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How do I tell them what I am

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#46 MoonChild


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Posted 06 April 2006 - 09:57 AM

All the best Wind. Aldo gather and learn as much as information as possible about what your believe - so that you dont end up dejected in the course of time.

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#47 Witchyone



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Posted 08 May 2006 - 02:32 AM

What do you mean? the most tactful, or the most technically correct?  I think any of the wiccans here will be able to tell you the true meaning of Wicca.

Very good questions NocturnalCantaloupe! I am not a Wiccan,I'm an ecclectic Witch. I do lean towards the wiccan path, but differ personally on some things. To me the perfect definition of an ecclectic/Wiccan would be two words: Perfect Love. Do you have a copy of the Wiccan Rede? If not I would suggest that if you get a chance or opportunity that you read it. As to informing your parents above all be HONEST with yourself and them. At your age though, I would suggest that you broach the subject by letting them know you are interested in it, and ask them to do research WITH you so that they have a chance to learn about Wicca, and you get the benefit of having your parents understand your perspective on the subject and get a chance to gain some very good knowledge. I would suggest anything written by Doreen Valentine,Scott Cunningham, and a good beginner book like "To ride a silver broomstick" by Silver Ravenwolf. If you have not done so already I would also suggest before you make any final decisions about wicca/paganism that you spend the traditional year and a day of study on the subject. Just my opinion and hope this helps you some.

Blessed Be

#48 secretsign


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Posted 08 May 2006 - 02:36 PM

I think I's good to just let it ride. Just keep good vibes going. You tell people in your life on a need to know basis. When it's time for them to know you'll tell .
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#49 saakshi


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Posted 26 May 2006 - 12:03 PM

Hi there
Well I am a person very much interested in the religion that is wicca..It is definitely not associated with satanism...Each religion should be accepted since wicca or paganism was more of nature worship...Over the years it was given a false appearance of satanism..But from what I have read about it is not satanic in nature...and is associated with Goddess worship- the ultimate feminine concept of spirituality and religion...
But since ur 13 both masquerade and moonchild are right about waiting for a couple of years until ur completely sure..Anyways May God Bless and u take care...:-)

#50 Mistteak


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Posted 07 June 2006 - 05:13 AM

This was an interesting question and an amazing block of answers. They all seem like fantastic advice with honest and true meanings. I am nearly 30 and do not as you would say 'have a religion' I was never accepted into any church, or studied any form at all .. (except horses, but have yet to see Equinetology listed as an option anywhere)

And even at my age the attraction of some religions and beleifs was intriging. So I can only agree with the others, just wait a few years, explore and read and learn all you can about all the beleifs of others. You dont have to beleive, just be aware of what they beleive. For a number of years, i have read and visited and talked to people of many forms of Wicca, Pagens, Druids .. and still do not mesh totally with any. (but you should see my booklist!)

the fact you can allow others to beleive without making them feel that you are changing there mind is a good tool in our multi cultural society. It allso allows then to be a little more tolerant towards what ever chosen beleifs you have.

Good luck

#51 pentagram345


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 06:42 PM

How do I tell my parents that i am wiccan, my friend told her dad, and he went balistic.  He yelled at her and said she was a santinist, and I dont want my parents to react like that.  How do I tell them????

exactly my question i am too and im caught in a pickle!

#52 Blue-Eyed Rose

Blue-Eyed Rose


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 11:08 PM

What do you mean? the most tactful, or the most technically correct?  I think any of the wiccans here will be able to tell you the true meaning of Wicca.

i would suggest telling your parents now, but when you tell them make sure they understand that you're serious about it and that yuo really understand what it is and it's really something you would like to do , assuming you know all that stuff because if you don't i'd probably wait till you did.

#53 Blue-Eyed Rose

Blue-Eyed Rose


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 11:24 PM

i would have to disagree about the with the people who said 13 would be too young to make any major discision. i think that 13 is the age when children start to become adults and need to start making their own decisons or else give over complete control of their life to their parents, i think that 13 is the age parnets need a sign from their kids that they're growing up and making their own discions. but i am definately not saying to act on impulse, with any descision it needs to be thought out and you need to know what you're getting into. so if you really know what you're doing and really know what your talking about i say that you should make your own decisions. oh, but make sure your parents know yuor serious, a disadvantage of being 13 is people treat you like a child and till you prove to them your not anymore.

i wish you the best of luck

#54 greenman



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Posted 21 July 2006 - 11:52 PM

While 13 is the time when a child comes of age, I do agree weith what others have posted. Keep a open mind and explore different ideas of religious belief. If Wicca is truly right for you, you'll be drwan back to it. I would also say to wait before you rell your parents. They may not understand (or listen) right away. I first became interested in Wicca when I was 16, but because my parents didn't really want to listen aboiutwhat it was, it was many years before I could practice openly.

