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Strange things happen to me, should I pursue them?

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 04:00 AM

a bit of background When I was 8 or 9 I was at a place called horse shoe bend on a school camp I remember hopping out of the car and seeing a man from behind, tall could not tell age. he was standing with his dog next to him and a cat sitting next to the dog down at the river. i remember this because i thought it was so strange seeing the cat sitting next to the dog. i only saw on a glance, double took and he was gone (so were the animals) but i saw it as clear as i would see any person. this is my first memory of seeing something bizzare to me.

I also work in a rest home, it is fairly common we (staff) see what you might call paranormal things. everybody sees weird things from time to time. sometimes i feel like these things effect me more than others though, one particular instance stands out to me i went to check on a resisdent who had been having a restless night, she had been seeing things (not unusual for this particular woman) as i got to the door i was stopped in my tracks. i physically could not enter and i genuinely felt as if something was pressing against my shoulders preventing me from moving forwards, this scared me i felt as if something did not want me in the room. why i felt like that i dont know, but i left and someone else had to go in.

The reason I came here to ask for advice, is that from the age of about 13 in certain houses i have lived in and been to I have had strange feelings and strange things happen. the most extreme being earlier this year when i was home by myself the sofa i was sitting on lifted on one side and hit the floor almost like someone had been standing there and lifted it up and dropped it. frequently i feel things touch me or tap or flick me not every day but more frequent that what i feel would be normal say.

other instances of being flicked with water and blown on.

ultimately what concerns me is that i feel like im not alone when i am alone. it can be uneasy. i do not feel this way all the time. but when i feel it i know.
my mother once told me she saw my grandfather above me when i was a child (he had passed away when i was quite young this happend the day of the funeral). So i wonder to myself if its my grandfather with me, but i am not convinced as i feel different things in different houses i have lived in. last year i was living in a quiet area surrounded by bush and i had no uneasy feelings, nothing out of ordinary life happened. some houses/places i feel nothing. but in a different house strange things happening again, more of this feeling im not always alone when i think i am.

it does concern me when i get these feelings if it is not my grandfather, who/what is it. am i being followed by a particular spirit energy perhaps? or am i just picking up on different energies wherever i may be?
So what i want to know is should i pursue these questions, im not sure if i want to know the answer. it scares me that if i let this stuff in and accept it the reality of it may be worse than not knowing.
it has also been said to me that I actaully have a demon inside me, when i think about it being in and around churches makes me very uncomfortable and will avoid being in them absolutely, i have nothing agianst christianity or anything like that.

Opinions, advice, help please!

that was alot more writing than i was expecting, thank you to anyone who reads it. would really appreciate it if anyone hears my post out.

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 12:54 PM

Everything you talk about is pretty normal stuff for people on this message board I think. First of all, since you say you're scared and wonder about looking into all this, I would suggest a good doctor's check up to be sure you're healthy.

A lot of people are very uncomfortable around churches and that doesn't mean they have a demon in them!

Have you ever read the book "Mothman" by John Keel? There's a line in there that really stuck out to me.... when the main character was asking for advice of "why me?" He was told by the professor, "They noticed, that you noticed them." Get what I'm saying? Maybe you're just sensitive to these energies. They're always there and some people are sensitive to them. No need to pursue.
"We grow neither better or worse as we get old, but more like ourselves."May L. BeckerCoffee.......the foundation of consciousness

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