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Spirit Identification Help

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Posted 20 January 2013 - 09:25 PM

Back when I was a kid, I decided one day to read a book under a big old oak tree, so there I went and plopped down with my back against the tree. I didn't get much reading done as something was peaking at me. It looked like a crab with a crude human face on it. I got up and kept trying to get a closer look, but it was fast.. moved like a crab too, scuttleing around the tree trunk with me in pursuit. I would change direction abrubtly, but it still stayed just ahead of me. I finally gave up and left, completly freaked out by this point. Never went back to that tree.

Told this story to a friend, he said, "Oh I've seen them. I call them Tree Pets." Say what? Tree Pets? they seem to be some kind of nature spirit that attach themselves to trees and stay there... They don't follow you anywhere. So I started calling them Tree Pets...

I would be wary of anything that follows you anywhere...
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Posted 07 March 2013 - 09:42 AM


Note: my conjectures here are based on the information given only.

If a shamanic practitioner and a medium are both telling you that this spirit is bad news, chances are good that it is not something that you want following you around.

While I seriously doubt that this is a demon or that it is going to bring about the end of the world (it would have come across with a whole lot more power than you seem to be describing), I rather suspect that you have picked up a parasite. These astral entities are known to sometimes take vague rat like forms (amongst many others). While not particularly dangerous, they have a distinct "ick" factor for psychics of any type which might explain the reaction of your friends.

Basically, these beings do not have the energy to do any sort of intense manifestation into the physical. They exist as low level scavengers, picking up stray emotional energy to nourish themselves and maintain their vague existence. Any "communication" with such a creature is sheer bollocks - if they have any intelligence at all, it is directed to getting you to supply them with more energy. As I said, these guys are not super dangerous but you want to have this thing banished and then have some healing work done to repair any damage to your aura that it may have caused. Perhaps time to talk to your shaman friend?


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