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Dreaming about deceased FIL

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#1 Amanda22



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Posted 14 November 2009 - 08:40 PM

My FIL past away over 2 years ago, When he first passed, I had a dream about him, he was in a cubby house with 2 other men, all 3 were drinking beer. My FIL said to me '' Tell the boy I'm okay''
He called his son, My husband the boy. I told my husband about the dream and my husband asked me to decribed the cubby house, I did in detail. My husbands face went white and told me that. that is exactly like they vubby his dad had built him when he was a kid. I had neer seen the cubby, not even in photo's.

A few weeks ago I dreamed of him again, He was sitting on a stool in his house and just said to me again '' tell the boy it will be okay''

A few days later I had another dream, Me him and My Mum were riding motorbikes ( none of us do )
We were at a set of lights, once the lights were green we sped of down a laneway, We all had a bunch of flowers which we threw in a yard because we had to hide them. The police came and arrested us and took us back to the station, First they put a heart monitor on my mum and asked her if she would like to work with cars, Mum said no so the told he to go. Next they put the heart monitor on me and asked if I want to work with cars, I said no and they asked why, I said because it's a mans job and I don't like getting dirty. My FIL laughed and said '' that's right Darl ''

A few days later we were at my MIL's and I told her about the dreams, After a few minutes she went inside to get dinner ready. All of a sudded a Rosella ( a bird ) flew into the garden and sat there looking around. I called MIL and she came out to have a look, The Bird stayed for a few minutes then flew away.

MIL has always said that when she see's a Rosella it's her sign that her Husband is still around. Rosella's usally fly in pairs this one was on it's own.

I feel like my FIL is hanging around but I don't know why?
Does anyone know what these dreams could mean??

#2 timestopped


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Posted 25 November 2009 - 03:03 AM

A couple of years ago my cousin passed away. I didn't know him very well and I had a bad opinion of him when he was alive. But when I was at his funneral, I swear I saw him standing there, staring at me.

Everyone had something nice to say about him except me and I realized that I had been wrong. He was a good person. I felt bad for thinking poorly of him. But shortly after the funneral, I started having dreams of him. At fist they were dreams of us being friends and I think he was telling me he understood, and wasn't upset about how I had felt. It was like he was telling me we just hadn't gotten to know eachother, and if we had, we would have been friends.

I continued to have dreams about him but in the most recent ones, he was watching over me and our family.

I just hink it was his way of making peace.
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#3 Zack Lemons

Zack Lemons

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Posted 25 November 2009 - 04:38 AM

It has been my experience the more you think about any spirit they tend to hang around you soaking in the good vibes. If you are having good thoughts and feelings, the spirit will bath in that energy. You must have got on with him well? Maybe he felt like you had better feelings. The other possibility would be you were the easier conduit to send the message through because his son was blocking him. Also the message would be put off as just a nice dream instead of an actual message since you weren't aware of the facts.


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