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#1 AmanDavis



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Posted 20 July 2012 - 05:38 PM

Hi there, I'm not sure if we have a problem or not, but strange things are happening involving my granddaughter. She is telling her parents that "Poke Poke" wakes her up at night by poking her in the back and making a giggle noise, "hee hee hee". She says Poke Poke has a cousin named Lydia, and Poke Poke lives in the wall in her room. She also says Poke Poke doesn't like her Mommy and wants to hurt her Mommy. One morning my granddaughter informed her father that "Poke Poke scared me last night, so I told her to go back in the wall." When asked if Poke Poke went, she said yes.
Sometimes when her my daughter in law is walking up the hallway doors will open or close behind her. Sometimes lights are on when nobody has been back in that part of the house. My younger granddaughter sometimes acts like something has scared her in her room, and when her parents come in she keeps looking at something behind them. She's only 2 and doesn't verbalize what has scared her.
My son and his wife have always been very careful to not let their girls watch anything "scary" on TV. I would probably think this is all just an active imagination, except for the fact that this little girl is only 3 years old.
Should we be on guard here? And if so, how?

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Posted 21 July 2012 - 07:57 AM

Main thing here is to be there as support for the child. Even though she is not exposed to TV, etc. she could still be aware of what is on it. Simply a glance at something not intended to be frightening could be interpreted as such by a child. For instance children's books about a dragon, even though the dragon is playful and cheerful in the story, might be seen as a monster to a child who does not understand the story. The fear aspect takes over and the child applies it to real life.

You say the child does not verbalize and cannot relate details about "Poke Poke". Yet she has been able to understand the relationship (cousin) to "Lydia". She also understands the concept of "living in the wall." (or possibly behind it.) You state her age as 2 and later as 3. (mistype?) She seems more aware than you give her credit for. I would say the child possibly is developing imagination and may be having difficulty sorting it from reality. That is where you and her parents come in. You will need to explain things to her and be there as reinforcement.to comfort her. Just be careful not to play in to her fears. This is a critical time in her development, most children go through something similar to some degree.

Regarding the physical signs, doors opening / closing, lights being on, etc. Simply going down a hall can create air currents that can cause doors to move. And at age 2 (or 3) she could also reach a light switch, especially if she used a toy or something. And remember, pushing it up turns the light on. That is easier done than puling it down to turn it off, especially if she was using something to reach it!

#3 PA Paranormal Association

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Posted 21 July 2012 - 06:39 PM

While I do agree with CaveRat to some extent, I have some other thoughts you could consider.

I agree, she could still be aware of "scary" things. Scary things to her could be as simple as the noise the toilet makes when you flush it..lol So avoiding scary tv and stuff isn't going to avoid her being fearful.
Kids are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for. Just because she can't verbalize things, doesn't mean she doesn't understand a lot, don't assume just because she's 2 or 3 she doesn't know or understand what's going on around her. (I say this generically, just like when kids know if mommy's unhappy even though she has on a happy face.) That being said, children may see/hear/realize more than we think but they also may MISunderstand it because they just don't have the ability yet, for example-sarcasm. Kids don't develop the understanding of sarcasm until they're even school age. And I agree, it is possible doors and lights could possibly have a logical explanation.

Generally, evaluating paranormal stories I like to go in trying to disprove it, not prove it, however, I'm going to play the "devil's advocate" to Caverat now..

I believe we all come into this world with those extra senses of seeing/hearing spirits, but I feel like we mostly lose it because everyone is always telling us it's our imagination or it's not there. Only my opinion, but I wouldn't tell any child that what they see/hear is not there or is their imagination. Her fear is real, whether it is her imagination or not, so I think it should be treated as real. Telling her it's not real, if in fact something IS there, is just going to cause her to not want to tell anyone anymore.

The fact that "Poke-poke" did go back in the wall when she told her too, is a good thing, it gives her power to know she can have some control. Now, does poke-poke not like poke-poke's mommy or your granddaughter's mommy? Possibly reaching a little here, but possibly Poke-Poke was hurt or abused by her mother, therefore doesn't like her (or any mommy figure) and is fearful and wants to hurt "mommy" before mommy can hurt her again. Just an option.....and again, just my opinion. I am not saying you've got ghosts all over or anything, just listing the possibilities based on the info you gave us.

I'm also not saying this ghost is not dangerous, I don't know...could be anything.
Could it be, they're an evil entity taking shape of a child to gain your granddaughters trust? maybe.... could it be a ghost child who was killed and needs help? maybe Could the ghost child just want to play and doesn't have concept of time or night or sleep anymore? maybe Could it be her imagination? maybe......

Perhaps finding a paranormal team in their area to discuss more, may be a good idea. (www.paranormalsocieties.com) I don't know if I was any help at all...but I will wish your family well and good luck!

