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Weird Story...Ghost??

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 06:26 PM

Hello, I just came across this website when i googled "black magic" and "how to make a ghost appear"....but anyway.... in the summer of 2004 i was 15 years old and i burnt down the house becuase i thought i was possessed by a dead famous person, not going to say who it doesnt matter, alot of other stuff was going on too, someone or somthing was watching me, it hacked my new computer and was talking to me in a chat room, directly too me , using my name and telling me things i was doing in my house.... also the TV would turn off and on when i was watching it, and one day i was in a bad mood becuase something was watching me in the house and talking to me in the chat room , so i broke the dry wall with a crow bar, i was calling my mom for a ride to get out of the house before my dad got home and saw what i did, and all the sudden the phone lines in the house went dead......something was watching me at my moms house also and hacked the computer there too....i basically felt like it was following me everywhere i went....... then in the new house in 2009 i think it was..... my girlfriend had a headband with antennas and bells on it, and at night time i could hear the bells jingling, almost every night..... and my radio that i brought back from a florida hotel ( i live in PA ) would turn on and off randomly....i remember one time very well i jumped on my bed to relax and i was listening to the radio and then the radio just turned off. and the room is Freezing, exept for summertime. i havent slept in the room for a few years becuase i think there is a ghost in it.....but i was wondering if there is any magic i could learn???? or something that could make the ghosts appear or be attracted to me and want to show itself?????????...... as far as what was happeneing in 2004 with the computer and something watching me, im wondering if it was a ghost or a demon haunting my computer and me.... becuase i dout my dad would bug his own house and pay people to hack my computer and watch me.... but something was watching me they were telling me what i was doing in my house and i dont think i was hallucinating.

also a man died in the house that i burnt down, the house that i felt possessed in, and someone died in this new house too

not in the fire, i dont mean someone died in the fire i mean a man died in the house before me and my dad moved in

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