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Our pets, and their reactions to strange things.

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 09:46 AM

I'm not sure what topic thread to put this in, or if there is a topic about it already. However I've been watching the show The Haunted which is/was on Animal Planet about pets reactions to paranormal. So I thought I'd ask you guys for your pets reactions to "nothing".

We all know (those of us who believe in spirits and hauntings) that our pets are so much more sensitive to the paranormal than we are.

Currently I only own a dog, a little rambunctious Boston terrier who seems to have a much more of a big dog, not scared of anything, demeanor. Occasionally she will sit on my couch and look down the hall and growl, and bark, and will start to tremble at something I do not register as being there, but something is there. She'll even go to the point of getting off of the couch and walking to where the hall starts, and sit and do it, very apprehensively I might add. Now normally she never has a problem with the hall, these occurances are usually spread out. They're not frequently occuring. My dog hates not having access to me, she follows me everywhere in the house, especially when it's just her and I home. Once when I was in the shower, she was in the very same hall just outside the bathroom door, whining to come in the bathroom by me, eventually she had quieted down briefly, so I assume she had givin up, and just laid by the bathroom door to wait for me to come out, which is what she'll always do. Around a minute or so later she started barking as if someone had come to my front door, however she was still right at the bathroom door. If someone was at my front door she would have been there. I brushed these occurences off as her just being a goofy little dog, but always keept in mind that something I can't see may be spooking her. Shortly after I was out of the shower, she and I were cuddling on the couch she perked up, and let out a very soft, subtle, growl, I then did see a humanoid shape shadow in my hall, move from next to my bathroom and head towards my daughter's room. Now I have had my own seprate occasional personal experiences here, so there most likely is something here.

One more thing about her that made my husband and I raise an eyebrow is, once about a year or so ago at night, around probably 9 or 10pm, we were heading to my parents' house to pick up my daughter who had visited them for a night over the weekend. We brought the dog with us. We live about an hour and twenty minutes drive away, we also live in wisconsin, so there is nearly nothing but farmland, and woods between the very few small towns from here to there. Being an avid coffee drinker like myself, my husband had to go pee badly, so he pulled over on a rural road, and of course next to a corn field. He was on the back passenger side of the car, facing the corn field, doing his business. He then said my name, in the something is off tone, and I freaked out asking what, almost panicked. He then procceded to tell me he thought he could see the milky way. I was a little upset about that, as he used a tone which had an already uneasy me scared for a moment. I shook my head, and looked at the road ahead of me again. At this point, my dog had went from laying on my lap to sitting up, and perched her front paws on the front dash of the car watching something. I soon seen something, but nothing, momentarily block out the front headlights, one then the other, not both at the same time, as though something moved from one side of the car, to the other, in front of them. I could not see any animals or anything that may have blown from the passenger side front of the vehicle, to the drivers side of the road. My husband was coming back around the vehicle, from the back, and he too seen this, and seen no animals, or debris that could have caused it. Our dog was trembling and uneasy not being herself, for a period of the trip, and wanted nothing to do with the back seat, usually she has no problem laying back there, she was definately spooked. We passed a small cemetairy in the middle of nowhere, and my husband then jokingly said "ok your ride is over, here is your stop, get out.". Shortly thereafter, she began to be her happy self again. We always take this road, but that was the first and only time we ever stopped on the trip from my home to my parents'.

Just thought I'd share my pet's odd behavior, to possible paranormal occurances with you.

I'd love to hear about any of your pet's odd behavior to such if you're willing to share. :) Thanks!

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