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New here and I'm seeing something strange

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#1 Stargazermom123



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Posted 01 December 2008 - 10:46 PM

Hi, this is my first post. I've seen ghosts since I was a little girl...a man would walk through my bedroom, wearing a checked coat, hat, glasses, and looking at the ground. Later, I found out that my sister who shared the room with me saw him too; we just never mentioned it until we were older. I've seen ghosts again quite a few times, and my daughter, who is 11, sees them too, and did quite frequently when she was very young. The first time my husband and I saw The Sixth Sense, we thought of our daughter, she saw dead people all around us, and we had a particularly bad experience with her when she was two and several men she saw in our house were trying to take her with them. Lately, I've been seeing something that is very disturbing to me, and in fact, whenever I see it, I get very depressed and want to burst into tears. I've been seeing half a man, just his legs. He is wearing brown pants, I haven't noticed his shoes. The legs start right at the top of the leg area, it's almost like the legs aren't attached to anything. They walk through my bathroom from the door, then catty corner through the other wall. I don't see them anywhere else in the house. We've lived here for 13 years and I just started seeing these legs a few months ago. I don't see them on any particular day of the week, but it is always night when I see them. As far as I know, no one with half a body was ever discovered around here, but I am really at loss as to where this half of a figure came from, why I only see it, why I only see it in the bathroom, and why I get horribly depressed whenever I see it. If anyone has any theories, Id really appreciate hearing them. Thanks!

#2 willowfae


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Posted 02 December 2008 - 02:27 PM

Hi & Welcome!!!

Well, I think it is safe to say that the feeling of depression is coming from this spirit. You are feeling what this spirit feels which is probably why it is wandering. I have done this a few times, it is an overwhelming sadness that comes out of nowhere. As far as why only the legs....I'm not so sure, a guess would be that the feeling of depression has something to do with this. It could be symbolic like they felt like 1/2 a person. It could be that they manifest so much of their energy into the overwhelming feeling of sadness that there isn't much left to manifest a whole body apparition. Not sure, just some out there ideas. Anyway, hope I've given you some food for thought.

Again, Welcome!!

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#3 Mark London

Mark London

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Posted 02 December 2008 - 02:50 PM

Hi and welcome to GV !!

I agree with willow about the depression and sadness, often when we come across spirits in this world, sometimes they are not at rest, or in denial that they have left this plane.

With regard to seeing just his legs, this not an unfamiliar sight to those that see spirit. He hasn;t completely formed into a fully-formed apparition, this takes strength and energy to do this.

Try and communicate if you want to, an dmaybe you will get a sense of who he is

Good Luck

Mark ;)

#4 Ike



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Posted 02 December 2008 - 03:08 PM

It may not have died on your property, but close by, and its drawn to your energy.
As for the feeling of depression, I don't completely agree with the others above me. But maybe he is trying to humor your daughter by manifesting pants to cheer himself up? You did say you didn't notice his shoes, correct?
Thats great taylor and Imma let you continue, but Ghostvillage is the best paranormal site of all time~<3

#5 Mercury


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Posted 09 December 2008 - 12:29 PM

Hello. Dont post much here. Read your post, and had a few questions, mostly about the house you live in that you expereinced the pair of disembodied legs.

How old is this house? Two story, or single. If two story, which floor is the bathroom on?

Old lines of thinking on the paranormal say that occourences are more likely to happen around water, or sources of. Which can actually make sense depending on how much of the science aspect of the supernatural you believe in.

If the home is an older home, say built before the 1950's, they tend to get butchered throughout the years and owners. Closets get turned into bathrooms. Bathrooms and closets get added. Door ways can be removed or added, Kitchens (Which are small in alot of your older homes) get turned into pantry's and another room becomes the kitchen. So on and so on.

Could also be that there sat another house on your property at one time..

Might also be a follower that has never really made his presence known until now. Also dont forget it is probably not that the spirit is depressing you, but more than likely it is the emotions of the spirit itself your feeling. Sensitive people tend to misinterpt or not understand that the emotions felt are often that of the spirit. If you feel fear, it is often the spirit that is afraid. Use this bit of info, and you can be a little more at ease.


Opps.. I had not read the prior posts and Willowfae brought my point up prior.

Edited by Mercury, 09 December 2008 - 12:32 PM.

#6 Invest I. G8

Invest I. G8


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Posted 10 December 2008 - 03:06 PM

Interesting. If I understand correctly, you're only seeing the bottom half of a man walking. And while it isn't a particular day of the week, it happens only at night and, most importantly, in the same place every time. Am I the only person that thinks that screams Residual Haunting? I live and work in a building that was a hospital for eighty years and we (my business partners and I) often saw a similar apparition. We simply referred to him as Guy and surmised that he was once an orderly or perhaps a security guard as he always walked the same route. We experienced him at different times of day and night, but always in the same general section of hallway. As to your feelings of depression, I would point out that places and objects can hold emotion. In my line of work, I deal with many individuals that have lived with chronic pain for many years. The depression, anger or pain they can leave behind in our therapy rooms can be palpable on many days. It's just empathy. We all have it to one extent or another. Well, except for psychopaths and sociopaths. :Spaz: Why are you only experiencing things now after residing in the house for thirteen years? Who's to say. We don't see Guy anymore. Haven't in about two years. In the end, there's no sense in being upset in and from your own home. I highly suggest cleansing the area and probably your whole home, and if you continue to find yourself overwhelmed by emotions that aren't really yours, I would recommend learning a grounding meditation. It was absolutely necessary here at work and whenever someone new begins working at the clinic, I recommend they learn to ground themselves as well for their own health and well-being.

Please keep us updated!!
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