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new house with terrifying unexplained experiences...

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#1 Dustin and Kelly

Dustin and Kelly


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 12:32 AM

My boyfriend, Dustin, and I (Kelly), just joined this community tonight because we wanted answers to some unexplained events going on in his brand new home.
I used to be a member a few years back, but i lost the account so I brought the two of us here to solve a few mysteries...

Alright, well this series of events started back in early april when Dustin moved in to his new home.
I stayed over the night before and it was the first time i had seen the house since he moved.
It was about nine o' clock in the morning and my alarm on my phone went off and I awoke to a peaceful, sunny bedroom in his basement.
My boyfriend was sleeping on the couch across from his projector TV screen, and I was sleeping on the bed.
I wasn't paying close attention to anything really, until an unusual sound registered with my attention and slowly came into focus.
It sounded as if someone was standing at the corner of the room whispering to me. It seemed to say "HEY" but it was very long and dragged out; a very groggly, horse whisper; that of something very inhuman.
I knew it wasn't my boyfriend making that voice and it wasn't any machines going on in the house because it happened in uneven intervals of 5-10 seconds.
I never mentioned any of this to my boyfriend, I just shrugged it off.
the experience has yet to be explained....

A few days after this, my boyfriend reported he heard, at about 3 AM while lying awake in bed, the same voice in the same intervals from the same direction, room, and corner I heard the voice from. He claimed he heard the voice whispering "HEY YOU" very distinctly...

A few days after this occurance, Dustin's father was over while dustin was at my house at some time during the night and he reported to my boyfriend that he saw a bright white light flash around the bedroom door multiple times in distinct intervals of a few seconds in the same exact room: the basement bedroom that dustin resides in.

Now, the REALLY freaky stuff started happening...

two months later: June 13th, friday 2008( odd, huh?): about 11:30 PM.

Dustin had just gotten off the phone with myself and went outside to talk to some neighbors. After doing so, he decided to go back into his house with his two dogs. He sat down in the couch in front of the projector screen; he turned it on. He had both dogs with him and noticed they were both acting very funny, almost as if they were frightened by something. It wasn't until this realization that he heard a sound from the corner of the room (yes, the same one I heard the voice in earlier). He said it sounded like a crowd of people whispering to eachother in secrecy as the overwhelming sensation that someone was watching him took over his consciousness. He didn't know what to think of the noise at first, but after a few seconds, he became fearful and uneasy; almost as if he were being held down by some force and prickled with pins up and down his body.
Then, seconds later, he heard the voice, the groggly voice we mentioned earlier, talking over the mob of people saying "YOU HAVE IT" with a few seconds in between..." GIVE IT BACK". This happened every 15 seconds about 5 times along with a heavy force holding dustin down and a cold sensation tingling through his body.
His two dogs (one a yellow lab and one a chawauhah- shepard mix) were both paralyzed with alertness with full attention to the corner of the room. Dustin closed his eyes to soften the fear he was experiencing for a few minutes as all of the chaos continued. He decided on a whim to open his eyes and glanced over to the direction of his bed. In those few moment he had his eyes open, he saw a black misty shape move at least 100 miles an hour around his bed, past his window, making the curtains fly up, and across his bed towards the corner of the room, which made the bed covers pull with movement. After seeing this, he closed his eyes again.
He decided to call his brother's girlfriend, who lives near by, hoping to get some guidance as to where to go and how to get away from what was happening in his room. He unfortunately got the voice mail and left a message.

Dustin darted over to his brother's house to get away. Eventually, his brother and his girlfriend came back over to the place it all happened to see if they could experience anything strange themselves.
After calling out to see if someone was in the house, all they got were small weird noises and the lights were dimming and returning, but that was about it.
Dustin's brother's girlfriend said she heard another voice in the voicemail dustin left her which lead her to believe that something weird was actually going on.

Now, to the second freaky experience 7 days later...

It was friday night and Dustin was talking to me on the phone for about an hour, just talking about whatever, as he was lying UPSTAIRS on a couch backed up to a wall in his family room. All the lights in the house were off, which exception to the kitchen light, and he was watching TV.
At the stroke of midnight, while I was still on the phone with him, Dustin became alarmed by something. He said he heard what sounded like wind howling up against the side of the house when he was looking outside and saw absolutely no wind blowing through the trees. After this sound, the tension that was there during the last occurance grew once more. He turned on all the lights he could and stood at the corner of the room to wait and see if anything else happened. I was on the phone to witness everything he witnessed that night.
He grabbed his two dogs and took them out side in the back yard to get out of the house. He stood, along with his also frightened dogs, by the back sliding door. To his surprise, Dustin saw a bright flash illuminate the room from inside the house, seemingly coming from down the hallway on the left. He said it looked like someone flashing a camera flash bright enough to light up an entire house with all the lights on. There were three flashes that happened in uneven intervals of 10-15 seconds.
Dustin was growing more and more uneasy as time went by.

