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Spirit Hug:) Anybody heard of this?

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#1 Stephanie T

Stephanie T


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Posted 16 July 2007 - 03:07 PM

(Background-I'm 45, saw an angelic vision at 17 & nothing else major until my brother died in Feb. I've now received a couple of amazing signs & have received messages from him through a medium. I arranged for his daughter to meet with a medium on Fri & he came through for her also.)

Then Sat morning I had the most amazing thing happen! As I was laying in bed, I felt someone lay down next to me and hug me just like a real hug would feel. I thought it was my son but when I looked over no one was there. I felt a little spooked but I talked myself down.

Then about a minute later as I lay on my stomach I felt a STRONG PRESSURE on my upper back & a VERY STRONG TINGLING SENSATION. I sensed it was my brother & wasn't scared. I tried to move but it was hard so I just relaxed and the pressure and the EXTREME TINGLING lasted for maybe a minute. Then the instant it stopped I jumped up & called my best friend:)

It was a very distinct feeling that I had never felt anything like before! Maybe he was thanking me for arranging for his daughter to contact him through the medium??

Have any of you ever felt anything like this or heard of anyone having an extreme tingling vibration feeling when touched by spirit? I'm new to all this & any insight would be greatly appreciated!





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Posted 17 July 2007 - 01:06 PM

Hi Stephanie
When you described the strong tingling sensation I could relate. I had a smiliar experience after my Mom passed. It was like an electric current and there was no doubt it was her. My youngest Brother also experienced it.

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#3 Mark London

Mark London

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Posted 17 July 2007 - 01:31 PM

Hey Stephanie

Thats a good experience there, I hope you cherish it. No-one needs to explain this one as it is obviously someone who loves you very much.

And as the electrical current feeling, this normally happens when the spirit passes through you.


#4 Stephanie T

Stephanie T


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Posted 18 July 2007 - 12:55 PM

Thanks all for your kind words of encouragement!


#5 okndn



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Posted 23 July 2007 - 04:23 PM

Hi Stephanie,

I've experienced a "hug" three times recently. The first hug was while vacationing with friends in Charleston, SC last October. We stayed at my friend's sisters house which had just been rebuilt/remodeled. My boyfriend and I slept in the guest room in the basement, it was around 3am when I heard the bedroom door open and felt a small person (felt like a child) sort of rush to my side of the bed and begin hugging me. I freaked out and couldn't stop crying. I kept thinking who was that? I mostly felt shocked and just hadn't experienced being touched by a spirit. It was a warm embrace and didn't feel threatening at all. I didn't mention it anyone except my best friend and have since tried to see if anyone else has experienced this. The next time was back home in Texas a few months later. I was in my bedroom taking a short nap around dusk. My boyfriend was outside cutting the grass and as I was about to drift off, I could still hear the sound of the mower outside, and I heard someone walk into the bedroom, come around to my side of the bed, and they must have kneeled down because I could feel a warm embrace, and felt something very hard like perhaps the top of someone's head on mine. I was lying diagonally across the middle of the bed and for a few seconds thought it maybe was my boyfriend. Then I heard the mower cut off and heard him come back into the house and enter our bedroom, I realized it was another encounter. I wasn't afraid, mostly curious who it might be. The most recent and hopefully last encounter, was a few weeks ago. I awoke at 3am to another hug, this time I was lying on my back. The hug seemed familiar but I'm still not sure who or why this is happening to me now. I'm a 33 year old Native American mother of 3 children. I grew up in Oklahoma on allotted tribal land, I definitely experienced my share of spiritual and ghostly activity. In reading your post and at the advice of my friends, I'm going to chalk these up as hugs from my grandparents or a relative who has passed on. You're not alone in receiving 'spirit hugs'. :wave:

#6 erato


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Posted 23 July 2007 - 06:07 PM

This is lovely. I am sad to say I have never experienced a spirit hug but it sure sounds like a blessing and a reaffirmation of love..
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