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The Henryton Sanitarium

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Posted 15 October 2008 - 11:09 PM

I posted a Maryland thread in the regional section where I describe an abandoned asylum somewhere along the Potomac River. People assumed that I meant The Patapsco Female Institute, however this assumption is wrong. I had not been there at the time, and could not provide much information on what hospital this was or where it was even located. It has been a few years now, and I have made the trip to the hospital myself (at night, most people tend to visit during the day). This is surely an experience I will not forget, and I would like to share the knowledge of this place with others as well.

This place is called the Henryton Sanitarium. It is located on Henryton Road near Patapsco State Park. This huge facility closed in 1985 (23 years ago) and has been abandoned ever since. The Henryton Sanitarium originally opened in 1920 to treat black tuberculosis patients, but later became a hospital treating mentally retarded children. An unknown number of people died within these walls; However the number is estimated to be in the thousands.

Many people have visited this place. You must park down the rail road tracks and walk up behind it. Authorities know this entrance so keep an eye out for their flashlights, and never enter through the front gate.

People have seen shadows in an old theatre inside the hospital, and a womenís dress hanging at the end of one of the long hallways that would disappear when they looked away and back (personal experience). There are hundreds of rooms and doors. Outside of one of the buildings on a hill, some people report seeing a rocking chair on a porch still rocking as if the patients were still there.

This place is too dangerous to roam alone, so always go with a group. Also, don't be the last person in the group because that's scary as Hell!!! Be cautious of asbestos, you'll be breathing funny for a week after visiting without a mask. While I had visited I climbed a ladder to a second floor window of a building with no floor, and a friend of mine actually went into the foundation of another building. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Keep an eye out for dead animals as well. People have seen cat skeletons as well as vulture skulls.

As with all the other closed Maryland Hospitals, Itís as if all history of the place was wiped off the map. It was left behind for the elements, vandals and time.

Here are some other interesting things I found while researching this hospital--
BILL: I grew up around Henryton, Md. I am nearly 77 years old, but remember well walking to the boiler room of the Henryton Sanitarium every Sunday morning to get the Baltimore Sun Newspaper. The Hospital wasn't nearly as interesting to me as the tunnel was. Many times I have walked through that tunnel to Marriottsville. As a kid I did go into the Hospital with some of the kids around the area now and then and watch movies on Sat. night. Anyone could go in the theater for free.. Right north of the buildings was a graveyard. Many of the patients were poor and had no people, so they were buried right there on the grounds. Some have said the small burg was named after John Henry, The black steel-driving man. He is the one that beat the steam-drill through a tunnel. The problem is, tho, John Henry wasn't driving steel until the 1870's. The Henryton tunnel was built in 1850. Anyway, the thoughts of Henryton and Marriottsville and the tunnel brings back memories. I never knew about any ghostly stories in the 1940's as the sanitarium was in operation at that time. I don't live in Maryland anymore.......... That Hospital was always run down and dirty even in it's best days....Many Many people have died there. If I believed in ghosts, I would say that the anguish of the suffering sick ones with TB were crying out. I didn't go around the hospital very much as I was afraid of catching TB......Bill billyo@totacc.com

ANONYMOUS: I have been to Henryton several times and it is definately worth it. It is very creepy and yes the basement is like the porthole to hell, if you ask me. There is one room down in the basement that has dirt piled in it with a heavy wooden door baring it. It the middle of the dirt, the last time I went, was a perfect dug out "rectangle" as if for a grave and you could tell it was freshly dug. You definately need flashlights in these buildings, day or night. Especially if you go to the basement. There is a air of sadness and loneliness and even though I haven't physically seen anything myself, I do believe the place is haunted. You can feel it, like stated, like someone is constantly following you or watching you. The eerie thing is too, that when you run into another group of people, even though they may be making a lot of noise and hooting and hollering and such, you never hear them until you get right up on them. It's a shock when you run into another group. I have only been during the day and am building my guts to do a nighttime explore around Halloween. My son, who is 18, has been out there a lot with friends at night and two of his friends have stated that they have been pushed from behind when no one is behind them. I'll report back when I go at night.

ANONYMOUS: Well i went there about three weeks ago.I went with a group of five people.As for security there is none,But if the cops come you better bolt from what i ve heard the cops use it during the day to do drills.Well my group and i checked out just about every building there except the little house behind the hospital itself.But my friend TJ and i both heard the banging noise that some of you other people have heard also.As for the little girl we never heard that.But i had and really bad feeling around room 205 from what i understand i dont know if its credible but i heard that a homeless man was killed during a police training exercise.I returned home the next morning and the next night i had a dream in real good detail of a man dying in that room i had the dream for atleast five days before it stopped. But im hoping to return to the hospital for some answers. Hope it sheds some light for some other groups too.
Posted Imagemalo mori quam faedari.~:C'est la vie:~

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Posted 16 October 2008 - 11:57 PM

I would love to see some pics. of the place if anyone has been there.
I will see what I can find online.

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Posted 22 October 2008 - 03:53 PM

I have 2 picture slideshows at http://www.youtube.com/belay5. We went there at night the 1st time and during the day the next day.

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