I, on the other hand, was at home, safe, and extremely curious about what was going on and decided to try a little experiment.
I told him to run in side, put his cell phone on speaker, place it down somewhere, and I would turn on my speaker phone and listen to see if I would hear anything strange.

Dustin tip-toed inside the house and placed the phone down. I heard his footsteps exit the house and heard the sliding door open and closed. By then I knew there SHOULDN'T be anyone or thing in the house.
the first 5 seconds were silent, but I was startled when I heard a loud bang on the phone. This bang was followed by sounds of movement around the phone, almost as if dustin had never left the room. I was beginning to feel a little frightened myself, as I was holding the phone out thinking to myself " WHAT THE HELL HIS GOING ON? THERE IS SOMEONE IN THAT HOUSE" when in reality, I knew there wasn't.

Once dustin felt comfortable enough, he went back inside and grabbed the sound recorder i let him borrow out of the basement and brought it upstairs.
He hit record as soon as he could.
After the tape was recording, he walked around the house with his yellow lab, who was all tensed up, to investigate. I was still on the phone with him the entire time. after a while, he returned to the couch and sat down next to the recorder.
All of a sudden, the radio in the kitchen turned on full volume with the setting on minimum with no auto turn-on or remote that could have activated it. It scared the living hell out of Dustin, especially when he went over to the kitchen to turn it off and realized all the clocks, electrical and mechanical, were twenty two minutes off when they were accurate minutes before.

After the radio incident, Dustin listened to the tape he recorded and discovered a male moan/yawn over the recorder at a certain point in the time period.
The night ended with his brother, yet again and a restless sleep.

since these incidents occured, both dogs continue to stare up at the same corner of a room followed by a shared sense of someone or something staring intently at the person in the room (dustin, myself, or family).

so, after all of this has happened, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF IT ALL!
This house was built 2 years ago and nothing can possibly explain what is going on!!!!!
we have come to you guys for help and possible explanations!

any thoughts??

#2 Pfled


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 07:27 AM

Dustin and Kelly,

I must say that is quite an experience. While it sounds very intriguing I can understand it is very scary to happen within your own home. Please understand that what I am writing is merely my opinion and how I would handle the situation. It doesn't mean it is the only solution. Hopefully others will reply so you can find a solution that seems palatable to you.

A couple things come to mind here, but first things first: If either of you feel your life's are in danger at any point while in Dustin's home, grab the dogs and leave.

Now, I think it is very instinctual to be afraid, but it has been said that bullies, whether alive or dead, thrive on fear. So try to keep your wits and sanity and look at this as an opportunity for communication. It, whatever it is, seems like it wants to communicate with you or else it wouldn't be trying to get your attention.

Just from your story so far it sounds like this entity has either lost something or had it stolen. I personally would try to find out what this object is. Next time it tries to communicate, talk back. Ask what is it that you are looking for? When/where did you see it last? See if the entity will answer. If the answers are ever threatening, tell it you are insulted and that you would expect to be treated withmore respect and end the communication. Otherwise, if it does agree to communicate nicely with you and tells you what it needs or is missing, either assist it in finding the 'thing' or explain why it can't be found. The conversation thus far is more situational and being so I couldn't speculate to give any detail.

Finally, either go to town hall or better yet ask some well-established neighbors if they know what the area was prior to having Dustin's house built. Try to get as much detail as possible. You may need to research at the Town/State library or a local Historical Society to get some more detailed answers. I have found local barbershops are some of the best places to get dirt on the town.

Off the top of my head this is what I can think of in handling this situation. I would be interested in hearing more of your experiences, and also to hear how other GVer's would handle this experience.

Take Care,

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#3 Mercury


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 09:52 AM

How old is this house? What kind of heating/cooling sytem does it have? How about the wiring? 1 more question, How close to the road and how busy is it? Sorry about all the ???

