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Gettysburg Threads

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Posted 17 August 2014 - 09:26 PM

Me writing anything is wishful thinking. One has to have the skill    to do so and be creative s well as interesting. My paintings are both, know that sounds way too egotistical for my own good. Now, if I had the skill of Mr. Kunstler, to to paintings on the topic of the Civil War, battles, heroes, scenes of beauty, romance, violence, and dearth. If I could be as talented in writing as he is in painting, just fantasy on my part but I do love buying and collecting his works of art.



Do what I did and just write down each experience you've had so at least there is a record of what you have seen.


you never know, it might be enough with a little bit of editing to actually make up a book.


at least set some time aside and write up your experiences.

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