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Using my Sony Handycam

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Posted 18 August 2008 - 10:02 AM


DCR-HC20 - This is a great palm-sized camcorder that can go anywhere. It takes amazing videos in the dark when using the Night Shot Plus feature and also doubles as a voice recorder. So if you use this or any other camcorder for an investigation, make sure you go over the footage carefully. Donít just watch the video for paranormal activity, but listen very closely as well. A good set of headphones is a must. This little camcorder is invaluable during an investigation, just make sure you turn the Night Shot Plus on only when itís very dark. Any kind of light hitting the lens could damage the night shot functionality.

Ok, now youíve found your camera of choice and youíre ready to use it on an investigation. You may be at a private home, public historical landmark or a very old cemetery. So what should you watch out for? Keep an eye on your EMF detector or any fluctuations in temperature using your digital thermometer. Any time you or someone on your team notices any differences in a particular area, you should start snapping pictures. Did someone feel a cold spot or have an unusual tingling sensation? Take a picture. When a spirit is trying to manifest itself, the surrounding electromagnetic field will change. The same holds true for temperature. Ghosts will use up a lot of energy in the area they wish to manifest themselves, causing the temperature to drop, sometimes dramatically. The idea is to take as many pictures as you can during an investigation while youíre walking around and asking questions. Start watching your LCD screen on the camera when it plays back the picture you just took. Can you see any orbs or ectoplasm? Now would be a good time to bring out the voice recorder and ask if anyone is here with you tonight and do they have something to say. Remember, always show respect and ask simple questions. Soon enough youíll be showing off those pictures and EVPís to everyone! Happy Hunting!

What is an EMF detector?

Is it safe to try and contact a ghost where you live? If done the right way...

Anyone have some tips or pointers?
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Posted 18 August 2008 - 10:41 AM

What is an EMF detector?

An EMF meter or detector is a device that can measure the fluctuations in the electromagnetic field... EMF's can be naturally occuring at times, but there are many, many man made devices that put off an EMF... Because humans, some more than others, are sensitive to EMF's, they can cause feelings of paranoia, nausia, headaches, etc... So if a client is suffering from this, you would utilize this meter to measure the level of EMF and rule out any man made possibilities of abnormally high readings... But as the person stated above, one theory about spirits is that when they try to manifest themselves, they draw in a lot of energy and actually raise the level of EMF... So during an investigation it's wise to keep an eye on these fluctuations... Since man made EMF does not move, if you catch a moving field, that would require more research as to why it's occuring... Usually any readings higher than a 2.0mG is higer than normal and also requires more research...

Is it safe to try and contact a ghost where you live? If done the right way...

This is an interesting topic here... There are many different opinions... Some say that utilizing a recorder and asking a spirit to communicate is the same as using a Ouiji board, Witches Board, etc. and should be avoided because you don't know what's going to come through and what you're opening yourself up to... Others say it's completely harmless when done properly... To me, it just depends on what you're comfortable with...

Anyone have some tips or pointers?

The best advice I can give is be respectful... Talk to it as you would want to be spoken to... And please don't provoke... This can be very dangerous, not to mention rude...

Good Luck...


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Posted 18 August 2008 - 01:26 PM

The section above has several things that are stated as fact which are unproven. First, there is no proven coorelation between ghosts appearing and EMFields, with one exception. If man made or natural fields change for any reason the possibility of false positives also increases. Man made fields can change if any electroni equipment is switched on or off. Also radio transmissions and RF skip can alter the background field intensity. Solar activity can alter the natural background as well.

Temperature changes likewise. Especially a cold spot. If an air mass drifts into a warmer area it may feel cooler and in fact it is. This can also cause condensation if the relative humidty is also high. Thus a materializing "ghost". In fact it is a natural occurrance. the solutiuon is to know the humidty before hand. If it's high the chances of this happening are great. If on the other hand it is low, then maybe you have something......

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