Best of luck to you, Wind.
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Posted 24 July 2006 - 02:20 PM

One thing that I think is being missed with the age thing is that while 13 or so is indeed old enough for most to make some decisions for themselves regarding their life, it's also the very baby-steps stage into adulthood. I started studying at about 14. And as I went along, my understanding grew and changed, ebbed and flowed.

I see no reason to let your parents (if they are open minded...and only the 'child' can make that call) know that you are interested in or reading about Wicca and Paganism, but hold off announcing that you are a Wiccan or a Witch or a Pagan until YOU are sure this is the path you want. When I was 14 or 15, I defined myself as Wiccan without fully grasping the faith. Now, as an adult, I am a Celtic Pagan and practicing Witch, really rather different from a Wiccan. Not that there is anything at all wrong with Wicca, just that Celtic Paganism spoke more deeply and truely to me.

Some things you need to take the time to understand on your own (for your own benefit and to answer the inevitable questions from others) and to take the time to feel your way about and find the right path for you. Defining yourself as Wiccan at 13 may find itself changed drastically by age 20.

Oh, and please don't take that as me saying 13 year olds are fickle. (a lot of my posts have been interpreted in entirely the wrong way lately) That's not what I'm saying at all. Just that self discovery at any level is an ever changing thing. Wicca can speak to you at 13 but by say...18 Norse Paganism is what you have discovered is your truth. Or even a return to your childhood faith. That's all.

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#56 Lady Raven Moon

Lady Raven Moon


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Posted 24 July 2006 - 05:26 PM

ive been a pagan witch for almost 2 years now, it was difficult for me to come out of the broom closet to my family. i was luck my family was willing to listen to me. so i printed out a bunch of information online and let them red it. my moms grown to understand it more and respect my fealings about it, she even buys my supplies for me and shes also intested in learning about the history and use of herbs.

most parents are gonna have afit if their child tells them they are a witch, wiccan, pagan ( any occult) because they are lead to belivce its evil . its more difficult when you are under 18 because your parents w3ant to control all parts of your life even your religious choice.

here are some facts, we do not belive in the devil, we take responsibility for our own actions and do not blame them on an evil being, beliving in the devil just gives hime great powere over you, and i see no need for that. we worship god and goddess. we are spiritual people, we care and love all of nature. we do not cause harm to any living thing. many of us are supporters of animal rights activists groups and eviromentalist groups, i support both, we do not saccrifice animals or humans. we do not conjure evil spirits, we do not participate in orgies or have anything of the sort at meetings. we are not missionaries because forcing your religion on others is not our thing. if somone is intretd then they just ask us.

harry potter is not real, harry potter is pretend (why dont parents understand that)
we do not fly brooms, because its just impossible, we dont all dress in black9 many do because black represents all colors and absorbs energy.yes we use wands. no we dont claim to have power to move things or shoot light from our fingers. we do have familiars, not all are cats, its just an animal you feel a greast connection with, it could be any animal, its like a guardian, not a connection to the devil.

if anybody has any questions just ask me, or if you need som help. BLESSED BE

#57 dankkid


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Posted 24 July 2006 - 07:22 PM

I am 13, masquarade.

OMG. Wait until you are older and they cannot punish you. Lie like a good kids would. Honestly, you can find out a lot about your parents by bringing stuff like this up. Do they accept you for you?

Good luck
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#58 aloha_spirit


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Posted 25 July 2006 - 12:27 AM

Lie like a good kids would. Honestly, you can find out a lot about your parents by bringing stuff like this up.

Lying is almost never good, and only bad things can come from lying in the current situation. Wind of Light needs to be honest - s/he is interested in / reading about Wicca. At 13 one still needs parental permission to join a religion (on my mission, we couldn't baptize anyone under 18 without a permission slip signed by the parents). Only announce you are Wiccan once you understand what that entails.

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