(GGGrandparents of Bush Family of the White House Presidencies)

(Son of Thomas and Betty)
Sylvanus T. Walker
Sp. Jordan ?

(Son of Sylvanus and Jordan)
William Walker
Sp. Elizabeth Warren

(Son of William and Elizabeth)
Alexander Walker
Sp. Anne Bonney (Pirate)

Elizabeth Hunt
Sp. Thomas Bonney (Son of Anne)
(Elizabeth of the VA Hunts and Related to Above Durham Family)

Thomas Bonney, Jr.
Sp. Dorcas Sampson

John Bonney
Sp. Elizabeth Bishop

Levi Bonney
Sp. Rhoda Pratt
(Of Noted Mormon Pratt Family)

Patrick Edward Bonney
Sp. Catherine McCarty
2nd Marriage for Catherine: Henry H.H. Antrim

Patrick Henry McCarty Bonney
Sp. Abrana Garcia

Jose Patrocinio Garcia McCarty
Sp. Beatrice Lucero

Martin Fabian Garcia
Sp. Lera Huffman

Delbert E. and Elbert A. Garcia
Sp. of Elbert A. Garcia: ? (Unknown)

Martin Garcia

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 03:55 PM

Fascinating Mrs. Bryan! It sounds like you've really down your homework on this :(

But I was hoping you could clear up something for me. You mention that Abrana's daughter, Nabora, was born in 1872. If Billy was born in November of 1859, then he would have only been 12 or 13 at the time of Nabora's birth and wasn't living in New Mexico. Is that date correct?

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#15 Mrs. Bryan

Mrs. Bryan


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Posted 31 October 2006 - 04:44 PM

These are the Baptismal Certificates for Billy and his family! They have just arrived!

Born to Catherine Cathleen Devine and Patrick McCarthy, Sr.:

1.) Thomas McCarthy
D.O.B.: April 16, 1852
Bap: April 25, 1852
By: Rev. William Quinn
Sponsored by: Patrick Clarke
Mary Farrell

2.) Bridget McCarthy
D.O.B.: September 1. 1853
Bap: September 4, 1853
By: Rev. Daniel Meegen
Sponsored by: Patrick Curran
Bridget Devine (Catherine's Sister)

3.) Mary McCarthy
D.O.B.: August 13, 1855
Bap: August 21, 1855
By: Rev. Patrick McCarthy (Possible Cousin or Uncle, Brother of Patrick McCarthy, Sr.)
Sponsored by: James Lock
Mary Howard

4.) John McCarthy
D.O.B.: October 21, 1859
Bap: October 21, 1859
By: Rev. D.G. During
Sponsored by: James Devlin
Ann Shields

5.) William Patrick Henry Bonney - McCarthy (BTK)
D.O.B.: September 17, 1859
Bap: September 28, 1859
By: Rev. J. Conron
Sponsored by: Thomas Cooney
Mary Clark

6.) Elizabeth McCarthy
D.O.B.: December 8, 1861
Bap: December 8, 1861
By: Rev. William Quinn
Sponsored by: James Coony
Ann Coony

7.) James McCarthy
D.O.B.: July 8, 1868
Bap: July 16, 1868
By: Rev. M.C. O'Farrell
Sponsored by: Anthony Giblen
Ann Giblen

8.) Joseph McCarthy - Antrim
B: ?
Bap: ?

as I recall it, Billy was in Silver City, NM by that time, just back from AZ. where he had been in some Trouble.
We met in Santa Fe, NM at Inn of the Governors in 1870, sometime around the time his Mother Wed.
I was just out of the Shool for Girls at the Convent there.
I was in Santa Fe to obtain work as the Family was Desperate for Money, we were Struggling.
I went first to Inn of the Governors, asked for work, and the rest is History.
Billy and I wed at Santa Rosa, NM at the Old Catholic Church that is now Crumbling, in a Nighttime Candlelight Ceremony.
Only a very few Friends were there in attendance. We had to make it quick, God forbid one of our Mortal Enemy Lawmen should find out and Gun him down there.
I put his Name down as Martin Garcia to help hide him.
I also Falsified other Records to protect my Family.
So yes, Nabora's Birth is Exactly Correct to the best of my available knowledge and Records.

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