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Kids saw something in their room

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 11:27 PM

Ok, so I am desperately trying to find out what this is. If anyone knows or has any ideas, help!

I have two sons, 6 and 4. My 6 yr old came out of his room one night (they share a room) saying that there were bugs flying all over in his room. My husband took him back to his room, saw nothing and sent him to bed. The next night I was getting them ready for bed and he asked me to take a bag of clothes that sits in the spare room that is joined with theirs because that bag is where the bugs came from and he was scared. I looked in the bag, saw nothing but clothes. The next day, do not know why, but I asked him to tell me about the 'bugs' he saw. His words, 'The black shirt on the bag flew up in the air and then the black spots came off of the shirt and were flying around everywhere.' At this point I am chalking it up to imagination, but still questioning him. He repeats the same story, no changes, more than a few times. So as he is telling me this, the 4 yr old has been sitting quietly in the other room. He comes in and catches the story 'black dots flying all over the room'. He perks up and says, 'Yeah, it was cool!' Now I am shocked. How did my 4 yr old see something that I thought my 6 yr old imagined? So I asked him what he saw. Same story about the shirt and black dots. Never waivered or hesitated when asked specific questions about color or shape etc.. My 6 yr old then says that their nightlight was 'looking' at him. The 4 yr old chimes in, 'Yeah it was spinning and spinning, it was cool!' They have a plug in nightlight, it is a ball that can tilt up or down and project a picture onto their ceiling.
Now, I think it is important to note that the picture it projects is only about 2x3ft and is 'contained'. It is not a scene that is spread out. It is almost just like a photo, has defined edges. They both say that the night light moved itself and was aiming at the 6 yr old. He then ran to hide behind his dresser and he says it followed him there too. Both have the exact same story and when I took them into their room separately, they both showed the same exact movements. They both showed exactly where and how high the shirt was 'flying' etc... It frightened my 6 yr old and the 4 yr old thought it was awesome.

Now I have always thought of myself to be somewhat sensitive to paranormal but in no way a psychic. What is causing me problems is now that I am aware to what was going on, I can not turn off my sensitive brain and ears. At first I just thought I was creeping myself out because of the story, so I decided to ignore everything. Ignore the noises, or the shadows in the corner of my eyes, the chills, uneasy feeling, touches. Well, they haven't stopped. It used to be, I would get the chills and uneasy feeling when I was thinking about it, now even when I am totally immersed in another task and it is the furthest thing from my brain, I will get the chills and an extremely nervous feeling. It is hard to explain this feeling. It doesn't scare me, I don't feel afraid. I am just feeling nervous and do not know why. I remain in complete control of my own emotions. It's almost as though I am feeling the nervous FEELING without actually being nervous. A friend of mine came over and she downloaded a few of those ghost radar apps on her phone. I have tried one before and it always spit out random words that made no sense even when asking questions. The first app we tried said three names right off the bat. I decided we should try using a different app. As soon as we turned it on, it said the same three names. Ben, Sam and Jacob. I thought it was strange that both apps said the same names so I asked them what they wanted and to my surprise I got an intelligent response. "nothing". It then said "crowded" and "nervous". My friend got off the couch and started walking towards the direction of my bathroom and it said "bathroom". She was then too scared to use the bathroom. It then just went into this cycle of repeating the same three names. I have had a feeling like someone is sitting on my legs and feet whenever I lay on the couch. It feels so heavy that it actually starts to hurt whichever leg is on the bottom. I tell whatever it is to go away and not to touch me but that has only worked one time. My husband who is a non-believer and can reason away everything, has now been hearing the knocks and noises and has been unable to explain them. I decided to do some research on being able to open up my natural psychic abilities more. I did a few of the suggestions and I have also tried many time to talk with this spirit. Nothing. Me and my 6 yr old have both been getting headaches. He now has problems sleeping in his room and the only reason he can give is that he is scared of being alone but doesn't know why. What is going on and what do I do?

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Posted 05 May 2012 - 01:41 PM

I am so sorry that you are frightened, but it's really nothing to worry about. Those three entities are boys spirits that want to play with your sons. Your youngest son "gets it" and sees the shirt and dots flying and the acrobatic light as cool, just like the spirits do.

Jacob is the ring leader, so to speak, so in a firm voice, call him by name and tell him his mom is calling him and wants him and the others to go home.

However, you might want to think about this step before you do it. They would be good companions and protectors for your sons; as I said, they mean no harm.

But if you want them to go, this is the way to do it. Do it three times as there are three of them.

Good luck to you.

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