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A skeptic wants to be a believer

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Posted 25 October 2009 - 02:59 PM

Billydew, I hadn't though of the water connection until you mentioned it. I heard that on "Ghost Hunters" and in other forums. I don't know what it would be (some sort of hydro-electric angle?), but it does make one wonder. My four actual experiences didn't involve water, but obviously there there are many ways in which a spirit can be incountered. Then again, my son was washing his guinea pig's bowl out in the kitchen when something locked my in the garage. My wife was sitting on the couch holding the critter and watching our son, making sure the did his chore when she heard me bag on the door. He stopped washing the bowl to unlock the door. And it was a deadbolt lock that I heard get turned while in the garage. I thought it was my son pulling a trick on my until my wife said he had never left the kitchen. I hadn't thought about the water angle on the one either.
Axman, when growing up, ghost and paranormal experiences had been a big deal in my family as long as I can remember. We never had a strong religious background, but my mother is very religious (that's just the way it worked out). She's had a number of experiences and takes them in stride. I do, however, take interest in how other religions handle the afterlife belief, even though I pay more attentiion to what makes more sense to me than what soulds too fairy tale-like.

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Posted 25 November 2009 - 02:32 AM

Interesting. All I know is, I have seen too many things to be a skeptic.
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