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#31 spelling


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Posted 15 February 2006 - 10:17 PM

i believe that scientology is a grouping for those who have hit the bottom of the barrel of life. i'm not saying that it is wrong for people who are overcoming drugs , personal tragedy, and many of the other rough spots in life. these people need that re-enforcing to excess. however, the rest of the population doesn't fit the bill. if it wasn't for these types of groups , then those who are lost would have no where to go, somewhere, that is somewhat productive is better than no where at all. i have friends that have joined different groups similiar to that and i would rather see them have something to hold on to that is not really harmful than nothing at all. i don't think that it is right for most of the world but maybe just some. nothing in excess!! just my opinion

#32 Markway


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Posted 23 February 2006 - 10:41 PM

Scientology is a topic calculated to bring me to a boil. My wife was sucked into their wiles some time ago. She is a brilliant woman with an emotional illness. I dragged her butt out of there, but not before they'd managed to milk her for $25,000. over a 3 month period.

I agree with Spelling to a certain extent, the group is a haven for disturbed people. We sued and managed to get her money back, but we were told that it was a first. What I saw there was extremely creepy. Upper-level "church" leaders operate as life managers for a whole herd of clueless people. The herd is drained of money, and if they refuse to leave are turned into worker bees for the church, living and working where they're told. The "church" uses quasi-scientific instruments to conduct their brain-washing sessions. Initiates are taught an insider meaning for common words. You can be having what you believe to be a straight-forward conversation, but you aren't. Once you catch on, if you do, the whole enterprise becomes an exercise in defining terms. Suddenly you realize that this other person is living in some sort of dual reality. I met one wacko, 28 yrs old, about 6 teeth in his head, working for the church as a taxi driver. He slept in an elder's basement and turned everything except cigarette money over to the church. You couldn't get a yes or no out of him in under 500 words. Everyone else was constantly being explored for sources of cash: " Do your parents have money?", " Do you have a trust fund?", "How much is in your bank account?", do you have a credit card?".

I see Travolta and Cruise these days and I just cringe. Have they seen what goes on?

After I got my wife out, (not married then), I did a little research and found out that, like many other such organizations, their structure is somewhat like the Masons in that you progress in stages, each stage with it's little piece of "THE TRUTH", each stage costing more money and each revealed to you as you buy into their beliefs more deeply. What IS their big banana? It appears to have been lifted from one of L.Ron Hubbard's Sci-Fi stories. Suppossedly aliens visited our world aeons ago and deposited souls at various points across the globe. There's good guys and bad guys, reincarnation. I have never seen so clear-cut example of fraud allowed to go on. Hey! and you thought Amway was weird.
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Posted 24 February 2006 - 04:23 AM

I hope i dont get under anyones skin here but scientology is the biggest money making scheme i've ever come across, the amount of money they take off people is rediculous, and it doesnt help that some actors or actresses get into this and this makes people want to follow their idles. I still cant believe that the government dont get involved and do something about this organization, i mean come on, it was devised by a science fiction writer in the 50's, anyway thats what i think about scientology.
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Posted 02 March 2006 - 08:38 PM

Tartan girl -- don't blame sci fi fans for it --Most of us have/had the good scence to know that Hubbard is a crappy sci fi writter to begin with.

It is my obinion, based on what I've read of his, and what I've read other writers saying about him, I beleive that the whole thing is based on a story he wrote that was so "bad" "unbeleivable" and "over wroght" that the pulp Science Fiction magazines wouldn't buy it. Whether L. Ron decided to prove it wasn't unbelievable, or just decided to try to make money with it is debatable -- what is not debatable is him saying the best way to become a millionair is to create a religion.

I'm almost sure the only two contries that recognize it as a legal religion are Australia and the US, and Canada where Scientolgy is legal, but the corporation has been convicted of criminal acts. I also beleive it's only a tax exempt religion in the US because of stolen documents and blackmail of the IRS. I am sure that in Germany it is considered a commercial business.

I think that any religion that charges you money for enlightenment is not a religion, but a scam.

I also think Scientologies hatred and distrust of psyciatry is going to bite Tom Cruse in the butt -- because the man is obviously running around with an untreated mediacal/mental condition.

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