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Haunted Military Camp Jacksonville NC

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Posted 27 August 2009 - 03:53 AM

First let me say this, I was not in any way looking for ghosts goblins or ghouls when I had these two accounts. I have mentioned before that I am a Marine, thats how I got to have this happen to me, timing. It was around the end of October in 2005, Jacksonville NC. I had just finished with Bootcamp at Parris Island and was shipped to NC for one month of MCT (Marine Combat Training). We hike up to a camp thats kinda in the middle of nowhere away from the main part of base. Anyway, after about 3 weeks of training you do a final military exorsize that shows you know how to use what you have learned. What made this possable I think were the circumstances of the few days it happened over. If anyone can remember Oct 05 we had a hurricane moving up the coast, a pretty strong one if I remember correctly. That backed up Marines and training so the camp was overflowing with us and that leads to encounter number one. Myself my squad and another about 30 total Marines are packed into what I would call a porch with no house, 4 plywood walls two doors and screens instead of glass for windows. It was pouring rain and lots of thunder, awsome setting. So this guy next to me wakes me outa a dead sleep and starts shaking me to get up. I asked him what his deal was and he told me that there was a little kid standing over one of the other Marines, about 5 feet away from us. He said when the kid saw him looking he took off out the door. So he and I got up and walked to the end of the hooch and asked the two guards outside if they had seen anything and of course they hadn't. So I told him it was his imagination and made a few jokes about it and went back to bed.

Next night the rain cleared up but it was still cloudy and dark as closing your eyes that night. I was out in the woods this time with an instructor and two other Marines training. We had to man a fighting hole for the night and made camp at it. We sat up the night talking and eventually took turns sleeping. When it was my turn to be awake I had to answer nature so I ventured about 10 yards foward of where we were and did my thing. Well about 20 more yards ahead of me I say something moving thrugh the woods so I decided to check it out. At this time instructors were supposed to be trying to infultrate our position so I thought I had one red handed. I started moving foward and immediaty found myself knee deep in water. I took out my red flash light and pointed it out where I saw the person walking and relized that it was a pond, and no one was out there at all. I guessed it was my eyes playing tricks on me and went back to the hole. I mentioned I might have seen someone to the instructor and he said that it was impossable because no one was coming out that night. His follow on question was "Who did you see?" I told him it looked like someone in a white robe, but couldnt make out much more do to the dark. With that he told us to pack our things that we were leaving. On our hike back to base he didnt say much, but you know that I had to ask. He told me that any other time someone saw that it would be followed by screaming noises all night long that had terrified other Marines into stopping training. After that I told him about what the guy in my squad saw the night before in our area and again he got quiet. Then he told me that usually they dont use that hut because of that reason, Marines waking up to find a small child standing over them. Due to the numbers of people needing to get trained they had to use the hut and we got a look at what was the other resident ghost.

When we got back to the main base I googled the Camp and found other stories posted that were very similar to my own. I would like to go up there and do an investigation when I get back. Maybe I will be able to. I hope so anyway, if you would like to look it up yourself just google NC haunted camp devil dog. BTW Devil Dog is what the Germans named Marines in WW II, it has nothing to do with the supernatural...or does it.
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Posted 27 August 2009 - 08:07 AM

Thanks for the post KnightRanger. Very nice peek into the behind the scenes of Marine training with the supernatural as a bonus! :(

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Posted 27 August 2009 - 07:49 PM

Thanks for the post. Interesting peek into the supernatural..
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