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Equipment Questions for the new gal

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#1 Izzy



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Posted 14 September 2008 - 03:59 PM

Hello! I am new here and new to the paranormal community. I have a few questions for the seasoned veterans if I may.
Does anyone ever use an instant camera? I know that the film is CRAZY expensive but I would still
like to know the benefits/pit falls of using one in an investigation.
#2. Has anyone ever used a parabolic mike? And if so, again what are the benefits/pitfalls
#3 Is where do I find just an IR lens for my 35mm and will the same lens fit on a digital
camera of the same structure?
Thanks before hand for all and any info!

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Posted 14 September 2008 - 05:21 PM

Instant cameras have one serious drawback, that is the developing system. It is very easy and quite common to get a poor distribution of the chemicals on the print. This can result in varying intensity which is also easily mistaken for something paranormal. Plus most use a single element lens which does not always give the sharppest pictures possible as an SLR camera. Otherwise within those limitations, there is no advantage or disadvantage to using them besides film cost. Some may argue the lack of negative, but the use of these cameras in this regard is actually a plus. There is no easy way to hoax a picture on an instant camera because the picture is taken and developed in a single step. That make subsequent hoaxing difficult at best.

Parabolic mics provide high sensitivity. they will pick up the slightest noise and may result in false positives unless steps are taken to insure no outside source was responsible. If one takes this added care though they can be useful. I have one and use it at times, especially in outdoor situations regarding cryptoid sightings.

.I would try a specialty camera shop for an IR lens. I also don't really advocate using IR simply because I have not found it to be beneficial. It does allow you to "see" outside the normal light spectrum, but I have not found anything in those regions thatdid not also appear in visible light. However I also don't see a problem with using it either, it does give a different perspective on things. If you can take the added precautions needed then go ahead and use it. regarding camera interchangability that likely would depend on the exact make / models involved. Run that question by the camera shop where the specs can be compared.

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