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Haunted Music

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 02:00 AM

I was just wondering, can music be haunted too? For example if you play a spirit's favorite song that he/she liked listening to when he/she was still alive?

This is one of our favorite topics. Frither can tell the story much better than I can. She was more directly involved with this incident than I.

When I first moved to Oklahoma we were living in my wife's family home in Wewoka. The majority of her kin had already passed. Her father, along with an assortment of others, would get together on weekends in the den to play music and socialize. Quite often music can still be heard coming from that room of the house.

That same room was where I first met Frither's younger sister who had passed a number of years earlier. I was walking between the computer room and the kitchen and had to pass through the corner of the den. There was a young lady in the room who said, "Hellllll-ooooo". I only saw her for an instant. When I described her to Frither and repeated what she said along with the inflections Frither immediately knew it was her sister.

This particular house was quite active. It was also the scene of what we call "The Battle of Mr. BG". Mr. BG was a spirit who was not a very likable type of person. We called him BG at the time because we weren't able to pull up his name.

One of our favorite stories is how when I first came out to Oklahoma we were talking about ghosts one night. That began a procession that lasted about 2 and a half hours. It was like the ghosts were lined up in the hallway and came through one at a time for me to meet them. I would tell Frither who I was seeing, described their appearance along with characteristic quirks as well as giving a bit of history of the person.

I really need to get Frither in here to tell these stories. She is alot better at supplying the details and filling in all the blanks.

Getting back to music...I used to have a tape I'd made while living back home in Georgia. I had a guitar at one time that just seemed to be a part of me. It was an Ovation acoustic/electric with a two tone blue sunburst face. I often would plug the patch cord from the guitar directly into my cassette deck to record music I was working on. Back in the 90's I'd paid around $200 for the deck...was no cheap recorder. I taped a song one day and while listening to it I could hear the different runs I was playing...along with what sounded like a second guitar joining in. This wasn't an echo...it was a different run of notes playing along with mine. This anomoly appeared every place in the song where I played this particular run. With all the moving I've done since then the tape has gone by the wayside someplace.
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Posted 11 March 2007 - 07:21 PM

Frither is here (and thinks Mystic Hippy told it just fine except the girl he met was my elder sister who passed about 8 years before I was born).

The music he is referring to came from what we called 'The Phantom Musicians'. Like MH said, when we were first married, we were living in the house that my paternal grandfather built in 1913, the same house that my father and later I grew up in. I think I've mentioned a time or two that I come from a family of musically-inclined people and when I was growing up, Saturday nights were the time that the music room (later to become the den) would be wall-to-wall with folks playing everything from fiddles to guitars to bagpipes.....you name it, at one time or another, just about every kind of musical instrument had been played there. I'd be lulled to sleep, carried away on the sounds of everything from classical to country. (I think there was more than 1 person that couldn't read a note of music but when someone would call out something like 'Salty Dog, key of G!' then everyone somehow took off together with it). Time passed on and so did the musicians that used to come over to jam..........or did they? I inherited the house when my parents passed and many a Saturday night, along about sundown, if you listened closely (and would accept what you were hearing, something my ex husband would never do), you'd could hear the faint sounds of instruments tuning up and you knew that you were in for a treat ~ the phantom musicians were fixing to jam!

Remember the movie 'Ghost'? Remember when Otta Mae Brown (the character Whoopie Goldburg played) suddenly became a real medium? That's what that night MH was talking about reminded me of :) I think I may have mentioned somewhere that my father was a medium (I am not) and I think to this day that the long procession of noncorporeals that visited us that night was the result of them finding out that after 10 years, there was finally another medium in the house and the word got spread out far and wide ;) According to MH, they were lined up all the way down the wall of the computer room, down the hallway, down the side of the den and all the way to the end of the yard! My father was an attorney and my mother a legal secretary and their offices were also there in the house so over the years, a lot of people HAD been in that house for one reason or another.......and I think every last one of 'em visited that night :D

Mr BG is a whole other story that I'll save for another time.

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Posted 21 March 2007 - 04:41 PM

happen to me all the time!!!

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