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Ouija Board Session

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 04:18 PM

The only "danger" i see in a board versus other methods is that to use the board you put yourself in the loop. Other means of communication are passive in that you read a card, observe some sign, or even listen to a device. But even then there is no real danger except to the extent that you allow the results to dictate your life. If one allows their self to believe that something will be able to control them then that degree it will.

Rather than a danger I see boards as unreliable or ineffective at anything. One's auto response causes the planchette to move, and as such one gives the response they are expecting. The only way I would consider any evidence obtained from a board is if the board was placed on a smooth, flat surface and the observers stood back and waited. Now if, under those conditions, assuming no wind or other interference, moved of its own accord and splled out a message then you may be on to something. But to date I have never experienced that, nor ever observed it with anyone else. (A couple claims have been made but those are unverifiable because no other witnesses were present.)

So put the board in its proper place... entertainment or parlor games, but not an investigative tool.

A Ouija board is NOT a board game it's a COMMUNICATION TOOL...if you really need to use it make sure you have the help of a professional medium.

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Posted 03 June 2012 - 07:22 PM

All right. I decided to get a Ouija board. I know that some people have reservations about using a Ouija board, though I believe I read up about it enough that I would be fine. Anyway, around 5 AM in the morning, I decided to use the Ouija board (I was trying to go to sleep since 3 AM, but I couldn't).

Anyway, I was asking some questions to the Ouija board. I first asked, "Is anyone there?"

The planchette moved to "Yes."

I asked for the spirit's name and he stated his name was Henry.

Anyway, around that time, I was sending PMs to a friend on a site. One note they sent me mentioned something bad happened, though they didn't specify why.

So I consulted the Ouija board and I asked if my friend was all right. The planchette moved to "No."

I asked what happened, and the letters spelled out were, "U-F-R-E-T-I" I Googled this, and Google results suggested Uberti guns. When I saw this, I was afraid it was a suicide. However, I didn't find out until later what the significance of this meant until later.

I had a foreboding in my gut, though I asked what I should do. The planchette spelled out, "H-E-L-P-H-I-M"

I asked if it meant to help him by talking to him, and the spirit confirmed yes.

I waited for another message, and my friend noted back that his art teacher died. During this time, I wasn't scared or anything, I just...felt a profound sadness. I continued talking with my friend, and it was revealed that his art teacher had died from cancer.

I then went back to decipher the meaning of U-F-R-E-T-I once more. I put "Ufreti Hospital" and the results asked whether I meant "Ephrata Hospital". I looked up the locations where this was located, and I believe one of them was in the location where my friend lived.

I was just feeling sad for what happened. I asked the spirit if the art teacher was all right, and he confirmed "Yes." I then asked if he minded if I shared this account, just to be courteous. He didn't mind.

I comforted my friend, and in the end, he had to sign off. Before he did, however, he thanked me for talking with him.

So, I'm sharing this account with you all. I didn't view this session of the Oujia board as negative--I felt sad, yes, but I was also grateful that the spirit parted this information with me.

I think afterwards, I was able to sleep a little better, too.

All in tail of fear.. And not being grounded.. This is an open door. Sometimes one can be tricked.. In all setting boundries and knowing that the strength you carry with you can't always keep you completely safe.. In all I feel one may jump on without any preventive measures.. In all its a tool but just as a screwdrived is a tool use it wrong and you can get hurt.. I would not use alone though.. In all I find a bond with one other energy in measures of you watch my back as I watch yours. In all it is up to you to do your will. No one can change that.. Just be careful.. Which I realize you say you are.. In all the unconscious mind is quite powerful.. so this to be used to get diffinitive answer could be swayed by you own conscious mind..

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