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I want to learn more about a ghost in my home

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Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:30 PM

Hi i moved to this new house about 3 years ago. My dad built this house from land his aunt and dad gave to him. It used to be a field nothing weird like a grave yard, that's part of the reason that this is so puzzling. Ever since I moved here i had weird feelings about this house. At first i wouldn't go to sleep with out the TV and night light on. My mom made me stop with the TV and i gave up the night light a little later. Being in the house at night is so creepy. I always sleep with my door open to let more light in. Also when I'm on the computer i always feel like im being watched...When nobody is even home, I even feel it right now. But the reason I'm asking about this isn't just because i have weird feelings.

This summer weirder things have happened. 2 weeks ago my mom said she heard someone counting change and asked if it was me. She heard this in the middle of the night. Our change is in a really big old liquor bottle that ways a ton. She now says it was a dream but I'm not so sure but we all have weird dreams.

A few days later me and my sister where talking about school stuff. She put her phone down on my bed. I remember looking at it on my bed. When we where done talking me looked for her phone. It was on my dresser. My sister never went over there and i was the only one by it. But my sister hates it when i touch her stuff so i wouldn't mess with her phone because she would be mad. So i just figured maybe i did it by accident and we didn't notice. Later that day i got in the shower then took a bubble bath. A few minutes later I hear knocking my sister was locked out. We have a dead bolt then a weird lock. You twist it like any normal lock but it will still open if you turn the handle from the inside. If you on the outside it wont. So we have all made a habit of jiggling the knob so we don't get locked out. She swears she did but i had to let her in. My mom said she could of not opened the lock all the way and it some how twist and lock her out. At first they all thought i did it but i was in the bathroom.

A while ago my cat was in the bathroom when i was in the tub. She looked above my head and her pupils got huge. I can tell you i got out in a hurry. It was very creepy.

Now for what happen last night that really makes me believe. I had woken up around one in the morning. This isn't uncommon for me i usually try to go back to sleep or go watch TV. I got comfy and i was at least half asleep when something tapped/hit my fore head and said a very groan-y nooo. I don't think i did this to my self because i would of felt my hand on my fore head, and both my hands where holding my stuffed animal. My sister wasn't home so she couldn't of done it and my parents have to get up at 4 in the morning. They wouldn't do that. It really freaked me out, I can deal with the weird feelings and all but the touching? Weird, also i remember finishing off my bottle of water and putting it on the bed. It was my last one and i put it on my bed. When i woke up from whatever touched me i saw one the empty water bottle was on the floor which isn't a big deal but on my bed was a 3/4 full water bottle that was cool still. I know i didn't get it and my mom wouldn't stick one on my bed.

Then i had a dream (I'm guessing) it was the ghost again but in a clear voice said "trust me" then i started twitching all over kinda like having a seizure. I've had 2 ghost dreams before when I was little, They would pick me up and twirl me around. But i knew they where dreams.

Anyway the point of this is how can i SAFELY talk to this ghost/ghosts or whatever it maybe? The only reason i can think a ghost would be haunting the house is that we got some of my great grandmothers old stuff. Some of this has happen before she died thought (she passed away almost a year ago) Any help would really be nice I hate to say it but i really am kind of afraid! Thank you!

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 12:17 PM

I think it's important to make sure your parents know how uncomfortable you are. Even if you can't convince them there is a haunting, most parents would do what ever it takes to make sure their children feel comfortable in their own home. The next step, which can be a hurdle, is to convince your parents to allow you to contact a paranormal research team that can spend a day or night in the home to first find out if it is haunted, then if so, what does the spirit want or need to move on. Please PLEASE do not try to make contact on your own. The best thing to do right now is ignore it. The more you pay attention to it, the more that will happen. You should be able to find a team in your area that can help, but do some research. There are a lot of teams out there just looking for a good thrill, and have no interest in actually helping their clients.

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