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What are these things?

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Posted 21 January 2011 - 07:30 AM

I have recently been learning how to "disconnect myself/my spirit" from people that I have known in the past that I no longer need to be "connected" to. Once this connection is released you no longer think about the person and their actions. If thoughts do come back then repeat the disconnection again until finally it is completely gone. The contact you have with this person has formed a connection. It's like a cord that connects from one to another. This connection allows them into your energy and your energy to theirs so it makes it easier for that person to attack you. When released, they no longer have a way into your energy.

In meditation or while you are sitting quietly. First say a prayer of protection surrounding yourself. The next step is to see yourself and see the connection between you and this other person. It is like a spiderweb or an etherial cord. You must ask this person's spirit if it will allow disconnection. If they affirm that it is ok, then go ahead and remove this cord from yourself and from this person. Let it drop and then see it disappear, melting into the ground. If they do not agree to disconnect, it's ok. All you need to do is drop it from yourself and leave it connected to them. It's like they have a dog leash dragging from them but you no longer have the other end.

It does help to forgive them. By forgiving them you are not saying that their actions were either right or wrong. You are forgiving them and thereby releasing yourself.

A few years ago, before I could do this release on my own I had to have a Shaman come in and help me with a past employee who was attacking me. The headache was unbearable. He did a soul release/retrevial for me. Of course with my permission.

I am sure others here on GV can help suggest different techniques to further protect yourself.

Hope this helps!
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Posted 21 January 2011 - 09:34 AM

@Seer: Thank you so much for the advice. I'll try the disconnection tonight when I have some peace and quiet to meditate. Hopefully I can easily drop my connection to this individual, as I really don't seek any involvement with him any further. Again, thank you for the help and wish me luck on dissolving this link

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