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Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland.

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Posted 29 June 2007 - 05:00 PM

Being engaged to a Polish bloke does have its advantages such as great places with strange stories.
Wawel Castle has some very strange stories to go with it too. One of my fiance's personal experiances involves the table somewhere in the castle. At the time my fiance was 10 and on a family holiday with his parents and sister. As the tour roamed through the castle they came upon a large banquet table. On this table is the burnt hand mark......allegedly of the devil. The story is that if you touch this hand mark you will see the devil himself. So being a prat, my fiance touched it.
His room was right at the top of the castle (remember that part). They ate dinner then went to bed. A few hours after going to bed he heard a tapping at his window and through the curtains he could see a strange face. Needless to say he was terrified. But how would a person get right up to the top of the castle when no climbing gear was seen outside at any point of the day.

As according to Hindu belief, there are seven chakra points on the planet and one of them just happens to be in the basement of Wawel palace. Which is quite amusing seeing as nearly all of Poland is catholic lol.

Allegedly there is the dragon cave where a huge, fire-breathing, scaly......thing dwells.
" The legendary Wawel Castle Dragon dwelled in a cave under the Wawel Hill on which the Royal Castle was built. According to the legend, the Dragon oppressed Cracow inhabitants by capturing and devouring beautiful Cracovian girls. The city was saved by a young and clever shoemaker who stuffed a sheep skin with sulphur. The Dragon, thinking that the skin was a tasty morsel, devoured it and then, suffering from incredible thirst, kept drinking water from the nearby Vistula River until it blew up with a thunder. The figure of a giant dragon turned into a monument is still visible in front of the entrance to the cave located at Wawel Hill. "

unfortunatly i can't read anymore of the articles on the castle due to not being able to speak or read the language yet until my lazy fiance decideds to teach me lol.
I'll keep it updated.

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