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#1 CDJ



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Posted 27 June 2012 - 01:06 PM

Hello everyone! I just joined today & am kinda curious if I am what they call a sensitive. If I am then I'd like to excercise that ability & see where it takes me but if I'm not then I'll be ok with that too. I would like to note that I am a Christian but I do KNOW that spirits exist & that evil exists.

When I was around 5 yrs. old, my mom was going through some tough spiritial times while going to church. I was in bed one night & woke up for no reason. No sound or touch or anything, just woke up. Looked over to my right & saw a dark black figure. The room was dark w/ only 1 window & hardly any light that I remember. The "thing" was darker that dark, I had no problem seeing it. I covered my head & looked back out & it was almost on top of me! I covered my head again prayed to Jesus, uncovered & it was gone. Never seen it again. The house wasn't haunted. I lived there all my life & nothing ever happened there in the least. It was evil. I knew it even then, just the feel of its presence. I've oftened wondered why did it come to me? What for? Why not bother me again? But nothing. Maybe it was because of the name of Jesus. :-/ ??

Then about 5 yrs ago my sister-n-law & I was on a Christmas tour of homes. We were on a bus & wasn't paying any attention to where in our town we were. Got out, & when I stepped across the doorway, WOW! It was kinda like 2 people having their heads down minding their own business when someone walks in & says HEY! My attention went directly to its presence & it knew I was there. All through the tour (& it was an old home. it was built for a previous mayor of our town) I kept expecting to see, hear or feel something. Never did. Not even a cold spot at the top of the stairs which is where my attention was drawn to the most. I was definently on alert. I asked the homeowner, which by the way I attended church with, (like I said, I wasn't paying any attention where in town we were) "is your house haunted?" Her eyes got big & said "How'd you know?" I just said I could feel it. She said "well, it's not anymore. We had it blessed & it's gone." I told her "No. It's bound but not gone. It can't do anything but it's still here." And I also felt that it was male. I have no idea why. Didn't hear it or see it just know it. It wasn't evil, but just a human spirit. When I stepped out on the porch the feeling left me. The feelings around me lightened up. I wasn't scared at all just very aware. When we got back on the bus my sister-n-law turns to me & said "What happened to you in there? When we stepped inside you looked like you seen a ghost!" Ha! I said you won't believe me. She said that she definently would & still does to this day when I talk about it. I told here that I didn't "see" anything but felt it totally.

I have always been interested in paranormal stuff on tv as a child & still LOVE to watch series on it. I always asked God, "is all that stuff real? Or do I just want it to be real?"

I got my answer. I don't really know if it came from God or not although I tend to believe so. I had no doubt when I left that house that it was all true. Someone was in that house. Even when I stepped outside I remembered thinking 'you always wanted to know if it was real' then I knew.

Anyways, I just want some opinions on my expirences. Is there a gift here that I need to excerise or was it a once in a lifetime thing that was just something weird that was expirenced? If a gift is present, how do I excerise it? Safely & properly. I know evil lurks at every corner & although I'm not scared to death of it, I am wise enough not to "tap into" it as well.

Thank You! Posted Image

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Posted 29 June 2012 - 02:00 AM

Welcome CDJ. I think you are "sensitive" and I loved reading your post. I could have told a very similar story about myself. I believe we all have gifts. Some people are afraid when they notice them, and ignore them as much as possible, and never speak of them. When I was a child and tried to tell my mother of something I saw or heard she thought I was making up a story and told me not to. I ended up keeping a lot to myself. It wasn't until I was grown with my own children that I realized that my Mom was afraid of such things herself. But I knew by then that my gifts were real. "Built-in" you might say, and for the betterment of all around me, my family mostly. I think just by accepting our God-given abilities make them stronger as we age and use our gifts, like a muscle gets stronger with excersize. Really no classes or books to learn such natural abilities. Only your own gut feelings will let you know if something is right or not.
You seem to already be wise and have a good base of spiritual wisdom. .... such as calling for help when in trouble etc. It worked, right?

Since you mentioned being a Christian, I think it's in one of Paul's letters that he talks about the gifts of the Spirit.
Hope this helps a little.
"We grow neither better or worse as we get old, but more like ourselves."May L. BeckerCoffee.......the foundation of consciousness

#3 CDJ



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Posted 29 June 2012 - 10:03 PM

yes I remember Paul's teaching & have wondered about it. I also prayed about this once & sorta asked God if ghosts were real. Felt kinda silly but we are able to go to Him with anything so.... & the story came to mind fairly quickly about Jesus walking on water. His deciples feared it was a spirit & He said fear not for it is me.

And yes it worked. I'm really trying to trust my "gut" feeling more often. Almost always when I don't go with it, I wish I would have in the end. I always tell my husband "I had a gut feeling to do it this way." So I'm trying to not doubt it & just go with it.

Thank You for your reply & have a very nice weekend! Posted Image

#4 PA Paranormal Association

PA Paranormal Association

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 05:26 PM

Actually I just saw and replied to another post very similar to this...lol
I'd suggest definitely speaking to someone else who has more experience with it, perhaps to start find a paranormal group in your area, they may have someone or know someone who can guide you better. This is an excellent site for finding paranormal groups anywhere in the US. You can search by state. www.paranormalsocieties.com
And, of course you can ask God about it, don't feel silly. You can go to him with anything, but you know that! ;) Just take care in delving into it without help, you don't know what you may end up speaking to or dealing with, which is why I suggest finding someone who is more knowledgeable. Posting here was a good start, but face to face would probably be better.

Good luck.

PA Paranormal Association
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Posted 03 July 2012 - 11:34 AM

Sorry took so long to comment, still cleaning up from the storms last week.

Anyway, consider that to try to fit Christianity, and some of the current beliefs regarding the paranormal together can be a bit confusing. Problem is not with religion, rather it may well be with the narrow thinking regarding the paranormal. For instance, consider there is NO real proof the paranormal even involves spirits. Or that "ghosts" even be associated with death. I am going to throw you 5 possible explanations for ghosts that are outside the box, so to speak. Of course they are also just theories too, but have just as much proof as the traditional ghost theory...

1. Residual energy - There is a theory aal of us leave energy behind as we go about our daily lives. Suppose the "ghost" we encounter is simply residual energy left over from someone earlier? If that's the case, no one even need die to cause a ghost to appear.

2. Interdimensional visitor - We are limited to three dimensions, but what if there are more? How might we perceive a being if one should drop in for such a visit? Are we simply human hamsters running around some cosmic being's cage for their entertainment? And every once in a while they poke us with a stick (Make a ghost appear) to get a response?

3. Of course there is the Christian concept of angelic or demonic beings Ghosts could fit either should those be involved.

4. Visitations fo the departed - Of course this must also be considered since it is biblical. When? Consider the Transfiguration of Christ when the apostles with Christ witness the appearance of Moses and Elijah, both long dead. Of course God allowed this visit for a purpose, but who can say a similar visit wouldn't be possible today? Maybe just bring closure to a loved one left behind....Care to limit God's power? I wwill say though that if such a visit from a spirit is done it will be with a purpose, not just random. And certainly God would provide a means of returning, so the spirit needing help from us is unlikely.

5. Mass halucination - Might some external force or energy be causing all of us to see something not even there? We all epend on our senses, but if something caused the senses to be altered then how reliable is what we think we see?

Of course there is no solid proof for any of these. But all are possible, and as such point out the danger of being too narrow minded in what we consider the paranormal to encompass. The traditional explanation for a ghost may well be not the only one to consider....

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