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Conversation w/dream animals(Vistor)

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Posted 14 September 2003 - 10:38 AM

i edited a large part of the experiance, just small details who i was with, the house etc. i just wanted to give the meat of the experiance...
....The light in my closet began flickering on and off, I thought nothing of it and began to bed down for the night. Aside from a chilly room I noticed nothing unusal. i was sleeping and I instantly was wide awake, I felt suddenly that someone was in my room.Sitting up on my bed I turned and noticed my bed room and closet door was open, as a matter of habit I always close my doors before retiring for the night, to the right of the door at the foot of my bed was this what I can only describe as a Lion like Beast ( I say lion like because of the mane). My room was chilled, I could see my breath and there seemed to be a mist covering the floor of my room. I dont remember a smell,or maybe I forgot to breath when I saw It. The huge mane was red and orange with black stripes and when It moved his head the mane moved,if you ever sat back and watched insense burn the movement of this Beast was similar.It looked solid from the shoulders up. The eyes orange with black slits in them.Its jaws were open with terrible teeth, small and sharp and lots of them. But what I was staring the most at was the claw.Both claws/arm were close to its body, but with the left claw It extended it out in a tearing motion, and then would bring it back to his chest. It repeated the motion several times until it dawned on me that it was moving closer to me, I then threw the covers over my head and ran out of my room. How I got out of that room without banging my head , your guess would be as good as mine.I did not tell anyone, my parents or friends.
Since that visit i have tried to read about night terrors, dreams, shapeshifter anything...but could not come up with a satisfactory explaination.
i would like to please firmly state this was no dream, i was not drinking or smoking, Well i will keep looking, i wonder if i can find answers in dreams?


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