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sleep paralysis or mere dream?

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 12:28 AM

this incident occured last night in which i am 99% sure that i was dreaming, only because i remember waking up. my question is to those who have experienced sleep paralysis (aka old hag syndrome), did it feel like a dream or are you 100% certain that it happened while you were awake? i guess i will now describe what happened, now remember i think that i was dreaming so all that is being described happened in the dream until the part about me "waking up".

laying on my back, i opened my eyes to find that i could not move my body (except for eyes). to the left of me next to my bed was a dark shadow leaning over me. this shadow was the obvious reason why i could not move. it was leaning over me and whispering rather fast into my left ear. i instantly "felt" that this was a demon whispering in his "demonic?" language ( i didnt understand it). fear came over me and i tried to call out to wake up my partner. i could only let out a very low gutteral sound while this thing kept whispering into my ear. after about 5-10 seconds i was able to let out a loud shout, which of course "woke" me up from my "dream". needless to say my partner woke up as well and i just told her i had a nightmare. the time was 3:30am, aka the witching hour. it seemed so real that i was wide awake and had to watch tv for an hour or so until i was able to fall back asleep.

i have had a dream like this once before, last year, in which i suffered sleep paralysis but there was no dark shadow. in this dream i again woke up to find i could not move, aware of what was going on i became enraged that something would try this on me. i fought this hold on me and after a few seconds was able to break free. i jumped out of bed and started screaming at whatever had tried this, so angry that they dared to do such a thing. i then woke up and knew it was a dream, because i was in a cabin full of people who def would of heard me yelling.

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 10:31 AM

I definitely feel that I'm awake during my sleep paralysis, but I'll think that I'm doing things that I'm not actually doing. Like sometimes, I'll think I'm waving my hand in front of my face, and I'll see it too, and I'll wonder why I still can't move the rest of the body, but once I can move again, I realize that I wasn't actually moving my hand. Or sometimes I'll think that I manage to make a sound loud enough so that maybe someone else can hear, but I didn't really. I think that it's because you're in between sleep and waking that you're not sure if you're awake or not. Once you move, the hallucinations, or whatever they are, stop so it's like having a dream stop once you wake up.
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