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wicca christians

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#46 Spookydog


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Posted 21 August 2009 - 10:16 AM

The two are incompatable. Wicca believes in multiple gods and godesses; Christianity believes in One God, represented by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. On that there is no compromise possible, the scripture is very plain.

Now regarding the church doctines that is open to discussion. I am not Catholic, don't ascribe to all the ritual and order they do, The pope is a mere human, a humanly elected leader of their order. Mary was the mother of Christ, also human. The saints and church officials are all human. And all share one human trait, all are sinners and except for their belief in Christ are condemned to hell. And that is the factor which assures that Christian salvation. If one doesn't like the Catholic doctrine, there are others to choose from.

Pont is the core Christian belief in Christ is what saves us, not saying a chant, bowing down , or whether we sprinkkle, dunk, or immerse for baptism. Thus there will be Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterian, Methodists, and a host of other believers saved. If one of these denominations doesn't suit your style of worship, fine, choose another. Christ said, "Believe in Me and you will be saved." He didn't say a thing about which church you should join. But He was very clear which God you should believe in.

This. A Christian is a Christian is a Christian. All Christians believe in pretty much the same thing. The only thing that divides us is tradition, prefered method of prayer, and some tiny details (which differ from person to person, even in the same congregation). Basically, if you don't like your flavor of Christianity, try another. They're all the same.

It sounds like you like Christianity, but you don't like the Catholic clergy or your particular community. Heck, I agree with CaveRat: I don't think priests, cardinals, popes, etc. are anything spectacular. They're sinners just like the rest of us. That's why I don't consider myself Catholic. I have more of a Protestant mentality. But if I ever fall in love with a Catholic girl, I'd be willing to convert in a hearbeat if it meant a stable marriage. The clergy is just another tradition, if you think about it. If you convert to some form of Protestantism, you'll be praying to the same God, with the same Book, with the same everything, except you probably won't be in the same community or have the same clergy (which sounds like what you're looking for). Try being a Protestant and see if it floats your boat.

#47 redqueen


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Posted 31 August 2009 - 02:45 PM

Hmm...it sounds to me like there are still things about your old faith that you like and don't want to leave, but your church wasn't very accepting of who you are. Have you ever thought about looking into groups for gay and lesbian Christians? It often surprises a lot of people to know there are such things. They may not be very catholic per se, but still might be what you're looking for. Also though I don't know much about the particular denomination, I do know that most Episcopal Churches are now ordaining gay and lesbian ministers. I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by suggesting religions, but just thought I'd throw out the suggestions as things that might be what you're looking for.

As for the thread subject of Wiccan Christians, I once lived with one for a couple of years. Really though I considered her more of a Wiccan who just didn't want to totally discard her Catholic faith that she was brought up in. In her case she almost seemed to want to still cling to it out of a superstitious fear not to. I noticed most of her Wiccan friends were ex-Catholics, or Catholics who were brought up in that religion but just didn't find it satisfying for whatever reasons.

I think when we ask whether it's possible for someone to be a Wiccan Christian, you have to consider what the person thinks about each religion who answers. By most Christians own beliefs they would say no. It makes no theological sense and would be contradictory. By most Wiccan's beliefs I think they would also say no. But if someone doesn't hold to the same dogmatic and rigid ideas about what Christianity and Wicca are, and they want to mix the two, then of course it's possible. They just won't be very orthodox in either one, but maybe they'll find a spiritual path that benefits them.

Once you say "orthodox" though, that would seem to also apply to most religious people, who claim to adhere to one religion or the other, but seemingly ignore vast swaths of the teachings of their chosen religion for whatever reason. The only difference being that in this case of Wicca Christians, the unorthodoxy in question is that they mix beliefs from these two religions.

Seems pretty much the same to me anyway... just MHO of course.

#48 Ravus Aranea

Ravus Aranea

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Posted 19 July 2014 - 11:26 AM

If only the world would stop trying to fit every individual into some religious category.......and instead realize that spirituality is personal and unique to each person....why must we attach value to certain types and negativity to others....why do we automatically dislike what we do not understand.....spirituality is like sexuality....private business.....I do not care what your beliefs or practices are as long as i know you are a person of honesty and goodness...because I can work around all the other stuff just fine.

#49 Phantom Hitchhiker

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Posted 16 August 2014 - 11:44 PM

Sounds interesting but not sure how that would fit into the "Bible Belt" area down here in the South. But it is something to ponder over.

  Ghosts are a fact of life. Just because we choose to or not to believe in them makes totally no difference to them or  so I "have been told".

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    Did I mention porn?

Posted 12 September 2014 - 08:39 AM

Well-said, Ravus. 

To touch on what Phantom just posted, I'm an atheist down here in Houston, Texas and really don't give a s**t if people of the bible belt mentality disagree with my belief.  In turn I"m a big supporter of religious freedom.  Thankfully my christian (methodist) wife, youngest son (my oldest is an odinist), and the rest of the family along with many friends all know which way I swing and are accepting (I see more than my share of christian postings on Facebook by them).  My belief isn't a chip on my shoulder unless someone starts pointing an judgmental finger in my direction.  I even used to help out in my wife's church until the atmosphere changed due to a change of pastors.

As Ravus stated, "I do not care what your beliefs or practices are as long as i know you are a person of honesty and goodness..." holds true with me.  And some are confused as to how I can be a conservative atheist.  Well, anthing is possible, but that's a whole other discussion not appropriate for this forum.  It does, however, fit in with the melding of religious beliefs.  If it's a belief, then it can be modified and adjusted to suit the person's mental satisfaction; I don't see anthing wrong with that.  Ridged conformity can be very displeasing to many, but if that is what a particular group desires, then so be it.

Yes, this atheist is on here because he believes in ghost, spirits, etc.  The thought of potential experiences is very exciting, of which I have had many.

#51 meanderer


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Posted Yesterday, 09:12 AM

I've read this thread and finally decided to throw in my own 2 pesos: 


You could boil down the tenent of ALL religions is to be good. No matter what your deity (or deities) is/are, be good.  To yourself, and to others.  Polytheistic and monotheistic faiths can all come back to that point.  It's the practice of our individual spiritualities that start making things difficult.  Believing that your way is the only way is extremely arrogant, and it's that self-centered way of thinking is so completely wrong.  In all my years, the most arrogant of religions is Christianity - not every sect, just a few.  You don't hear of a lot of Buddhists knocking on peoples' doors, extolling the virtues of Nirvana; or roving bands of "Allah's Witnesses", wandering through the neighborhood.  It only seems like certain Christians feel like they have to "show you the way".  That's arrogance.  That breeds resentment because nobody likes to be told that their ways of faith is considered "wrong" by other groups.  For all my "sins", do I believe I'm going to hell?  No.  But according to the beliefs of others, that's where I'm going, unless I believe as they do.


Personally, I think it's fine to not be a Christian (or Muslim, Buddhists or whatever), but still believe or practice the good parts of those faiths.  That doesn't mean you're a Christian or a Muslim or...you get what I'm saying?  You don't have to label yourself as this or that.  Just be good, and believe in the good of others - that is what's important, that is what your god or gods really want.


Of course, that's just my opinion. Yours might be different, and I'm ok with that.

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