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One of Many Enounters

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#1 WhyteWatcher


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Posted 10 October 2003 - 06:10 AM

It was a Friday night not too long ago and I was looking forward to having the weekend to continue working on my book about my paranormal experiences.  My 5 year old daughter was in the living room watching one of her videos and I was at my desk in my bedroom.  I had shut the door a bit so I could filter out some of the Lion King theme, but it was still open enough for me to look through occasionally at my daughter.

I was experimenting with the title page and a jpeg I wanted to use that is an inverted image of my mom's old house.  It was almost to my satisfaction, but I decided I wanted to play with the font one more time.  I clicked and dragged over the text and the image flipped to its original form, despite the fact that it had been saved as an inverted image.  This totally freaked me out and I tried to recreate it and couldn't get it to happen.  It was then I felt ...something...at my back.  I asked aloud if anyone was there and waited.  After a few seconds I felt something bump the back of my chair, which was on wheels, causing it to roll forward just a tad. Glancing out to make sure my daughter was still where she had been, I suddenly swung around to face the room.

"If you are here with good intentions, then state your business!  If not, then get out! But whichever it is, do not f*** with me! If you are not of the Light, you are not welcome. If you are, then speak now!" I commanded rather sternly.  I waited.  And waited. And waited. After about 3 minutes, I shrugged and turned back to my computer.
"Fine. You don't want me working on this right now, I won't." and I shut everything down, not even saving my changes.  

I got my daughter ready for bed and her and I climbed in (usually I would deny her begging to sleep in my bed, but that night I was kind of glad for the company). I was just reviewing my little speech and congratulating myself on being so brave, when what sounded like a long fingernail scraaaaaatched down the side of my computer tower.
I froze, hoping my daughter (who is quite sensitive in her own right) didn't hear it. I should've known better.

"What was that Mommy?" she asked in the dark.
"Don't know, babe. Probably nothing. Got to sleep." I said.
"It sounded like the computer, Mom."
"Um, yeah, I know honey."
"Like something scratched it..."

Ah jeez, let it go, kid!

"Yeah, honey.  It's okay.  Go to sleep."

After a few seconds she did, but I didn't.  It was a good hour before I drifted off.

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Posted 10 October 2003 - 04:16 PM

I wouldn't make too much of the scratching noise, it is still a mild way to let you know that someone was still there.  You might want to try a tape recorder and see if you could capture an evp or two. ;)
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#3 hawkerdriver


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Posted 10 October 2003 - 06:03 PM

:o Now, that would have sent me over the edge, girlfriend!!!! I ran my fingernail down my tower and you know it also kind sounds like something rolling.  Just by chance, you don't happen to have a cat or an animal in the house that could have been playing with something that rolls do you?  If not, better you than me! :o
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#4 bygones24



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Posted 20 October 2003 - 08:18 AM

:o  Ummmmm, yep.  Really scary.   :o

#5 WhyteWatcher


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Posted 22 October 2003 - 07:56 AM

Thanks for the suggestions!   The only problem with conducting any further investigations in this location is that I moved out of that apartment into a bigger one back in April of this year.

No, I had no pets in my home at the time other than a fish.  And as I said, my daughter was in clear sight.  No one else was there with us.

Here's my theory:

In June of 2002, a young lady approximately 23 years old by the name of Christina Wilson was found murdered less than a three minute walk from that apartment, her body dumped in an overgrown area inside the community park the neighborhood shared.  I could look over to the park from my driveway and see the authorities with yellow caution tape everywhere as they searched the area for evidence.  The story that unfolded was that she had spoken to a carload of young men in her driveway after returning from her job at a mortgage company.  At approximately 2:30 a.m., Christina slipped out of her bedroom window in her grandmother's trailer (where she lived with her 18 mos old daughter)and was never seen alive again. It was three days before a man walking his dog would find her. Her killers remain at large.  Two weeks later they found ehr missing car parked behind a building at my daughter's daycare.

In June her biological mother went to the area and began going door-to-door, handing out fliers and begging for info. To my knowledge, there have been no new leads in the case.

This story has (pun not intended) haunted me since it happened.  One reason, of course, is that is was so close to my own home.  One of the other reasons is the small child left behind.

I went to the area one early Saturday morning and stood near the spot they found her.  A backhoe had come in and ripped up all the scrub and overgrowth, leaving a solitary tree standing amidst huge, muddy holes.  It looked to me almost like the earth itself was bearing the scars of Christina's murder.  I was so moved by this scene that I sketched the area, writing a quick kind of tribute to her.

It was the following weekend when the computer thing happened.  A sensitive friend of mine said Christina saw me visit the area and felt drawn to me because she trusted me, due to the fact that I had a little girl of my own and that I had cried for her even though I didn't know her.  She also said that Christina had been lied to frequently as a child and therefore did not believe she was actually dead. That it was going to be up to me to help her cross over.  

Well, it was described to me in great detail what was needed to help her go over and I had meant to do just that.  However, I was cautioned not to take my daughter, and since I am a single mom and sitters are usually reserved for things like court dates and such, I never had the opportunity to help her in the way described.  Instead, I prayed for her and asked that she be allowed to find peace.

I've not felt Christina since.

So I think maybe it was her making her presence known, and when I got angry it scared her.  OF course, that's just my theory.

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