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Muslim - Haunted Family for Years..

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Posted 20 June 2012 - 08:44 AM

There was a Pakistan family of four who found us for help in 2006. They were all true Muslim believers and students. The father and mother were praying 5 times a day with their practice and follow all the rules of the religion as well. They were truly super educated in that religion because they just got tons of knowledge to tell when they met us! The two kids were still young, but they were both really tired and nervous all the time. Now, what's wrong with them?

The family came for help because they said they were cursed and haunted. The main problem is, they feel cold and freezing in the house no matter the heat is turned to 38 digress or even higher. The daughter always complains she see ghosts in the house and "a woman" follow her to school all the time. She even see things out the window, some flying mysterious black things. The bed of the parents are haunted as well, it vibrates and shakes at night when they are sleeping and it just freaks them out! The father often heard a loud voice shout at his ears at night when he is sleeping and when he wakes up, there is nobody. Things are scary and freaky. Their organs hurts all over the place and there is no medicine that helps and no kinds of treatments helps or even sooths their pain neither. At first, the parents went to the Muslim temple, the headquarter one back in their hometown and asked for help. The "MASTER" there told them to give birth to a child to "spread the load" to get better and that is why they have two kids now! It's for "spread the load"? How bad minded they were! The religion told them to have kids to suffer for them? spread the problem and even it out?

Too bad, it doesn't work and that's why they are here at my temple...

The father is experienced in the religion and he said if you read the bible of the religion backward it is evil magic, if you read it forward it is good. That's what they teach. Then he went off and said more about how to do sorceries and so on with the dolls and pins.. oh man, Muslim have these? yeah it does, but not anybody can learn it though.

Later on, I got rid of their problems by having to have a huge fight with a few Muslim temples with magical warfare, busted their altars, evil gods and so on. It was freaky and scary. The whole battle was completed in one month of non-stop fighting, they just use every kinds of magic to screw this family up with life-threatening magic. None of them go easy! They even have their evil gods to possess the kids and make them go wild and uncontrollable. It was chaotic and wild. The Muslim rituals of course did not work and did not help them at all because even they pray 5 times a day, they still cannot get any better but worst. With just totally stopping them from praying, or doing any practice and go through our exorcism and magical warfare, it stops everything. No more ghosts, no more flying objects, no more ladies follow the daughter to school, no more possession and everything turns back to normal.

What's left is their health problem which they need to take care of by going to a doctor and get heal up with stress and depression from the past. With a solid proof of real life experience, Just a warning here.. Muslim guys are good at cursing but they can't bust anything.. sigh! As a Taoist master and exorcist who worked in the field for 16 years, I ranked their evil magic just below the Thai magic which is about the moderate level, but then, to some one who don't even know a thing about magic, this is already scary enough...

So that's the story..
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