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Lechuza, La Lechusa, Harpies..

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Posted 21 February 2008 - 06:36 PM

I'm looking for more information about any of the above or anything similar.

Lechuza: South Texas, and Mexico: "A woman who has sold her soul to the devil and become a screech owl at night" Other variations say it's an Eagle, that she may be a witch, still have the head of a hideous woman, may or may not be immortal, and supposedly does not like salt. People who claim to have seen this creature say that it is a bad omen that someone will die. Some people say it's harmless and some even say it kills.

La Lechusa/La Letrusa: Central California, (specifically) Orange Cove: The legend says that there are owls with the heads of humans in the trees of Orange Cove. They're liars, and will tell you anything to get you to switch places with them so their soul can finally "rest". Growing up I don't remember hearing about them being a specific gender and they may or may not have other "supernatural" powers.

Harpy: Greek Mythology: Ugly female monsters that look like birds with women's heads. Originally they were personifications of storm winds but later took shape as physical beings. They stole food and snatched objects, and even people. They also may have acted as punishing beings(?)

There are also various Native American legends with creatures very similar but I've only heard bits and pieces about those legends. If you could fill me in on those (or even anything not listed here) it'd be greatly appreciated.

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