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Posted 27 July 2013 - 07:55 PM

Fog is also involved in some of this

Killer Fog - Deadly vapor -- both natural and paranormal


Are you talking about that green fog assumed to be associated with time phenomenae?

Did you read the article? It starts with reg and pollution fog before moving to the strange stuff.

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Posted 28 July 2013 - 02:52 AM

Cryscat, not sure if that was a general question or whether it was aimed at me specifically. I had not read the article, but HAD read Jenny's book, which the paranormal section was based upon. There's a lot more in the book and other places as well. I could mention "The Fog" by Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon, Several other books on the Bermuda Triangle as well which report walls of fog which should show up on radar but don't etc. I have some personal experience with this. (Would someone do me a favor and tell me how to do a paragraph on this program?) The road by my house has or at least had some pretty strange qualities, events taking place and so forth. One of these was one of my sons running (while he was in HS track). He ran at night and on his way home encountered a dense green fog covering the road and nowhere else in a sort of small cloud about 30 ft in diameter. He prudently didn't run through it. A car drove into it and it dissipated. I was curious so took my youngest son, then about 12 (a good stand in for Harry Potter, except about 20X smarter. ( at the time I had a conversation with him about his math (differential calculus) while he wrote, off-hand, 20 sonnets in the style of Shakespeare for school). Not your average witness. When we approached the site of the previous night's encounter the night which was extremely bright due to a very full moon and very clear conditions, we were startled to say the least by the area suddenly go dark. It was like someone was passing over us like a huge balloon or the like, but when I looked up it still looked absolutely clear, but the lumens had gone down somewhere between 30 and 40%. My son wasn't scared but I admit to being terrified. I mean what has the power to suck light out of the sky? An invisible curtain? The moon was still full, no visible clouds etc. The dark lasted for about 80 yds and then we just sort of popped out on the other side. Did we cross over into a different time line? I have had reason to wonder.
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