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My story and it's longggg....but good.

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Posted 25 September 2003 - 05:24 AM

I tried to post this but got the error msg that it was too long, so I'm going to post it in 2 posts.

I have only posted this story to one other msg board which is no longer in existance, so here it is.

My husband was a recruiter for the US army. We lived in Vancouver, Washington on a very, very small reservist post called Ft. Vancouver. There were about 12 duplexes on post, all built over 100 yrs ago, and about 5 buildings used for army purposes. I knew before I moved in that right in front of my house, long ago, was where the hanging gallows used to be. My husband thought it was pretty funny to tell me that to scare me.  I wasn't scared in the least. I didn't believe in ghosts or hauntings. I was about 2 months pregnant at the time we moved in, and I already had a 4 yr old daughter. We had a waterbed and as I started to get more pregnant, I could not sleep in the waterbed, so I slept downstairs on the couch. The bedrooms and bathroom were upstairs. Sometimes at night in the living room, I would hear battery operated toys turn on in the playroom, (which was right off the living room) but I passed it off as one of the cats messing with it. Then I began to hear the toilet lid banging up and down, up and down several times. I blamed that on the cats too. My 4 yr old was absolutely terrified of this lamp that was in her room. She kept telling me that a head would pop out of the lamp. She was so terrified that I removed the lamp, and all was well for awhile. One day, I put the lamp back in her room, to see if she had forgot about it...... big mistake on my part. I didn't believe her. I thought she was making it up. No one spoke of these other things happening in front of her so as not to scare her. Anyhow, with the lamp back in the room, I was downstairs in the living room talking to a friend. My daughter and my friend's son were up in her room and all of a sudden, I hear two kids screaming bloody murder. When we ran up to see what was wrong, both kids said they had seen a head come out from the lamp. This is how she described it. She begged me, with huge tears rolling down her face, to never ever put that lamp back in her room. I never did. I threw it out after that.

It was getting to be Christmas time. The army wives were organizing a Christmas party in the auditorium. We were warned that no one was allowed in the auditorium after dark. It was strictly off-limits after dark by the post commander. I then learned that it was haunted. When I started asking about things.. as I was new to the post, I had people tell me the post was haunted. I never experienced anything in the auditorium, but when I heard some things about it, it made me cringe. In The Columbian newspaper, almost a whole page was devoted to the hauntings of Vancouver. It says this about Ft. Vancouver:

During the 1800's, marked graves were moved to the current Vancouver Barracks Post Cemetery, at Fourth Plain and L Street. But unmarked graves were inadvertently left behind, Jones said.
The auditorium was built on the old cemetery site in the late 1800's. During World War II, the basement was used for target practice, sending lead bullets into a far wall and dirt floor near the graves. They found the graves in 1982 while looking for the water pipe. In the dirt, they discovered coffin remnants and bones outside of the coffins. The basement was left untouched until Jones was assigned to the barracks last September. (1993) He first gave local Indians the chance to sanctify the area. In the ceremony, Wilson prayed in English and in Indian dialect. He used sage smoke to help carry the spirits to heaven. An eagle feather assisted in the spirit flight, boosted by the strength of pieces of cedar, which were valued by the Indians. .......end

The Christmas party I spoke of was the Christmas of 1992, before any of the bones or coffins were removed.

Another article went on to say that Building 638 has had many spirits and apparitions seen by soldiers. I'd been told one man was able to identify a ghostly soldier by his name tag. Later when he tried to find out who the man was, he found that this man had been dead for many, many years. Building 638 was right across the street from my house, not 50 yds away and the auditorium was right next to it!


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Posted 25 September 2003 - 05:28 AM

Now, we start thinking maybe we have a ghost(s). Ok, so we are a little slow. I figured that it wasn't hurting us, so why bother with it?

I guess it did make the things that happened after we learned of the post more frightening, but we still didn't take it too seriously until......

