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Satanic Dollhouse

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#1 QueenRaquela



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Posted 10 September 2012 - 01:26 AM

Yesterday I purchased a dollhouse with some scribbles on it- it looked like a kid had tried to paint on vines, shutters, etc. However, once I got it home and really started to look it over, I started to make out exactly what was on the dollhouse.
I thought at first the symbols were just Wiccan symbols, but as I made out more and more I noticed they were definitely Satanic. On it is what I know as the Mother Goddess, but with wings and flames around her, 2 snakes, a heart with flames around it, a random pair of breasts, the devil with wings and horns and more flames, what looks very similar to a square and compass (Freemason, but slightly different-could just be a similar symbol) at the bottom there is what looks like just more scribbles, but it resembles some sort of vine or could possibly be some sort of writing. I know how to handle objects like this- I have taken temporary precautions and obviously plan to have it blessed- no one worry, I know not to burn it or anything haha. I just would like to know more about what it could have possibly been used for. I'd also like to know if whatever was done, was done TO the dollhouse, or if it was just used as a tool in a ritual. I've done some research, but mainly just come up with articles about how the Illuminati uses dollhouses to brainwash children and sites trying to sell me miniature spell books to put in it. I hope someone on here is more knowledgeable in this area and any information that could even help me to dig a little deeper into the history of the dollhouse will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 05:32 AM

The thing about selling miniature spell books for doll houses amuses me, lol....I knew the miniatures market was a big one, but the scope of variety these days is overwhelming, lol. Anyway....

I guess any "object" can be used in binding rituals, so perhaps someone tried to use the dollhouse as a vessel to bind an entity. Generally you hear more about actual DOLLS being used, but with the popularity of a new Sam Raimi movie being released, I think we in the paranormal community are going to be getting a lot of questions about other containers....think dybbuk box, lol.

Honestly though...my best guess would be that a curious and impressionable pre-teen/teen boy got ahold of this and went to work, especially with such symbols as a pair of breasts and a devil in flames, lol. I've known quite a few teenage boys in my lifetime to do such silliness...including my ex-boyfriend in high school who, upon moving to a new house, used fluorescent paint to draw "satanic" symbols all over his bedroom walls and ceiling for the purpose of scaring the new owners. Even if done innocently enough, many do believe that such an act can stir up things better left alone, although logic and Sociology 101 tells us that symbols only have meaning when we GIVE them meaning.

It shouldn't hurt anything to give the dollhouse a good spiritual and physical cleaning, and I'd be interested in knowing more about this object myself. Could you post a photo of the markings? Where was this object obtained, and could the sellers have access to any background information on it? Is it an antique style dollhouse, or of more modern construction? Is it homemade?

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 09:04 PM

I would ask the sellers for background info on the dollhouse. As Theresa pointed out, the stuff scribbled on there could be nothing more than teenagers goofing around.

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