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VanSant Covered Bridge, New Hope PA

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 04:43 PM

Well everyone....I used to live in Perkasie, PA and worked in Flemington, NJ. My daily commute to cross the river was down the road that Van Sant Bridge is on. I have always told my husband that the bridge really spooked me. The actual road (hollow horn something) is even spooker. A friend of mine calls it the Blair Witch road because at night it is pitch black and you do not want to be on that road at night. My car actually stalled on the road up from the bridge close to the municipal building and I almost had a panic attack.
I have always had "psychic moment's" but never could come to grips with the reality that I may be psychic. I have never tried to learn to develop this ability. I get freaked out. When ever I cross this bridge I get a quick flash in my mind of a man who hung himself on the bridge. This is the first time I have told anyone about this vision. I could never understand why I have had this vision until today.

I am drawn to documentaries about psychics and the paranormal. So today I am watching an episode of Children of the Paranormal. A documentary that shows kids who meet an adult psychic and licensed therapist in order to help them understand and control their psychic abilities. They always meet at a bed and breakfast for a weekend to retreat. The kids are put to psychic test and are given validations on what they see. So this episode was filmed in New Hope PA miles down the Delaware River from the Van Sant bridge. The kids are taken to the bridge to see if they can pick up any psychic feelings. Sure enough the girl said she can see a man hanging from the bridge! The local owner of the bed and breakfast confirmed this and said that two brothers were hung from the bridge because they were horse thieves. Also a mother committed suicide with her child at the bridge and are buried there.

I have never been so spooked out in all my life! So I googled the bridge and came upon this forum. I have never joined a forum like this, but I had to tell my story of the bridge. I told my husband who is a skeptic but now believes me! I even told him that I will avoid that bridge unless I am driving with him and it is daylight!

I hope you can catch all can see that episode of Children of the Paranormal its on the biography channel. I also have two pics of the bridge from last winter. I will see if I can post it.

Take care all!

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