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#4 AmanDavis



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Posted 22 July 2012 - 06:25 AM

Thank you for the input, I'm sorry if my post seemed a bit confused. My younger granddaughter is 2 (the one who seems scared sometimes) and my older granddaughter is 3, she's the one who's "friends" with Poke Poke. The 3 year old is now telling her parents that Poke Poke is in the room watching them. Apparently Poke Poke doesn't like my daughter in law.
Anyway, thank you both for replying. There are no paranormal investigation groups anywhere near my area (west-central Louisiana), so I guess for now we'll just wait and see what happens. Posted Image

#5 White Witch

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 10:40 AM

It is difficult when the child is so young to know the truth. I do agree with PA that you should not tell the child it is't there. If this is a gift you shouldn't allow her to loose it. I would keep tabs on the situation to see where it goes. Just keep both in your prayers it never hurts to.
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#6 the queen

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 02:09 PM

OMG, both your girls are probably seeing spirits. the reason why i'm so firm on this is that i have a grand daughter that has down syndrome. she is now 17 and is just beginning to speak in full sentences and not very often. when she was 8 we found she can see the dead and is a pretty high powered medium in her own right but can't articulate. she saw my husband's dead friend in our kitchen when she was 8 and we told her to tell it to go now. she was so cute, she stood there and pointed her little finger out and said GO< GO NOW; i then told her (she has a fantastic memory and is just the sweetest thing) that if any spirits came and bothered her to tell it to go in Jesus' name and we practiced that. fast forward to 2010, my daughter is telling me that there new space is haunted and taylor is communicating with someone, talking to her and when questioned, she shrugs and says dunno. but she will come and ask her mother for something to eat, like 2 minutes after dinner and my daughter says no, taylor will turn to someone about her height and say "see!" like i told you so. there is a paranormal group in illinois that travel, you might want to contact them. www.spiritbluffsparanormal.com/. it's funny that at my daughter's house a group came in and taylor was able to articulate that there is a negative spirit in the attic that wanted to hurt my daughter and when the group was going to go back to taylor's room to get the recorders, taylor pushed my daughter back into the bathroom and said no. after a minute they asked if they could go into the room and taylor said yes.

sorry for the long message, but i would contact spirtbluffs for sure, ask to speak to leslie. i know she can help you. tell her i sent you. just watch your granddaughters and i'm glad someone empowered them to tell the spirit to leave and leave now. you can also talk to them while you are in the room and tell them that they are not allowed to scare the girls, poke them or appear to them. the see what evolves. they may have to be banished. i'm just sayin

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#7 TheresaRHPS



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Posted 26 July 2012 - 02:42 PM

The first thing I ALWAYS advise when children are involved is to discuss the situation with the child's/children's pediatrician. Whatever the outcome, its always good that there is written documentation that the situation was brought to a medical professional's attention.

Anyway, in cases where it is unclear whether there is something paranormal going on, or simply an imaginary friend coming out, it helps for the adult to keep a journal of what is going on--it'll help spot patterns. Imaginary play and imaginary "friends," good and bad, are a fairly normal psychological phase for a child this young, but could also be used to manifest things emotionally that she has trouble expressing. In these situations, look for any changes happening in the child's life: new preschool, new sibling on the way, tension between mommy and daddy, mommy or daddy going back to work/change in work hours, new friend or playmate, change of residence, etc. An added benefit of alerting the pediatrician is that he or she is trained to help spot an emotional issue and could possibly talk to the child and help get to the bottom of it. He or she can also provide recommendations on how to deal with the issue and recommend a child therapist if so wished.

In most cases, even if this IS paranormal, things usually play themselves out. As the child grows older, goes to school, and becomes more involved in "real world" activities, she'll outgrow these things naturally. Sometimes during the teen or tween years, you'll see a last hurrah of sorts as the entity or entities try one last time to be a part of the child's life. Whether paranormal or not, the best thing to do is support the child, but do NOT plant ideas in her head. One does not have to tell the child flat out that she isn't seeing what she is seeing, but do NOT make a big deal out of it, or show any fear. Don't ask leading questions or make her feel "weird" about seeing something that others cannot.

The idea that the entity does not care for the mother is a red flag, though. Monitor the child's behavior carefully. If she starts acting "bad" or does things, then starts blaming the entity, re-alert the pediatrician immediately with the changes. If she starts trying to hurt herself, her sibling, or her mother, seek medical help immediately.

Since no paranormal team is available at this point, I would recommend perhaps for the adults' own curiosity, doing some research on the property. Start with a title search at the local courthouse, then take those names to do more research on who possibly lived (and maybe died) in the home. I do not, however, recommend a layperson doing any type of EVP or other work involving trying to make contact. At the worst, you might be giving the Okay to whatever is there to make further contact. At the least, many people get scared at what they hear and aren't psychologically ready to deal with it, or know how to properly interpret it.

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