#4 Mercury


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  • Interests:Well, I have many intrests. The Supernatural is obvious.<br /><br />Art, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I do alot of art, and not to toot my own horn, I'm darn good at it. Its something I'm proud of.<br /><br />Antiques are another passion of mine. Be it furniture, or World War 1 era weapons and collectibles. Which leads to the last intrest I'll post.<br /><br />History. I Love history. Though I do take the most intrest in events after the American Revolution.

Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:05 AM

Opps. I missed the part about it bieng a new house.

#5 Dustin and Kelly

Dustin and Kelly


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:34 AM

well, the house rests on a residential street in Wonder Lake, IL
it is a brand new house built around houses that were built in the 70's or so.

And since this house is so new, Dustin and I feel that maybe the entities, who or what ever they are, come in visitation from outside since these incidences only occur with a couple of months in between.

It is hard to think of why these things would be happening; from what I have read about hauntings, this one seems to have its own twist on things.
I'm not entirely convinced that what we are dealing with is even human.

#6 razorblade_ragdoll


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:40 AM

You may perhaps be right on the fact that it's not human, though the more twisted spirits could in fact be that of a violent soul in life. Since it's a more currently-built house, the chances of your encountering spirits of that nature, I would think, would be fewer if they are indeed linked to the structure itself. Perhaps instead they are drawn to something or someone in the house instead. I reccomend you look into finding a spiritual medium willing to be the link and discover more about the nature of these haunts that plague your home. It may be easier to deal with, or rid the house of them, if you know more about them themselves. I dunno--it's just a thought.

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#7 Dustin and Kelly

Dustin and Kelly


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 12:00 PM

hmmm more strange things?
what gives?

As I was writing this whole experience down for you guys, I was inside my boyfriend's basement; the place where it all happened.
I typed this up last night and I was checking people's replies just about a half an hour ago.
Dustin went over to the house next door, the one his parents own, to look at my car, leaving me alone with his two dogs. While I was sitting on the couch, I heard some one talking from which seemed like outside or in another room in the house. It sounded like a man talking to someone and I thought maybe dustin was outside talking to his neighbor or maybe he came in through the back door upstairs and was talking on the phone. too bad the voice wasn't his voice, because that would have explained it.
Instead, the voice was low and sounded as if it were coming from a 40 year old man.
I literally went out and around the house to see that no one was near the house to produce this voice.


#8 Mark London

Mark London

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 02:04 PM

Well it does sounds interesting.

First of all, it would be good idea, to see what was built there prior to the house.
To me it seems there were older houses there.

Usually if there are multiple sounds it could of been a previous family. Spirits often dwell in where they once lived regardless of what is there now.

They seem just curious, It doesnt sound menacing to me. If you are happy for them to be there fine. If not just ask them to quiet down lol. Spirits can often hear what you are saying so feel free to ask any questions.

Capturing any sound on EVP machines would be a good start. They are cheap enough to get, just simple sound recorder preferably digital. But remember to always rule natural explanations and dont let your imagination run wild as it seems to intensify.

And finally if you do want them to leave, explain to them who you are (introduce yourselves) and that this is Dustins house now.

Good Luck

Let us know how you get on

Mark :(

#9 Kira


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 03:28 PM

Why not call in an investigative team with a psychic to see what they see/sense? I have to ask, why is Dustin sleeping in the basement anyway? Basements are often moist and dank, not the best place to sleep for health reasons. Has he tried moving his bedroom to an upper floor? I would definitely try that, unless of course there are roommates and they have the upstairs.

I trust that dogs are much more intuned with the spirit world than humans, so if they are consistently looking in a corner, there is a good chance someone or something is residing there. Have you tried blessing the place, lighting white, unscented candles or spraying flower essences to purify the room? Also opening doors and windows and letting in fresh air can do wonders.

Good luck, I would definitely call in a team and move upstairs to start.

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#10 Seņor Hugo

Seņor Hugo


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 04:21 PM

A neat series of occurrences.

I'd say keep a digital camera on hand, when you notice your dogs staring off into the corner or anything strange like that, start snapping pictures.

Other than that, hit up your local library and read up on the town's history which may give an insight into what is there. Remember, just because the house is new doesn't mean the property it's on is new. The history, geological surveys for the area.

See about getting an investigative group to hit your house like what was suggested.

I wouldn't suggest cleansing or trying to get rid of whatever it is until you're sure it's malevolent towards the people in your home. From the sounds of things it may mistaken Dustin for someone else(provided he didn't actually find something and take it.)

But aside from holding down Dustin it hasn't actually done anything truly physical, while it may frighten you that may not be it's intention.
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