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Undercliff Sanatorium Website up and running

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Posted 26 November 2006 - 02:14 PM

For those who have a interest in Undercliff now the site is up and running, anyone with pics of the facility feel free to share them with me, I will post them up. Please be patient to updates any photos of the site will be posted within a day or two. Enjoy the other links in the site.

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Posted 25 October 2009 - 01:46 AM

Well, to put a pin in it, let me tell you the real history of Undercliff. It was a TB hospital in the 1930's until the end of WWII when the old wooden building burned to the ground. The foundation of that old building is up on the "back road" (to the right) before going past the old garage and staff quarters (apartment building) to meet up with main road that goes to the main building -- six stories brick. That building was built and operated from the 1950's through 1975 as a Mental Health Center. To the right of it was the staff apartment building and old garage. Across from the old garage was "Cliff House" opened as DARTEC -- a drug rehab in 1972. Now, the first building that you used to see as you came into the grounds, up on the right -- a big brick building (circa 1890) -- was initially the Poor House. (Yes, really.) It had "indiginant" families living there as late as 1970 when the State officially closed the "last" Poor House and re-allocated it to the Regional Training Center that was operated in the three story building to the left where the road separated into the upper (front) and back roads. The Regional Training Center was for what was then called "Retarded Children." Between the smaller brick center (crica 1965) and the Poor House (that burned down entirely in the late 1980's) was an old wooden barn -- a holdover from the TB hospital days. It was torn down in the late 1970's, after the main hospital (the mental health center) closed.

Ok, now, there was a smaller road directly across from the Regional Training Center that had four brick houses (circa 1950) on it -- those were staff houses where the doctors and administrators lived with their families. Two of the four houses were put on wheels and moved when the highway was built that cutoff that neighborhood from Stuben Street. Before the highway came through, it was possible to walk all the way to Hubbard park on Undercliff land. Also, if you continue past the main hospital building out the old road to the water tower, you end up on West Mountain just past the pond and on the road to Castle Craig.

FYI -- The Altebello cottages were built much later in the front meadow on the other side of the brook between the highway and Undercliff Rd.

Also, the two larger houses - mansions really -- were up closer to the main building and housed the Superintendent and the Chief Physician. One of those was reinforced and used in the late 1990's early 2000's to house a mentally insane murderer -- for some strange reason -- instead of the more secure main building that included locked wards. The other house had a State Police Lt. living there -- he later got caught up in a scandal for paying very low rent, like $25 or something a month. (Look it up.)

About the main hospital. There was no morgue -- that was the kitchen on the ground floor -- notice the loading dock behind it! Those "refrigerator" drawers were for food, not bodies. That building was never used for the TB hospital -- the wooden building that burned was the TB hospital -- and minimum security mental health centers don't have their own morgues. (Undercliff was never for the criminally insane until they put that one guy in the reinforced house in the late 1990's.)

So, that's the story of Undercliff. The only true really spooky thing is that the serial murderer Hadden Clark (and his brother and father) reportedly all were patients at Undercliff. And, in the early 2000's, the CT State Police had him up from MD to look around for bodies he reportedly buried there when it was being operated by the State Police in the 1990's. Since his Grandpa operated a nursery on the East side of town (other side of town) when he was in high school and he lived with him from time-to-time, it's not implausible. What should really scare those tempted to trespass is he was up there wandering around in the 1990's when many folks on this board say they were up there, too. Sure glad none of you met him! Or, maybe someone did, and was never heard from again. Google him -- he's a really scary dude.

p.s. how do I know all this? See my label -- that was my address from 1968 to 1975. Yup, my family lived and worked on those grounds for seven long, lonely years until they closed the hospital. In those years, I hiked those grounds thoroughly and played in or visited every building. As the operations wound down, we stayed on until we were the only family left. And, then we left, too. The real shame of all this is those beautiful, valuable buildings have just been wasted into decripit wrecks, unused for so many years.

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Posted 24 May 2010 - 06:45 AM

Whirly Dude Great Post! Very interesting about the history. I'd rather learn the REAL history of a place than unfounded rumors. sometimes the real history can be just as haunting!!
MELISSA in Arkansas[email="officermedicdeputy@yahoo.com"]

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