One night I was on the couch watching tv. Everyone had gone to bed. My husband never ever wakes up in he middle of the night, but this night he did. I heard him walk through the hallway and he yelled down to me from the landing.... "What're ya doing?" I thought his saying this was pretty weird.. " I'm watching tv." He asked me if I had just come upstairs, and I said " No, why?" He said nevermind, and went back to bed. This bothered me. The next morning I finally got it out of him why he woke up and asked if I had come upstairs. He finally admitted that he heard someone knocking on the bedroom window. I said , " that's crazy.... how could someone knock on the upstairs window?" We both looked at each other as soon as that stupid sentence came from my mouth. I got a major case of the chills then.

After this, we started hearing things scratching from inside the walls. I could follow the noise from knee high to above my head. It didn't happen in the same place every time. In the kitchen, when I was standing at the stove, or at the sink, I would feel something behind me touching me. Not a hand or anything, but more like something was up leaning up against my back. Sometimes I would feel my hair being softly tugged, or something brushing a few strands of my hair back. My husband would feel something sitting on the bed while he was laying in it, and he also said he could feel something run across the bed.
Sometimes while in the living room, I would see the blinds start to sway, as if the wind was blowing on them.

I felt better when we got a dog. She was a puppy, but she grew fast into a 85 lb lab mix. I was alone in the house too much. My husband worked about 90-100 hours a week and having a puppy around helped lessen the fear. I'd heard that animals could pick up on paranormal things.

I was scared to sleep downstairs on the couch at this point. I suffered upstairs in the waterbed. Now I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant. It became my habit to stay up late, and when I got ready to go to bed, I would always check on my 4 yr old. Also the dog became my shadow. She followed me everywhere. When it was time for bed, she would follow me upstairs, hop on the bed and make her self comfortable at the foot of the bed. My husband just happened to be gone that night, away at a military function. This night, instead of the dog jumping on the bed right away, she paced all around it. She did this several times sniffing like crazy. I finally made her get into bed, after yelling at her. She was freaking me out! She jumped on the bed, but stayed upright, with her neck cowled down and she was growling...something I'd never seen her do. She was staring at the fan which was at the foot of the bed. There was nothing there but the standing oscillating fan. I turned the light on so she could see it was just the fan, hoping she would settle down and go to sleep. I turned the light back off, and got into bed. She stayed in her cowling position, and I tried to ignore her. I don't know how much longer it was after that when I saw the fan ocsillating. Back and forth. No problem, huh? WRONG!!! I had taken the fan apart quite a while ago to clean it, and I broke the piece that made the fan oscillate. So it kinda hung down and was top heavy I could see if it had tipped over, but to start moving back and forth? NO WAY! It was moving back and forth like I'd never broke it! My dog must have sensed something from the way she was acting. I had had enough. I woke up my 4 yr old and we both slept downstairs on the couch that night.

When I went in to deliver my 2nd daughter, my husband wasn't too keen on staying in the house alone, but he did anyhow. He said he BAD_WORD sure wasn't sleeping upstairs. So, he brought my 4 yr old down to sleep on the loveseat, while he slept on the couch. We always ran a fan when we slept. My husband said the fan started oscillating by itself, ( the same fan I had the experience with). He said it freaked him out so bad, he unplugged it. But when it turned on and started oscillating by itself WHILE unplugged, was when he REALLY freaked out. I don't think he slept a wink that night.

Things kept happening in the house, but nothing to scare us too much. The little things didn't bother me. I could put up with the toys turning on by themselves, the blinds swaying, the scratching sounds (which I convinced myself were squirrels) in the walls, etc....

