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Scary Dreams. A Message?

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#1 Baldrick


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Posted 24 August 2003 - 10:40 PM

Everyone has at least had one really really freaky dream that makes you scream, but what do they mean?
Is it another way of contacting the dead, or another window to see spirits? Who knows.
Share your "Scary Dream" to ghost village and let the others know what you have seen in your scary dreams.
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#2 MoonChild


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Posted 24 August 2003 - 10:55 PM

Dreams they do mean lot of things pal. It is a bit complex to explain, and am not expert ;)  :P What I believe is that what we term as Dreams are a bunch of activities. At times, yes, they are the "dreams" as we mention and understand. But at other times it can be attributed to Astral Travel / Out of Body travel. This is where such "realistic" dreams do play part. Are we sure life is real, or is it dreams are real?

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#3 KarenSue1973


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Posted 25 August 2003 - 11:02 AM

As I have said before when I was younger I got into some things that I should have never gotten into.  Since then once every 3 or 4 months the dreams start.  Things are trying to attack my family.  I am forced to go back into what I was involved in to save my family.  The dreams seem so real that once they start I will not sleep for days on end and I am really edgy.  The last bunch came and something was really trying to kill my family.  I tell my mom about these dreams and she tells me that sometimes people just have crazy dreams and not to worry about it.  To me they seem so vivid and real that I can actually smell what is going on around me.  The main one is where I go to my family cottage in northern Michigan.  The cottage is haunted and it is scary.  But instead of 1 there are 3 cabins on the lot.  The one is really haunted and I keep finding a family memeber that is missing in the house.  It mainly seems to be my dad.  I know for a psychological view that it is because I miss my dad, but why the 3 cabins and why is one haunted?  I will figure that out one of these days.
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#4 psychicdreamer


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Posted 28 August 2003 - 11:03 AM

The freakiest dream I can ever remember, I have actually had more than once.  I am flying through the sky, and below me is a wheat field with a few trees in it.  Then there is this small clearing with one of those really old white churches you find out west, with this huge stained-glass window on the whole front side of it.  As I swiftly fly toward it, this scary woman/ghost in a white flowing dress with red eyes suddenly appears in it, her mouth open with sharp teeth, and I go crashing through it onto the red carpet inside.  I always woke up after landing on the floor, but never got past that marker.  I keep wondering what was beyond that point, if anything.  I wrote a poem once about that dream.  

Any thoughts on what it could possibly mean?
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#5 JeniSue21


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Posted 02 September 2003 - 09:06 PM

Growing up, my dads bestfriend bacame our uncle.  Thats what he was like to us, so all of us began calling him uncle george.  Later on in life, he got into some horrible things, and never really got his life straightened out.  Its been years and years since we've seen him, or heard anything from or about him.  I am now married with a family of my own, and hadn't thought of him in a very long time.  One night, I "dreamt" that I was watching Unsolved Mysteries (one of my favorite shows).  And on the show, they were saying they had found this mans body in an empty warehouse and he had no form of identificatioin on him.  All they had to go on were some pictures he carried with him, one of which was of him and my dad in their younger days.  So, they flash his picture across the screen, with a number and all that to contact if you know who he is, or have any information that might help them to know what happened.  

I often wonder if this was his way of telling me he had passed, or if it was just an off the wall dream.


#6 darkspirithaunting



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Posted 04 September 2003 - 08:34 AM

I have a lot of dreams that come true. I will dream exact specific situations down to the clothing and well everything. Then, later down the road it happens. I know some could be coincedence but, I know better with others. I really have seen some of my future in my dreams. Nothing really big ever just the future is small doses

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