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My First Ouija Experience - Part II

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Posted 29 June 2004 - 03:58 PM

Continued from previous post i.e. Part I of my post 'My First Ouija Experience'.................

I asked the spirit it's name. It spelt out a very confusing

Now I had read in several places that spirits can give jumbled answers or even incomprehensible ones, and I thought this spirit was one of them.

I asked the spirit's gender. It answered M
What was your age when you died? Ans: 48

Then we decided to ask simple questions.
Do you know my friend's name? It slid to NO
Do you know my name? Again, the answer was NO

This puzzled me. I thought spirits knew everything! I have read other people's Ouija experiences where the spirit knew people's names etc.

Then I asked if it understood Hindi (the Indian national language). Answer: NO
I asked if it knew Bengali (the local state language). Again, answer: NO
Now I asked whether it knew English. Well, again the answer was NO

Rather peeved and puzzled, I decided to ask about something else.

I asked if it was a good spirit or an evil one. The pointed slid to G

I asked him his religion. He answered: ZN

I believe this must be Zoroastrianism, a religion practised by the Parsis, an immigrant community originally from Iran, and now based in Western India.

I decided to ask a political question. I asked if he likes Pakistan? As an answer, the planchette slid to YES

I told the spirit that I was doing this for the first time so I hoped I was not confusing it or boring it. I asked if he was comfortable talking to us. The answer was MW

I don't know what that means but could it mean 'Most Welcome' or 'My Wish'? I have no idea.

My friend had some questions to ask so I let him. He asked if a certain girl he had been flirting around with was indeed as serious as she sounded or just passing her time. The spirit answered NI

I guess this must mean 'No Idea'

Now my friend was about to ask about another girl but I stopped him. "Enough about girls you idiot!"  :) ;D I didn't want to irritate the elderly spirit asking childish questions.

We also asked about the death of a neighbour's son last year, as his death was speculated to be a suicide though they had covered it up as death caused by fever & dehydration. I asked if the death was natural or unnatural. The spirit answered N

I had heard that it's good to help spirits crossover to the other side. I asked if we could do anything so that it would rest in peace. It answered: YES

When asked what that would be, it answered AMZ and I have no idea what that means.

Deciding to test it's knowledge of numbers, I asked if it knew my friend's phone number. Once again, the answer was NO

I thought this was enough experience for a first-time Ouija session and decided to let the spirit go. However, I wanted to make sure I have at least one spirit to work with when I do it alone, after so many past failures  :P

I asked the spirit if it would like to come again some other day. Answer YES

Having his consent, I asked if he will come even if I am doing the Ouija alone. Answer YES

I told the spirit that I had forgotten his name, so what name should I identify him with when I summon him? The planchette spelt out, just like in the beginning, ODZMIJ

I thanked the spirit for coming and told him it was great to have his company, and that we would like to end the session.   The planchette automatically moved to GOODBYE and leaving it there, we lifted our fingers.

I was jubilant! I had succeeded for the first time and at least there was nothing wrong with my board or house, and also, now I knew from first hand experience that Ouija does work.

But this is not the end of it. I have already contacted two more spirits.

The third part of my story tells you about those, and also tells you about my own detailed observation of how the planchette moves.

Continued... View my third post 'My First Ouija Experience - Part III'
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