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Magnetic Fields

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Posted 19 June 2008 - 06:11 AM

Well I'm playing with this subject, but from a very different perspective, and though it is a little off the general direction this topic traveled in, I will mention it here anyway.

I'm quite the mad inventor y'see.

Considering that most of my paranormal experiences to date have been most definitely negative in nature, I am playing with a way to erase certain spiritual entities using science. With that in mind, I am working on the theory that these entities, lacking a definite physical body, are therefore energy based, and as with any given energy signature a powerful magnetic or EMP pulse would remove them from the environment entirely.

Could it work?

Well in the case of the 'stone tape theory', or 'ghost recordings' made onto the very fabric of a place as if it was a strip of recording tape, such a pulse would remove them entirely by erasing the energy signature that makes up the metaphorical 'tape' that their likeness is imprinted on. The US military among others have been working on such scrambler technology for use in electronic warfare, and it may well find a use in non spiritual Exorcisms as well one day soon.

As for other sentient or visiting entities, I don't know. The science is relatively sound, though in their case at least we may well not be dealing with something that has any basis in science after all, and I may well be way off target.

Anyway, this is still very theoretical, so it might well end up going nowhere, but it can't hurt to try.


Interesting idea, plausible. Though that even the evilest seeming of entities may have their purpose in the cycles of life and disturbing natural events could have unhappy long term consequences. Maybe the record is incriminating or has something to teach us, for instance?
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Posted 09 May 2010 - 05:05 PM

A few web links that you might find interesting..


Then look at the following articles:

http://www.assap.org...tic ghosts.html

Good stuff if you REALLY want to know about ghosts and EMFs/GMFs....

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