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Haunted Schools

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#1 Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 09:17 AM

Dear Ghostvillagers,

It’s September and that means back to school, kids. What is it about learning institutions that fosters so many tales of the paranormal? Is it because we’re in an environment that is (hopefully) opening our minds to big questions and possibilities? Is it because we’re among large numbers of peers close to the same age as ourselves and we’re sharing stories, gossiping, and connecting with each other in all kinds of verbal ways? Or are we young and reckless, taking chances that may lead to untimely and sometimes gruesome deaths—leaving a permanent impression on the very fabric of space and time? Likely the answer is all of the above.

I recall my days at Hofstra University in New York. The school has only been around for 75 years (a baby compared with some other institutions), but we still have our stories and legends. There were accidents, suicides, and the students knew where these events occurred. Sometimes we whispered about the kid who fell (or maybe jumped) from the 13th floor back when you could walk out on the terrace there. The fact that the doors were permanently locked now only added to the mystique. Clearly there was a terrace built for people to get fresh air 13 stories up. We know more than one student went over the side, and now we see that the doors can’t be opened anymore. It’s a recipe for a haunting.

This month we’re going to focus on haunted schools, colleges, and universities and the many stories and legends that are born in these locales. Share your own stories, tell us about the events you witnessed, please do get involved.

This month I also have some sad news to report. On September 8th we lost longtime Ghostvillager, Juliet Keller. As a tribute to her, we’re re-running her Ghostvillager profile from 2005. I can’t begin to imagine how many lives Juliet touched when you consider the people she interacted with in her life and online. We’re not talking about changing the whole world, just the slightest influence can make a difference. How many people read something she posted online and gave it some thought? Thank you, Juliet. You will be missed, friend.

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of Ghostvillage.com
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#2 Laurie Ann

Laurie Ann

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 05:28 PM

~The loss of Juliet is and always will be heart wrenching.

I'm not even sure if this school is haunted, but I started college this year at Ivy Tech Community College. I will not take the elevator, I prefer to take the stairs to get to my classes. But this last Tuesday, I had to take the elevator because my knee cap on my right leg was killing me all of the sudden. So I got into this itty-bitty thing called an elevator and pushed the button to get to the 2nd floor. As soon as the doors closed, I felt someone behind me. I knew I was the only person on board, but I got the distinct "picture" of an african-american guy in black jeans hanging low, a t-shirt with a rhino on the front, and he'd been shot. I wasn't scared in the least bit, but couldn't wait for the doors to open. As soon as they did, I hurried out and did a glance behind me.....it was interesting to say the least.
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#3 ChuckMcB



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Posted 26 September 2010 - 04:04 AM

In my hometown of Howell, NJ the first modern school replacing the original one-room schoolhouse of the same name Ardena is still in use. I was never a student there but my own school Griebling was named for the first principal there and we all heard the stories that she might still haunt the place. I did get to check it out as a kid a few times and it was certainly the strangest school in town if nothing else and by far the oldest. It was built in an older architectural style while all the other schools in town were built years later to very similar modern plans. Whenever I happen to pass it on my visits home I can't help but wonder if it would make for a great investigation. It sits on one of the oldest roads in New Jersey, the very same road where I got to investigate two other very old properties.

My college St Leo University in Florida naturally has its own stories in large part to the fact that the site was originally a Catholic monastery carved out of the dense woods in the late 19th century. All of the buildings the students now inhabit were built in the last thirty years at most but the original dorms and monks quarters still stand as faculty offices, not to mention the hundred year old shrines in the woods across the street that include the grave of the original abbot. Those are among the top places I don't think I will ever have an oppurtunity to investigate.

Howell's original schoolhouse does still stand and can be visited on occassion but that is another one for the paranormal wishlist.
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#4 Ryuu



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Posted 28 September 2010 - 09:23 AM

I was told 2 experiences from Northeast High School (ChuckMcB you may or may not know this school) here in St.Pete, Florida by my mom who worked there at one point as a plant operator (janitor).

Experience #1:

As I said before my mom used to work at Northeast High School and she had a personal experience here as well she was working in this room checking to make sure these doors were closed and when she went to check one it opened up by itself my mom freaked out and jumped back and it was an enclosed room so wind would have little chance of being a factor.

Experience #2:

2 of my moms co-workers were working just outside a classroom and the classroom door flung open they didn't freak out but they were like "What the He**" and these are relatively big and heavy doors so it takes a decent amount of wind and force to move them.
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