One particular night, after I'd put both my 4 yr old and my baby to bed, I was downstairs watching tv. My husband was upstairs in the bed asleep. I had stayed up late and was now ready for bed. As usual, I checked in both daughters rooms before I went to sleep. My baby's bedroom was the first one at the top of the stairs. I turned the light on so I could make my way up the stairs and when I got to the door way of my daughters room, I nearly fell over from what I saw!!! The dresser that had been in the far corner of the room was now all the way across the room, right in front of my daughters crib! There was absolutely NO way this dresser could have been moved and me not hear it. The floors were wooden and the dresser had such sharp edged feet that not only would I have heard it, but if it had been dragged across the floor, the wooden floor would have been badly scratched. There were no marks on the floor at all. The dresser should have made huge gouges in the floor, but there was not even the tiniest of scratches. Even so, scratch or no scratch, the dresser was moved all the way across the room with no human help. I grabbed my baby and ran into my bedroom and woke up my husband. I asked him if he moved the dresser and he said," Hell no, why would I do that? I was sleeping till you woke me up." He went to see what I was talking about and he couldn't believe it himself. I made sure I kept the light on that night, and after checking to make sure my 4 yr old was ok, I kept the baby in my room in a cradle that night, and all the nights to follow.

The woman who lived in the duplex that connected to mine told me that she had seen an apparition of an old woman upstairs in her bedroom, sitting in her rocking chair. She also told me that the chair would rock by itself.

I lived there for a total of about 2 1/2 years. I didn't  really believe in ghosts or anything like that until I lived there. I'm a believer now. Lots of other small things happened, but too many to list here
I guess all these factors had a role in why the post was haunted. It belonging to the Indians before the US gov. took it over. It being built on an old cemetery. Finding bones in the auditorium. The hangings that went on practically in front of my house... etc..... I wonder who lives there now? I heard the city took it over and was renting the houses on Officers Row and possibly the houses built for the enlisted ( the ones I lived in).

Anyhow, those are my experiences, and I can honestly say, I don't ever want to go through that again.

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Posted 25 September 2003 - 08:00 AM

That is such a darn good story! I especially like the fact you didn't believe in ghosts before but you do now!
Yikes, that was creepy! :o
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Posted 25 September 2003 - 09:27 AM

Awesome story!   :o

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Posted 25 September 2003 - 02:22 PM

Quite an experience Offdahook!  Sounds like the spirits were trying to either communicate, or get recognition from you.  Too bad you didn't try to use a tape recorder to see if they would answer you. ;)
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Posted 26 September 2003 - 04:19 PM

wow, offdahook4now, that was INTENSE!

having grown up in a frequently haunted house, i can certainly relate to paralell phenomena that you experienced.  however, i think that with the cemetary and former gallows being so close in proximity to you, your hauntings were probably even more intense than the usual haunting.

i too have experienced the scratching in the walls, missing or moved items, i've heard footsteps, i've seen shadows... but i've never experienced a moved dresser or an unplugged and operational fan!!

you are one brave lady, offdahook4now!
in another post, you referred to a death having occured at your present address.  is it still quiet there?

OwlGoddess  :o
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Posted 28 September 2003 - 09:26 AM

Thanks for reading about my experiences everyone.  I know it was long. :;)

As far as me being brave?  Oh, no, I'm the BIGGEST wuss there is!  For the longest time I refused to believe things were happening, until things that could NOT be explained happened, and then I had no choice but to believe it.

Back then, I did not have internet, knew basically nothing about this and I had no one to talk to about this. The ones that I did talk to (friends who lived on the same tiny post) to see if they had ever experiences anything in their houses laughed and thought it was a big joke. Yet at the same time, these people would talk about the auditorium and the hospital on post being haunted. Once, we left our house keys with a neighbor while we went away for the weekend to watch our animals, (this was towards the end of us living there) they went in our house and totally rearranged every piece of furniture in our house, thinking it was hilarious.
We came home from our trip to find this, and it FREAKED us out.  It took a few days before they told us they'd played a joke on us, and needless to say, we were NOT happy about it.

As far as the previous owner in my current house passing here in the house, thankfully, nothing unexplainable has happened, and I  hope it stays this way. :P

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