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Dream/Helping a Spirit

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 08:00 AM

I have to give you some background before the dream. What had been on my mind for a few weeks was a missing woman. I had talked to her sister and gave her my impressions of her whereabouts. They were not good. I had actually remote viewed the area and was shown were the woman is... she is under the water. I had my meditation group also get their impressions. They did confirm some of the things I drew on my map. This woman's spirit would not let it go until I gave her sister the information. I feel I need to travel to the area and help find her but most have given up the search. I hadn't been sleeping well and was having vivid dreams.

It started out with me lying in a a twin bed in my old roommates house. The bed was in the dining room and it was dimly lit. My roommate came in to wake me up and he sat on the bed, had a cup of coffee for me and started giving me smoochie kisses on my face like you would a child. He then told me that his girlfriend was coming over.

She walked in the door and her hair was wet, she asked if Lisa was there. Lisa is a girl that works for me, we told her she wasn't. She then said that she needed to go and dry her hair, went into MY bathroom and started using the hairdryer.

A few minutes later Lisa walked in and went into her room. Mikes girlfriend came out of the bathroom and her hair was dry but said she had to leave.

I then walked into Lisa's room and followed her into her bathroom. She went into her shower and started cleaning it. Lisa was in one of those bathing suits that competition swimmers wear. (She would never wear a one piece). I walked into the shower and saw that the walls were glass and the view was a beach with people walking by. She bent over scrubbing the floor and I put my head under the running water and started to take a shower. I was nude and had no concerns of that and saw I was washing myself with the soap bubbling on my skin. Definately weird.

I then noticed that a man walked by and waved with a smile that made me uneasy.

That was it...

I believe that the girlfriend represents the woman's spirit and that she is under the water right now but will be found. (Her hair was wet and then was dry)...

I know that Redhead can make a little more sense out of this... She is the BEST at dream interpretation.
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